100 Replies to “Proper Sleeping Position During Pregnancy You Must Know”

  1. What vitamins should i take to get pregnant fast..im 34years old now ,,and i want to have a baby again..i got pregnant on feb.but i loose my baby on april…i want an advise pleasse help

  2. I have 7th month of prgnency…
    Some time i feel alot of movement..i mean more then routien days.. what reason of this more movement.
    I am worried about it..

  3. yess im 17 wks and could not sleep for anything for the last couple nights; kept tossing from side to side since im told sleeping on my back at this stage is bad for the bby

  4. Anaha Maheel, receive your baby now in Jesus Name Amen. in 30days, go for a pregnancy test you will be told you are pregnant

  5. Anaha Maheel, receive your baby now in Jesus Name Amen. in 30days, go for a pregnancy test you will be told you are pregnant

  6. Anaha Maheel, receive your baby now in Jesus Name Amen. in 30days, go for a pregnancy test you will be told you are pregnant

  7. Anaha Maheel, receive your baby now in Jesus Name Amen. in 30days, go for a pregnancy test you will be told you are pregnant

  8. Meri bhabi ki 40 weeks pure hogaye hain pain nhi ho rha bacha m upr hai ek bar pani nikla tha kl ab jb ultrasound krwa to pata chla andr pani ki kmi.ho rhi hai bacha thik hai

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  10. I am 6months Postpartum and I slept on my right side and on my back and my baby girl and I are just fine. I could not sleep on my left side bc she was facing that way and it hurt when I tried

  11. i am 20 week with twins and i feel a lot of back pain wen i am up and about my tummy starts to drop and i feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic area so i have to sit. heartburn is killing me slowly and strangely after i was put on a diet for gestational diabetes i am loosing weight i am never hungry and wen i am i crave weird stuff, somethings i cant eat like mangos i was told they have too much sugar and i cant have them even do i crave them . i am having a hard time, sometimes i cry for nothing my face is full of pimples, all do i am exited to have my babies i sometimes feel like i am just not gonna make it. i run out of breath i cant have intercorse with my partner i feel horrible my breast hurts it itches my belly itches i pee alot i am always thirsty ooh gosh i don't mean to be a cry baby but i am just miserable …lol

  12. Hello l have got a problem l am 33 nw n having 1 kid nw she turning 13 this year nw l need another one but its refusing help your guys

  13. me 7 month pregnant hu.me niche sotihu.komor pain ho rohi he.ek side se dushri side ghumne me taklife ho rohi he.5.6 din hua ase ho rohi he.

  14. I'm 7th month pregnant… ultrasound said that my baby's position is not fine… So what should to do to improve the position of baby? please tell me

  15. I lay on my stomach, but I raise one of my legs so it's not to much pressure . Laying on my side isn't too easy, but when that PILLOW gets involved it's all Zzz lol

  16. Yes u r right.left side posture is best to sleep as the uterus is shifted to right side in most of the cases.so it is beneficial for baby as well to sleep on the left side.

  17. I love sleeping on stomach cause is the only way i can sleep tight, I tried other means of sleeping position but i just can't help it. I have 3 weeks to go and i don't know the effects on and how my princess will look like, am prayerfully waiting for D-day

  18. oh my god, please double check the text before just going ahead with the video. There are many apps and programmes that help with spelling and grammar, this is so sloppy! I cant watch.

  19. Yeah these sleeping positions are impossible for me to sleep
    I have slept on my back through one now im 30 weeks pregnant with #2 both healthy its better for me to get sleep so we are both healthy

  20. thanks for the videos but I struggle to sleep with a side I used to sleep with my tummy n now I struggle please help n sometimes when am relaxed I can feel my baby beat or movement

  21. I am almost 3month and some days pregnant now and my stomach is not yet coming out infact people think dat I'm not pregnant likewise I'm also worried abt this but my mouth always full of saliva every seconds and av been sleeping with d two sides of my body. Pls mommies am i pregnant and wen ll my stomach come out.

  22. I had a DnC procedure 2 days b4 coz sac wz growng nrmly acordng 2 ma date bt bby wzn"t growng not evn hs heartbeat wz found.so I had an abortion.plz PRAY 4 me.

  23. Idk if i am preg but i cant lay on my belly if i doo lay on my belly it feel like sumtin pushing me up

  24. I’m a serious belly sleeper and this is extremely hard to do sleeping on my sides. I wake up on my stomach sometimes. I’m 4 months

  25. So only the left and right side?! Terrible video, thumbnail had me thinking there was other positions Smh

  26. I’m 34 weeks! I’m so ready to have this kid! I miss sleeping on my stomach! Every other position is just so uncomfortable and I always end up on my back which supposedly isn’t the best, but it feels the best.

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