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encouraging is Arial thank you next to the growing controversy back here at home in Alabama a pregnant woman shot in the stomach now facing possible manslaughter charges for the death of her fetus the shooter not charged in this case critics calling it a cruel and dangerous new step by the state to criminalize pregnancy more from ABC's Stephanie Ramos tonight prosecutors in Alabama are trying to decide whether to move forward with a grand jury indictment against this woman marché Jones who miscarried after she was shot in the stomach during a fight in the parking lot of a Dollar General Store Jones who according to her attorney has no past criminal history is now facing a manslaughter charge the indictment says she allegedly caused the death by initiating a fight knowing she was five months pregnant Birmingham authorities say the fight back in December of 2018 stems over it the fetuses father but a grand jury determined the woman who fired those shots acted in self-defense and did not warrant charges against her despite Jones being unarmed Planned Parenthood is now weighing in asking the district attorney to drop the charges against Jones immediately saying prosecuting someone for being the victim of a violent crime is not only alarming it's proof that Alabama will continue to target blood pregnant people with their loss the district attorney's office says they have not made a determination about whether to prosecute this as a manslaughter case reduced her to a lesser charge or now prosecute at all Jones who was taken into custody this week is now out on a 50-thousand dollar bond wit Stephanie Ramos our thanks to you tonight to politics now

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