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hi everyone I'm Melissa welcome back to cloudmom today I'm answering a question from a YouTube viewer I hope I say your name correctly Bhanu Thomas Riya on YouTube has asked what are the pros and cons of getting a c-section this is a great question I'm so glad that you asked this there have been such interesting things that have gone on with the trend with c-sections since I started having my babies back in 2004 and even earlier so it gives me an opportunity to talk about that quickly last March the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists issued recommendations for c-sections and basically discouraged women from having elective c-sections or inducements earlier at earlier than 39 weeks of gestation and the reason is that there had been a rapid rise in the rate of c-sections in this country and some babies were being born before they were ready and this was resulting in pneumonia and breathing difficulties in many cases so since that point and since hospitals have doctors have become increasingly aware of this there's been this decrease in elective c-sections and inducements before 39 weeks now the rate of c-sections is on the decline so this has been quite a rabid change that being said I'm assuming from your question that you're you're questioning whether this is going to be something you can choose to do because sometimes you can assume that you're going to have you know a vaginal delivery and something will happen with the baby and the doctor will make the decision that you need to have a c-section and there really won't be much of a choice so sometimes I think you're not really given that choice but assuming that you're in a situation where you've reached 39 weeks and you're considering whether to have an elective c-section and everybody's on board saying it's a good idea what are the pros so you know here's what I found out here's some of the pros and again I didn't have any c-sections I only had vaginal deliveries but one is the possible decreased risk of incontinence decreased risk of sexual dysfunction for the first three months postpartum interesting I mean that's really what some people say you know they're having a baby you know pass through the vagina can really make sex much more painful but more difficult you know speaking personally I've done videos about this I think this does resolve itself over time so weigh that into your calculation and talk to other moms reduce risk of oxygen deprivation to your baby during delivery big issue reduce risk of birth trauma to the baby sustained from passing through the birth canal or from forceps or vacuum extraction which can happen with vaginal birth and also another probe women feel a greater sense of control knowing when their baby will be born and they can plan more family help work leaf etc and here's the big con possible preterm delivery especially if the due date calculation is inaccurate as we're talking about before you could have a baby with breathing issues or pneumonia and ends up you know in the NICU which is a pretty big con and then I would say another con is that it's really a pretty serious operation I mean you're cutting into a very sensitive area of the body where the flesh is thick and now in addition to taking care of a young baby you're also yourself coming back from a pretty major surgery and I think that it does vary some women come back and bounce back very easily for some it's much more difficult to definitely talk to a lot more people but that's a serious thing to undergo and it can be very painful and it can be hard to you know get through all of that while you're taking care of a young baby so anyway I was just a brief encapsulation of what's gone on in terms of the recommendations regarding Alexis c-sections in you know recent times and my own experience and I hope it was helpful to you please let me know what you decide to do what happens with your baby how you delivering your baby we'd love to hear about more about your experience so please comment on and thank you so much for watching

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  1. I had twins vaginally which resulted in a 25.5 hour labour, forceps and episiotomy. Both babies born with bruised heads and indentations due to forceps. My recovery was long and hard. The episiotomy hurt for about a year afterwards, I felt like I was stitched crookedly or something. When I got pregnant with number 3 he was weighing in at the size of the twins combined and the specialists recommended a c-section. I refused because I'd heard recovery was so much worse with c-section. Anyway 16 hours of labour later, labour stopped progressing at 6cm, baby wasn't descending and his heart rate was decelerating and I had to have an emergency c-section anyway. The hardest part for me was that I had a reaction to the morphine and threw up constantly for hours once i was in the recovery room so it was 17 hours till I was well enough to see my son. But by day 2 I was up and walking around. Pain wasn't too bad at all. In fact I found my recovery in general so much better and quicker than from the episiotomy. I felt fine after a week and was driving by day 8. No ongoing problems at all. Its now 19 months after my emergency c-section and I'm due again in 3 weeks but this time have scheduled in an elective c-section at 39+3 (this baby is even bigger!). Luckily I am meeting with the anaesthetist this week to plan around the side effects I experienced with the morphine so we don't have the same issues this time with the nausea and vomiting. I know some women really feel like they miss out on the natural experience when they have a c-section. But natural for me was the far more traumatic of my experiences. I would rather a cut on my tummy over an episiotomy every time.

  2. I was told at 35 weeks that I don't have much amniotic fluid left n the baby has stopped moving n I had to go through an emergency c section

  3. I went into labor with my oldest water broke. 20 hours later I was exhausted and then my daughters d-cells heart rate started dropping I wasn't prepossessing so they did a c section

  4. I wonder why nobody cares how painful the labour is for the baby? The pressure on babies brain is immense and it negotiates its way via bony and rigid birthing canal for hours. This usually causing inter cranial bleeding, that's rarely turn into serious haemorrhages. I had a viral managitis and even with very small pressure on my brain the pain was horrible, my head felt like it filled with sharp gravel. I know that bone fractures are relatively rare, but still say applying 50% of force required for fracture hurts as hell. I know that babies are flexible and evolved for this … but so are the mums.

  5. i had a c-section with my first child and as i am pregnant again my midwife gave me the choice of another c or to have a natural birth. I wanted to ask what will happen if i choose a natural birth this time? will it differ to if i had had a natural birth first time too.

  6. Thank you for this video! I was induced at 39 weeks because I was contracting for 5 weeks straight with no dilation. I was expecting a vaginal birth like my mom had, even though she didn't dilate without medication and HOURS of labor, but I ended up with a c-section because after induction, pitocin, the foyle catheter, and 48 hours, I only dilated to 4 centimeters and my baby's heart rate palpitated. My mother and I both have serious cervical issues, sadly. Anyway, my doctor was AMAZING (my second anesthesiologist was not though and that can be an issue. I remember shaking and crying on the table after he lifted my head and practically threw me down and my mom asking if that was normal. He said "they all do that." He was AWFUL ugh!). I was up walking around the first day when I was approved to, and even though I gained 45 pounds of fluid from the IVs and swelling and bedrest, I had an excellent recovery (I lost all of those pounds and most of my pregnancy weight within 4 weeks). However, c-sections can make you feel less like you had a "real" birth. I've cried about this numerous times, esp after hearing about vaginal births (oh baby blues). However, there are issues with v-births too and I firmly believe that c-sections save lives. It's shameful that some women choose elective c-sections though, especially before 39 weeks. Even induction before 39 weeks is a scary thing! I went to triage quite a few times during my pregnancy and heard a mother to be talk about her elective 37 week c-section. I was horrified. 

    With incontinence, you can have some issues with catheters, as they're necessary for c-section births. I didn't have this, but I have heard of infections (I've  noticed I pee differently. Tmi!), but it def isn't as bad as with some vbirths. Recovery from a c-section can be difficult because of the pain/use of pain killers (narcotics were given to me and they really messed me up for a bit), recommended avoidance of stairs and exercise, etc. The incision can be awful too, but I imagine vaginal stitches are just as bad!! C-sections are difficult though, and having one should not be an easy snap decision. Thank you for listing the pros and cons!

  7. I'm so glad they are trying to pull back on elective c-sections! If it's medically necessary, that's one thing but to do it just to do it for any other stupid reason, is ridiculous! It should be illegal I think!

  8. I had a c-section with my daughter 7 years ago. I don't remember it being terrible, but she was in the nicu and I was focused on her. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and scheduled for another c-section in April. I wanted a vbac but dr does not recommend it. I am nervous, but hopefully all will go well.

  9. OMG I saw this video by accident I was tempted by its name only to find out that you were answering my previously asked question 🙂
    Thank you so much this is very informative. However, till now I'm planning for an elective C Section. I'm 26 months pregnant and just the thought of a vaginal delivery with all the long labor hours and excessive pain  frightens me. This is my first baby and everything seems to be scary for me right now!

  10. I love this video! I couldn't have any vaginal deliveries (3deliveries) and had to have c-sections and I wish I wouldn't have had to have them, I can back from the first 2 ok (took about a month before I actually wanted to even go to the store, had to make myself go to appointments tho) but my 3rd c-section went ok, just like my 2nd had (Same dr, Same hospital, those 2 were 16m apart) but the healing process was awful, it felt like someone took knives and stabbed my stomach anytime I tried to get up! I never want to go through it again, but that's my experience. 😉

  11. I just had my son through c-section In the beginning of December, and honestly my birth plan was for vaginal birth. I was in labor for 24 hours and I eventually became 7 cm dilated when the doctor told me he was still -3 which was still too high. I was bleeding too much and his heart rate went from 145 bpm to 177 bpm so I had to have a C-section and what got me was the recovery and not being able to do anything for myself for at least a day and half. Therapy was walking and sitting for an hour straight. I felt like I was torn in two pieces. 

  12. Great topic. I'm currently struggling with making the decision between csection and vbac. I'm a momma of a soon to be 9 yo boy and his delivery was through an emergency csection. Just as you said Melissa some mommas aren't given a choice. After "active" (failed induction) labor of about 48 hrs my son was beginning to struggle and although I fought hard to give him a chance to come into this world on his own the OB ultimately coaxed me into a csection for fear of possible brain damage. I was blessed to deliver a beautiful healthy little boy at at 41 weeks.

    I'm now 34 weeks and have been given the option of VBAC, which I'm planning on doing. However, I'm scared out of my mind. I'm afraid I won't be able to handle the pain (although my csection recovery was no picnick) and I'm also concern of the damage I may sustain.

  13. I had an ECS due to foetal distress (baby's heartbeat disapeared on a few separate occasions). Was induced before due date and resulted in slow labor as predicted. The easiest part was the surgery since I did not feel anything but being induced while your body wasn' t ready to deliver the baby was quite some traumatic experience. The medical team applied gel, gave me drips to make my contractions come quickly and intensively, smears, had my water broken (nasty), epidural at only 3 cm dilation etc.. Recovery was fine. Just need to rest and have people around you to help.

  14. I had an ECS due to foetal distress (baby's heartbeat disapeared on a few separate occasions). Was induced before due date and resulted in slow labor as predicted. The easiest part was the surgery since I did not feel anything but being induced while your body wasn' t ready to deliver the baby was quite some traumatic experience. The medical team applied gel, gave me drips to make my contractions come quickly and intensively, smears, had my water broken (nasty), epidural at only 3 cm dilation etc.. Recovery was fine. Just need to rest and have people around you to help.

  15. I had my son via c section 6 months ago and just found out I am pregnant again. I am so nervous that I'm not healed enough yet. Do you think it has been long enough to be okay? Thanks!

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