hi guys welcome back my name is Lynn I decided to do a random Q&A today and guessing I'm gonna be splitting it into two sections because I got quite a quite a few questions and they were kind of a varied variety some were like concerning my pregnancy and a lot of others were just more random or about Florida that kind of thing so I figured this will probably take me to videos so if you are new here my name is Lynette Yoder I live in Florida with my husband Nick and our two boys and we are a Mennonite family living here in Sarasota and my channel is just a lot of lifestyle home related decorating organizing randomly I'll do q and A's like this I just like sharing you know the stuff we're doing so consider subscribing if you haven't already I have a lot of other videos that you might be interested in and if you want to know more about the Mennonites I have a couple of those as well I have like a playlist for those so make sure you go check those out so I think for this one I'm gonna be doing like baby related pregnancy related questions and I'll kind of go from there I got a lot of people asking if I'm gonna do a gender reveal if I'm gonna do a name reveal of that kind of thing right now I'm currently 16 weeks and I'm feeling really good some days it's almost like I don't even think about the fact that I'm pregnant like does that make sense I feel really really good I have a lot of energy I'm eating pretty much anything still not drinking a lot of iced coffee so that is really strange but anyway I'm insane so in my pocketbook I guess so I'm doing really well we are going to be finding out the gender I know I had told a lot to be that but that will happen in a couple weeks hopefully and I plan to do a gender reveal if I can as far as a name actually thinking I haven't even really talked about that but we don't know the name we have some boy name ideas I still haven't found any girl names but I'm kind of just waiting to know what it is and then I'm guessing we're gonna keep the name a secret until it's born just to have something to be a little bit of a surprise so I probably won't be revealing the name another question are you turning the guest room into a nursery how will you manage guests excited for you this is actually our guest room currently and we really didn't do anything to it I just kind of put a bed in here and stuff but yes this will be turned into a nursery and that means we will not have our extra bedroom for guests so that is a little bit that's a little hard I guess but at the same time I don't really have any options because the boys room is really small and I don't usually keep the baby in our room long at all I'm not sure how I'll do it at this time sometimes I'll keep him you know him or her I'm seeing him because I had boys up until now in a room for a little while but um I'm planning to you know move into the nursery pretty soon hopefully so this is just kind of how it's gonna be we don't get like a ton of overnight guests to be honest it's more like it's not like Ohio where people will be traveling through the area and they'll you know stop for the night this is more like they make a separate trip and most often it's bigger groups or whatever and so they might get their own house like my family and stuff like they'll get their own place if they you know if they come this winter they'll be at the house they own and stuff so it's just gonna be kind of what it is we do have some couches I guess if there are some single people you know they can sleep there or I can use the boys bedroom the bunk beds or something do you have themes in mind for the nursery I do kind of I'm actually thinking like this main wall here I'm really I would really like to do like a wallpaper wall wallpaper well a feature wall with like wallpaper maybe even peel a stick I haven't decided on anything yet but I'm also kind of just waiting until I know what the gender is that might you know help me decide a little bit more but I am guest it'll be a little bit more neutral but I actually I do have this macrame wall hanging here hang on it's kind of looking a little scary right now that I had me age I thought I was gonna use two downstairs I won't show you the whole thing but it's like a modern yarn thing and I'm actually kind of being drawn to like rust and mustards and kind of the bohemian style I don't know I feel like I see a lot of the rust colors coming out right now and I don't know I just I'm gravitating towards that but I feel like that would be a little bit more on the boys side rather than the girls side so we'll see what do you think the gender of your baby will be I don't honestly I don't really know I don't have like this major feeling which I've said before they I feel like it could be a girl just because it I've been kind of different early on but I don't necessarily have a strong feeling either way are you noticing any differences with this pregnancy not really right now from what I can't remember like what is it close to five years ago this is probably about the same amount you know but this is about the same I felt back then I think at this stage in the game I do have like the lower back like sciatica stuff that is kind of about the only flare-up right now if I am on my feet a lot and that kind of thing that starts flaring up another question do you get epidurals during labor like do I have a birth plan I think that's what it said do you get epidurals during labor slash birthing plan yes I did have epidurals with both of the boys and I don't really have a birth plan I don't I just don't feel like for us there I don't see a big point in having much of a birth plan and there's gonna be people to disagree with me but to me I I don't know how the birth is gonna go and you can't really control it now saying that you know we have no plans whatsoever I mean we kind of have I mean I I'm not saying I won't do it without an epidural this time if it happens fast enough maybe I won't have time you know that kind of thing but I'm not a big planner as far as having everything planned out because I feel like it's kind of setting me up for disappointment or you know it's just bound to not happen that way so I don't know we just kind of go with the flow and see what happens with the boys I never really did talk about their birth stories or anything I guess I can do like a really short version of it maybe I'll just insert that in here with Caden and I'm a little phony on some details especially Jackson's I feel like the second time around it wasn't as clear you know height as the first time everything is just like big and you know momentous and everything but with Caden I remember I started I think I started whisking like labor during the night early morning maybe and we ended up going in like mid forenoon I think and I'm gonna be pretty big on those details but I ended up going in and they admitted me kept me I also had a midwife with the boys but I had him at the hospital I was really thankful with Jayden but um so I was there the hospital I forget when I started I think I don't think I actually started pushing until I'm thinking around 9 o'clock or something that I actually like 9 o'clock p.m. so I was there a lot of the day and I'd had an epidural for several hours and I do feel like that slowed it down a little bit but to me it definitely I don't know it helped me be more relaxed dear member some of the side effects were like feeling like really cold and like you know kind of shaky and stuff but that's pretty normal and I don't regret having epidurals but anyway with Caden then I started pushing and I pushed for three hours and I was exhausted and the thing is he was he crowned like really early on like I remember early into the pushing part of it his head was already crowning they were like oh they see dark hair you know we got yada and he just would not come he would not account of the birth canal anyway so we yeah I did that for three hours and at that point she brought the gynecologist the doctrine and they tried suction cup first a suction cup did not work and I think I had I'm torn some at that point but then they ended up having to cut me like to the worst degree like the fourth degree terror cut whatever you want to call it and Nick said he was just astonished and freaked out at the sight of you know how they cut it and everything but then they used forceps to get him out so yeah suction cut didn't work the ADIZ forceps to get him out he was fine and dandy it was around let's see eight I think his first way it was eight one that recovery part of it was pretty intense I was extremely sore down there so yeah and all the other stuff that kind of goes with after after birth that was it was not fun at all but then with Jackson honestly I'm trying to remember all the details with him I have foggy on the details of how long it was I do remember I had my uh what was it thirty-nine appointment I'm guessing it was right before Thanksgiving it was a week before and I think Thanksgiving was like at the end of the week and this was at the beginning of the week I had my appointment and I remember thinking like oh I just wish you would come before Thanksgiving and my mom of them had cleaning jobs and how old that would work out because they were the ones would be helping with Caden and you know they can't just cancel everything whatever so anyway I can't I was thinking I just wish she would come early you know anyway I think at that point I would have been somewhat of faced and maybe partially dilated I'm almost thinking I was maybe a three or something so I remember Linda by Midwife said that she could do a membrane sweep which I didn't really know that was at that point but um she said I could do that and it's no guarantee that I would go into labor but sometimes it stirs things up and it could happen within the next like 48 hours I remember I left and I talked to Nick talked to mom and you know that kind of thing kind of deliberated over the fact and I ended up deciding you what I don't think it's gonna hurt anything she said – it's not like it doesn't hurt anything there's ok to do it so I went back in it was right before closing in so she quickly did it and I went on home and that would have been in the evening and I'm thinking the next day sometime I started having some contractions but they weren't like steady or anything kind of it was like an all-day thing but I remember I was actually decorating my house for Christmas just to kind of keep my mind off of stuff Enki it would have been like 24 hours later then I started with contractions and it started it happened a little quicker then so we put you know mum mom took Kayden and stuff and we did go to the hospital then and there again I got an epidural it was right at the point where like they were getting pretty strong so it was a little harder if I remember right to get it just because it was I was probably further you know progressed and stuff but then with his his time around I'm pretty sure the time was I don't think I push for even quite an hour maybe not even that I'm trying to remember everything was said and done so and I only I only tore like a tutu like a second degree which I was kind of worried about cuz that quickly after like Oh what if it just goes you know the same amount the last time just kind of goes down the same path as it can sometimes but it I it wasn't nearly as bad as if literally about half as bad and I felt like the recovery was a lot easier too so I didn't feel like the second time around was was definitely easier and quicker and yeah just everything in general so that is kind of this short well I get to kind of turn it into a long Cayden and Jackson's birth stories and they were 15 months apart in case you are wondering so it was pretty quickly um so I've had a long break and I'm curious to see how this time around will go are you buying anything new and exciting for baby number three I'm also expecting our third in January Oh congratulations um that one was from a Lynette same name Lynette 94 for buying anything new well we have a crib I'm thinking I'll probably just use that I do need a rocker I've never actually had a legit rocker with any of the boys I do need to look for some some type of dresser for like a changing table I prefer to have a dresser that I can actually use it and not just a changing table by itself so I'm but I've been watching Facebook marketplace and stuff for that but we'll see what comes along um and basically I mean it honestly does feel like I'm starting over this time with all the car seats oh actually I get rid of my strollers they were older and stuff so I'll need a stroller a lot of stuff that goes with baby honestly but I'm not gonna like get too hyped up about it or anything I would like a stroller that I can convert with my car seat like it can be an all-in-one thanks if you have recommendations with that let me know and other than that I mean I'm sure there's gonna be the normal things that I'll need to buy and stuff so I think I'm gonna call this the end of this video and the next one will be probably like Florida related just kind of more random things maybe some Mennonite questions I think I got so I'm gonna do that one in the next one so be on the lookout for that let me know if you have any questions also I wanted to say that I'm thinking of starting something in my videos I met a subscriber here the other night actually Nick and I both did and he made the suggestion of putting in like a verse of the day daily like a Bible verse type of thing it's actually something I've been thinking about and I wish I would incorporate more I do share on my Instagram you know quite more frequently that I do on here but I am a Christian and I you know my faith means a lot to me but anyway I'm thinking of just maybe at least in a lot of my videos maybe not all of them but I'll try to put in just a verse of the day it might not be anything long who might not come in a whole lot but I feel like it's something that I'd like to to start just to give you guys a little bit more of encouragement maybe you're going through things and maybe the verse would help or you know just that kind of thing so thank you starting that let me know what you guys think and on that note I want to share the verse of the day I was actually on the Bible app today and it's a verse that has kind of meant a lot to me the last while so I feel like it's fitting it's in 2nd Timothy 1:7 it is for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind something that I deal with is fear of maybe man fear of what other people think and it's something that I have dealt with quite a bit I'm more of a conscientious person I tend to be a people pleaser or I've one of me and sometimes the YouTube platform can be hard just because you can't please everyone and then you know we make changes and different things and then sometimes there's you know questions or maybe even judgments and things like that so I don't know I feel like this is something that I've I've struggled with even a lot of my life maybe is just not worrying about what other people think of me but only you know focusing on what God thinks of me like that is the most important thing it kind of stood out to me that you know this spirit of fear is not from God he doesn't give us that and it comes from the devil he will plant those seeds in our minds and so I want to try to remember that not saying that I will achieve it or that I'm gonna be perfect and it just completely takes away everything like that's not how it works but it's a challenge for myself to just remember that in those times when I'm doubting or just battling with things that where is this this coming from it's not from God and God loves me and he wants what's best for me so I would have try and cling to that so I hope that this will help someone if you're dealing with something just know that God loves you and talk to him about it it can be easier said than done but honestly it's not complicated I just heard the pastor say yesterday that the message of the gospel is not complicated like it's actually really simple it's just a matter of believing and trusting in God sometimes we just over complicate it just know that God doesn't give you the spirit of fear he will help you through it I don't think he's gonna remove all of your fears but I think that he gives us the power to overcome them and to face them and go through them because we're we're all humans and in this life we're gonna have a lot of childs and things that come our way like we're never gonna be free of that a tour in heaven so God is there to help us through that so just remember that God is not giving us a spirit of fear but of love and a power and of a sound mind I don't know I'm just talking myself there's something I need to remember for myself so I hope this is an encouragement to you guys and I hope this video isn't too long and rambling and all of that but I hope you enjoyed it I'm gonna leave it at that thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you in the next one bye guys


  1. Lynette I was a person like you say you are. Very sensitive but age has helped me through this but mostly my strong walk with God. Just remember there many people in this world that aren't Christian and will say and do things to hurt you or others. You are a wonderful Godly person. Please don't make us wait on knowing the babies name. Just waiting to see pictures and baby info. Is enough. Kaden and Jackson are beautiful names and also beautiful babies and little boys. I hope you do have a little girl just to experience the difference. Yes for the Bible Readings!

  2. Yes! to the Daily Memory Verse. Thank you dear Lynette for sharing your faith in Christ. I also sometimes fear what is happening in America, as it continues to move further from God n the powers that be are becoming more hostile to those of us who love Jesus n believe in his Holy Word. I pray constantly for the Believers in America n those persecuted in nations who do not love God or his people.

  3. I love your verse of the day. I’ve been impressed with that verse lately too. Thank you for reminding me of it. ❤️

  4. Loved the verse of the day !
    I have bible app and write this verse down to keep near me at work.
    I also share this on my instagram as well. Hope in part one of my questions gets answered fingers crossed 🤞!

  5. Love listening to your baby stories! Thanks for sharing.. Praying a girl for y’all this time! I know she will be precious! Those baby boys sure are! Can’t wait till your gender reveal. Love the verse of the day ideal! We are so human to fear or worry. I continually pray to let go and let God handle it all! Learning to always pray his will and not mine. Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the verse and your comments. You've been very helpful to me in many ways. Bless you for giving me the encouragement to start cleaning and organizing my house. You are a wonder and an inspiration!

  7. Hi Lynette! I have been watching your channel for a while now and I want you know how much I appreciate how frequently you speak of your faith. I also am a Christian, and like you I struggle with pleasing people. I have to constantly remind myself to be concerned only about what the Lord thinks of me. Bless you and your sweet family and congratulations on your new little one.

  8. Have you ever thought of how other religions interact with each other. Everyone worships God of their understanding.

  9. Would love a verse of the day! You are such a good decorator that I can't wait to see the nursery. You look well and it is so good to hear that you are doing fine. Take good care.

  10. Bless you Lynette, l felt encouraged and hopeful listening to you at the end of the video, thank you. I would appreciate reading a verse or have you read it and tell us what it means to you, one that you have found helpful or uplifting. I always look forward to your video's! 😊💚

  11. Did you try taking evening primrose oil to help prevent tears? I worked for me.
    I have also heard women doing coconut oil pads at night the least month of pregnancy to make the skin more “stretchy” lol (you just out coconut oil on a period pad and wear it at night)

  12. Hi Lynette! I don’t know when you’re due, but amazon has great offers during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We have a car seat/stroller combo that click together from Britax that we got for a great deal during that time, and it is great! I had a big break too, but don’t worry—it comes right back! I hope your upcoming labor is your easiest. Lovely Bible thought too—Thank you!

  13. I just talked to my husband about fear the other day! I'm glad I'm not the only one that deals with that. I know it's definitely not from God.

  14. God bless you and your family, I hope you will have easy delivery with this one( I have 6 kids all deliveries was quick and easy if not to count stitches afterward 🤣)

  15. I LOVE the ideas of a bible verse of the day! Great idea! I look forward to them, today's was great! My best antidote for fear, is trust in the Lord.

  16. You are a blessing to me! Thank you for all you do to produce such encouraging videos! I think I have watched all your Q&As and do not remember if you answered this question, so I hope it is not a repeater: What version of the bible to you use/prefer?

  17. Yes, it is more important to please God not man. I struggle with the people thing too. We just need to pray & ask for more strength to carry us through these situations. Your videos are soooo good. I like you so much better than some of the other ones i watch. I feel you are so honest & real. I'm still pulling for a girl for you. Hang in there & keep doing what you are doing. Love & prayers. God bless.

  18. Oh Lynette, memorize Deuteronomy 31:6. Every time that Satan attacks recall it. James 4:7&8… Did you know that there are 366 verses in the Bible that deal with fear? Let that one sink in- one for each day, including Leap Year. God's Word is a treasure trove and masterly written for our benefit. We, as His children, need to use it. My favorite way to memorize Scripture is through Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory system. It's a great tool for family devotion time.☺

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