Push to reform abortion laws in NSW

abortions could soon be decriminalized in New South Wales under major reforms being introduced into stage Parliament the changes would create more uniform laws across the country but face serious opposition the law is 119 years old but one New South Wales politician is trying to drag it into the 21st century this bill is long overdue a private member's bill to decriminalize the termination of pregnancies in New South Wales will be introduced into state parliament this week by independent MP Alex Greenwich you know I I am sorry that the New South Wales Parliament has not been able to address this concern as yet many members are shocked when they find out that termination of pregnancy is currently regulated in the Crimes Act and they support this being regulated as a medical procedure through a standalone Act Queensland passed laws decriminalizing abortion last October since then dozens of organizations have campaigned for change in New South Wales for 18 months we've been consulting with community organizations and people over 70 organisations back this bill we've just been quietly working under the radar the reproductive health care reform bill would amend sections 82 and 83 in the state's Crimes Act that would give women the legal right to have an abortion within the first twenty two weeks of their pregnancy women wanting to terminate their pregnancy after 22 weeks would need the consent of two doctors except in emergencies Health Minister Brad Hazzard is supporting the reforms but concedes it will face opposition from members within his own party I've discussed it with quite a few colleagues and I look forward to a genuinely deep and meaningful discussion in the parliament I honestly believe that there will be a very respectful debate and it should be the reforms would also create a new criminal offence that would include up to seven years in jail for people not qualified to carry out an abortion premier Gladys Peres chicly and will be briefed on the bill before it's put to Parliament and peas are expected to be allowed a conscience vote on the issue I think campaign really since 1967 I went to my first abortion law meeting I'm hopeful that in 2019 we can move away from this 1900s law that we can make sure that women in New South Wales are provided with the same dignity and respect as women in other states

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  1. Will the new laws require the father to consent to the abortion of the baby as well? Well assuming she knows which bloke was responsible

  2. Killing children by law for the leftist vote. How about you teach personal sexual responsibility for women? They already have 18 forms of contraception. How many more men's tax payers dollars are spend on our lack of reproductive rights?? A sure sign men, walk away, or marry overseas, western female privilagev now extends to murder.without repercussions.

  3. This is disgustingly stupid. Kill the whore Mother’s if they think it’s alright to choice if a life ends or dies.

  4. I hope NSW does change their laws, as they were made in a different time when a women’s rights weren’t considered & the Neo Nazi Haters be damed 👍🏻

  5. What a load of shit.

    there are two types of abortion available in Australia: medical and surgical

    a medical abortion is performed up to 9 weeks from the first day of a woman's last period

    a surgical abortion is usually carried out between 7-12 weeks from the first day of a woman's last period

    abortions in NSW must be carried out by a registered doctor

    most abortions in NSW are performed under 12 weeks of pregnancy

    general practitioners can provide medical abortion after completing a training program

    women in NSW do not need a referral from a doctor to go to a clinic – you can call the clinic directly for an appointment

    there is no law in NSW about how late an abortion can be done

    in NSW, services for abortion are available up to 20 weeks of pregnancy but services for later abortions are limited

    later abortions are sometimes performed for serious medical reasons


    GET THIS WORLD; Not only is it easy to access, not taboo, affordable, the government will even pay for some of it.
    Who cares what is on a book, it's all about what is enforced.

  7. Yep – because the one thing australia needs is to start killing off our own population, that way we have an excuse to import more migrants from "Rapey" nations like the sudan, syria & pakistan….. and it should all be done just to make women "Feel better" about their choices regarding their sexual proclivities (aka, being whores).
    Next step, let's make the wilful infection of another person with Aid's legal, just like california!
    Afterwards we can start removing children from the custody of their parents and giving them hormone blockers and shit like that, even send them to strip at strip clubs for the amusement of pedophiles – why? well, what else do you do with children who'se parents believe differently to the current media zeitgeist, clearly you have to both villainize them and subjugate them to your insidiously predatory and perverted propaganda methods, just like they do in Canada and Sweden.

  8. And this is why you need to bother the fed and state government on late term abortion. This is what they are trying to do. All you need is 2 activist drs to agree on abortion and there is no limit on when they won't kill these children outside birth.

  9. the liberal party is a joke just like all the other parties. They call themselves christians. Fake christians but then again Christianity supports human sacrifice

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