Project Preeclampsia (Part 2) FAQs: HAVING A BABY ALMOST KILLED ME!!!

hi guys welcome back to my channel if you haven't already please watch my first video I will leave a link in the description box below to all my fans viewers supporters subscribers people that share my video on Facebook Twitter Instagram thank you so much it means a lot to me that so many of you want to spread awareness as much as I do so thank you let's just write a cheer my goodness in this video I will be addressing some of the FAQ that I get almost on a daily basis so for starters people always ask what is a stroke and how do you get it a stroke is basically your brain having a thunderstorm it's too much brain activity going on and as a result it's too much it's not enough oxygen getting to the brain so certain body parts are affected by it another question that I get all the time is can you fully recover from a stroke mean like when am I gonna get back to 100% the answer is I don't know only God knows that's the best way to put it like I said it depends strokes happen for different reasons and at different ages so some for some may take six months for others 10 years I don't know but a health does play a huge factor in recovery so for the most part I do feel like I recovered at least 90% Oh 90% only because my right side isn't exactly strong again but it's getting there but I I still use my left side so pretty much through everything I've learned to use my left side to survive basically like for example changing my son's diaper I never thought it'd be so hard to change the baby's diaper until I actually had to change his diaper but over time it becomes easier and then you never really know how strong you are until you lose a certain part of your body you know so it gets you get used to it after a while beginning it was very hard for me to care for my son seeing being that I was wheelchair-bound and I was too weak to do anything I was too weak even goes to the bathroom myself much less change him beat him and do all that stuff so initially he was on a g2 pump you know and for all my mom's who know what that life is all about know de struggle so with the g2 and the pump connected to it is how he got his milk whatever and you had to change the bag every 24 hours have to clean it every feeding and all that so I wasn't physically strong enough to do those things so I got help from his nurses my mom my sister or whatever but over time if we can't came easier and easier to deal with all that and now he doesn't even use the g2 pump anymore but I can still feed him normally and if needed I can do the G's who you know cleaning and all that kind of stuff whatever so yeah on the right side for me my biggest challenge was having to go to rehab and I should say two of my biggest challenges having to go to rehab and taking care for care of my son first starters I'm going to start with rehab both inpatient and outpatient patient were a challenge for me number one when I first got to rehab I still didn't understand what had happened what was going on and how long I had to stay there and I thought it was a very unfair but I had an amazing team at Moore memorial south and everybody just was so helpful or so nice but still I didn't understand what what it was all about you know and my the other thing was accepting the fact that I needed help I'm for those that know me know that I'm a very very independent person and it's just hard from your acts for help in any way so having to ask for help to go simply to the bathroom or to wash my hair or to bein even stuff like that was really kind of humbling for me but at the same time it was hard it was challenging to it's more so accept the fact that this is my situation this is not permanent it's temporary but this is where he is right now so that was definitely a challenge for me did I like rehab yes or no I didn't like the fact that I was cooped up in there and I was two weeks ago anywhere but I did like I said I did have a great support system so you know that kind of made it easier for me in some aspects whatever but I was dealing with postpartum depression post-traumatic stress or whatever and all those scary traumas that go along with pregnancy and all these different surgeries and all the different things that were happening to me at the time so I really couldn't see until now I don't think I started to appreciate rehab and so outpatient only because I became more independent as I as a grew more independent I was able to do more things for my son I was able to do more things around the house I was able to help out more even if it's just washing the dishes washing the clothes cooking a meal like I had to learn relearn how to do those things again with my non-dominant side you know and for me that was a huge challenge then fully taking care of my son oh my gosh that was like extremely difficult for me at first because I'm looking I'm thinking in my mind I can't do this with one hand I can't do that with one hand I was looking at things from a negative perspective but once I started to see and test out what I can and can't do that's what kind of made me easier and I realized there was there was a lot of stuff that I thought I couldn't do but I was able to do so for example bathing him I have to do it a different way than most people but I get the job done change the diaper I have to do it a different way but I get the job done you know you see what I'm saying so learning how to do everything with one hand one side that was challenging but again I'd do it every day and every day it becomes easier and every day I get better and every day I'm learning growing healing you know um and that's that finally I want to be clear I am very happy and proud of my stars you know at first I was like they're ugly I don't like them but I don't cover them up because it gives people a chance to ask questions which gives people a chance to hear my testimony to hear you know what God can do you know my I have a scar here that I was obviously from the craniotomy and cranioplasty and I have a scar here that's from being trapped for so long and just being tricked in general I didn't like me and Trey I don't think anybody like being tricked but I didn't like being tricked because the scar-h number one but while during the during the process of being straight when I started to wake up and become more alert it started to itch and I started coughing up like blood chunks and stuff like that but it was just gross I wanted the doctors to take it out immediately I think my mom can sense my irritation with all things so she just asks them could they take it out for me and they were they were gonna take it out anyways because I was going to rehab but yeah it's at first this thing with like open like I if any any of you know what a trait is or what it needs to be tried you know what I'm talking about like if they put like this big old bandage over your throat area once they remove the trait collar or whatever and you you still can't speak every time you have to say something or order something because at the point right at that point I couldn't talk to you anyways but I can still like yes or you know whatever I had to like hold my throat yeah that's not what it's not like a smoker like I've been smoking for thirty thirty plus years or whatever so yeah at first I was ashamed of my scars I was ashamed to get out the house I was ashamed and everything that happened I think I blamed myself for you know a lot of things like the fact that I didn't have an easy pregnancy I figured maybe we'll it's because of me something that I did or something I didn't do or I didn't do enough of you know I started to blame myself and then after a while I started you know just becoming irritated with the way people were treating me like whether it's friends family strangers whatever whenever I came around it was like I don't know I don't even I don't even know how to describe me it wasn't it wasn't just me being insecure it was I I knew that because I I'm different they're going to judge me or you know have these precepts about Who I am and what I did wrong or whatever the case is and I also started getting a a bunch of like hate from you know anonymous people on social media and whatever and it was definitely hard to do with or whatever but I'm alive I made it so I'm gonna go worried about people and what they got to say because I'm like I said it was hard but I'm proud that I went through this because it gives me an opportunity to not only continue to heal physically mentally spiritually whatever let's share my story with other people that may be silent because they they don't want to talk they don't want to explain what they've been through or they they're the fact of the matter is most people most people don't make it through what I think you so then that's that Ferragamo not a bad back I'm a queen

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  1. You look amazing what a great recovery you had you look good and I know you’re feeling greater you definitely had an amazing family by your side that’s something some of us don’t even have not even in the good times ! God bless you, your body and baby you are so much stronger than we’re aware of, with your strength and awareness you really show that you can do anything you set your mind to what a truly powerful woman ❤️😍🤗

  2. Candyyy!! I’m sooo freaking proud of you for being so brave to share your story. You have no idea how impactful your strength is . Keep pushing love! Proud of you 🙏🏾❤️

  3. OMG God is truly amazing what a wonderful recovery in progress. The Lord Jesus bless and keep you young lady, keep pushing to the best you.

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