Putting a Newborn in a Car Seat

hello Jessica here from Jessica and babies and we're gonna demonstrate how to put your newborn baby into the car seat that's one of the first things you're going to have to do as a parent after you leave the hospital and you better do it right go check that precious new life this is baby why he's gonna be a prophet many videos in the near future he's three weeks old so he's very much still a newborn and he has been in his car seen many many times in the last three weeks already first thing is your car seat with a newborn you're almost certainly going to need to have the straps adjusted to the lowest setting in your infant car seat the straps on a rear-facing car seat should always come from below the baby's shoulders always now I find with newborns is easiest to loosen the straps up a lot before you put them in and you do that usually by pressing the button here and simultaneously pulling on the strap itself now you're going to gently place the baby into the car seat she may not like you're gonna find the crotch strap make sure it comes up from between the legs and you're gonna put the shoulder straps over your shoulders now you're going to fasten crotch strap and the chest clip and then you're gonna tug here to tighten the straps now what I found is because he pulls his legs in you have to kind of pull up from here pull up on the straps to tighten it around the hips and then tighten again from the shoulders you just keep tugging on the tail and then you want to test the tightness by trying to pitch it here you can hold a pinch of the strap it's too loose so you're going to tighten it as much as you can and then you're going to align the chest clip with the armpits doesn't go down here it goes up here okay now if your baby likes to be swaddled that can sometimes help to type tuck a blanket tightly around him after you buckled it that can make him feel secure if you feel this head needs more support you can place a receiving blanket rolled up on either side in the space also if you want to do that don't put anything behind the baby that didn't come with the car seat this thing came with the car seat so that's okay to use there is it and if you need to when it's in the car the handle can be in any position I hope you found that helpful for more Jessica on babies videos subscribe to the youtube channel check out my blog Jessica on baby's blog spot.com and like the Facebook page for updates and discussion you see you get a new uncomfortable cradle ball speaking of children you may need help [Applause]

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  1. I just want to clarify the information about the handle position when in the car. Please check the manual specific to your seat. I just rechecked the manual for this seat, the Chicco KeyFit30, and it says the handle may be in ANY of the 3 locked positions when in the car.

    http://www.chiccousa.com/Files/pdf/product-manuals/KeyFit-Instructions-08.pdf (page 19)

  2. Nothing will help to save the newborn life in car accident!
    The only way to save the child is NOT get in to accident! What is wrong with you Americans, you can't live without your petroleum drinking more monsters?!
    In normal world newborn child gets in to the car like 5-10 times in first 6 months of his life.
    Remember, that driving in the car is a huge risk if you have small child inside especially if child still can't hold his head.
    Most likely the child will die or seriously damaged during car crash, and no car seat can help it.
    So there is no logical reason to put newborn in the car on everyday life. You need that seat only for couple of times, for like taking you child home from hospital, or to bring him to the doctor for vacation – that is it. Don't drive to buy groceries eith infant in the car – that is useless risk that you force your baby to take.
    Just think for a moment how weak the newborn is, and what is going to happen to his internal organs and bones when your car will stop from 60 to 0 in a less than a second…

  3. Awwweeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍 she looks nervous, I love how she’s sooo careful

  4. 1) On some seats the straps should be at the same height than the shoulders, not under the shoulders.
    2) On some seats the handle has to be in a certain position when in the car as it acts as additional security.

  5. Thank you Jessica! Those butthole nurses at the hospital lectured about safe sleep which I know all about because this is my 3rd child. But I wanted a brush up on the car seat and they said they werent allowed to help with that. Sadly the whole stay was a nightmare due to other inconveniences.

  6. Thank you for this video! Its difficult to find videos like that for those who dont have any experience with babys . Thanks! 😉

  7. anyone know how to adjust the booster pillows in the belts? they came in a separate package and it seems impossible to do it.

  8. Hi, great video, could you please advice that can i use this for 6 month old baby, as you are a Pediatrician please advice is there is any problem to the baby to travel a long trip. Thanks in advance.

  9. 3 and a half months pregnant with my first and last baby so want to do everything right. thank you i wouldn't have known with out this video 🙁

  10. thank you! i am expecting my first baby in a couple of weeks and am very new to everything baby. your video has helped me feel more confident about installing her car seat ❤❤

  11. Handle on car seat should be upright locked in its position. This is design so if you were in an accident it has an anti roll and baby would remain safe.

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