Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ 2012 (B-roll)

I'm an OBGYN and preeclampsia is a really prevalent and common disease that we see pretty much every day and yet there's a lot that we don't know about it anytime you you know have a run about a certain subject it brings it to the forefront people hear more about it no more about it that's always good promise walk for preeclampsia is our signature public awareness raising events that's held all across the country when you're pregnant and you get hit out of the blue by something you had no idea what it was what was what any of the symptoms or how you got there it's extremely frightening and preeclampsia is life-threatening the mom's life is at stake and the baby's life is at stake so raising awareness is probably the most critical thing that we can be doing through the promise walk for preeclampsia your commitment is raising the consciousness of this issue in your communities with policymakers with healthcare providers and so many others that are going to really move this cause forward and help us accomplish our mission preeclampsia is probably the most significant medical complication of pregnancy it's the occurrence of high blood pressure along with protein in the urine and pregnancy it really starts out early in pregnancy but it's not clinically apparent until much later it's a very difficult disorder to describe really and it's important for physicians to talk with our patients about it from very early in pregnancy about the occurrence of the symptoms that may suggest it's developing such as headache and pain in various areas swelling in the face sometimes a feeling of just not feeling very well sometimes even shortness of breath later on in pregnancy the primary missions of the organization which are surrounding the whole area of education education for women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant around the topic of preeclampsia the other piece of the foundation's mission is really around research because we still don't know what causes it we don't have a prevention we don't have a cure hopefully we can find you know a cause and hopefully work towards a cure or at least effective treatments so that less babies need to be born early and you know mothers are safer

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