Question: What’s Your Stance on Abortion?

great audience questions coming in
lately which you can send me david at david packing dot com or just comment on
this video what’s your stance on abortion this long distance of real
political question was i mean this is that meat and potatoes that the question
yeah but i mean a report is it shouldn’t be a political question but but unfortunately it is spoke brand
say more narnia that’s about it really it’s it’s
really rich’s question ultimately religious noble it should be trendy britney the religion or politics should
be involved in medical decisions that’s my view now here’s my view on abortion was i hate abortion the idea of of an abortion happening i hate by i hate it all however it needs to be available in certain
cases by not pro-abortion in the same way that nobody i know is pro-abortion
that i want abortions to happen i want is few abortions as possible that’s why
we use the term pro-choice what i don’t want these people who have already decided
than abortion is what they need to start going to a back alley abortion and
leading to the thousands of deaths that happen both mother and child as a result the unsafe abortions not to
mention if the conservatives are so concerned
with government intrusion into their lives and i know it’s the old hypocrisy
when it comes to social and financial issues uh… stay out of this one the doctors and the medical field will
decide what is a safe procedure in what is not and what you believe is the word from
god should not be a factor europe the bible any other religious text should not be a
factor in legislating absolutely i mean i think it’s a
terrible decision to have to make brighter because need to be available
and uh… i mean i really was commissioned by
really but there is the answer i don’t know what i don’t know if that will
suffice but that i can’t think of any any other way look at this issue

55 Replies to “Question: What’s Your Stance on Abortion?”

  1. i would never have an aboration unless under extraordinary circumstances… but i beleive its a women's choice to do whatever she feels she needs to do with her body…. period

  2. I'm very much on the fence. I don't fully understand the stance that a woman can do to her body what she wants, UNTIL the fetus becomes viable. I find this a bit of an arbitrary rule, as a fetus will indeed become a human life.

    However this also raises the question when something is a life to begin with.

    As such I'm honestly not sure wether I consider it murder, though I do find the argument that it's all a choice for the woman alone to be a bit peculiar.

  3. @mjbarrowful The definition of fetus an undeveloped mammal. The key term undeveloped. It is not a person, it has no consciousness, it is dependent on the mother to sustain breath, in fact it is not breathing or does it have brain function at conception!

  4. It's not my body and it's not my business.Leave it to a male dominated culture and religion to dictate what women should do. Why not go all the way and say not only can a woman not have an abortion but she must pleasure any man who wants her too, after all, women have no rights and must obey men regardless of the request.(sarcasm) This is why I hate religion and religious people.

    My Motto " Do God a favor, Kill a Christian"

  5. There does seem to be a misconception coming from some on the right that those who are pro-choice "like" abortion, or revel in it.

  6. I have yet to meet anyone that classifies themselves as pro-choice that actually likes abortions. I find the constant mis-characterization by the right that lefties would have abortions happily performed on every street corner anytime a woman becomes pregnant intellectually dishonest and offensive.

  7. @mjbarrowful Absolutley WRONG! A fetus is typically defined as a developing human at a certain point after conception to birth.The precise definition varies by applicable laws, some of which define a fetus to include the element of viability, so that it is able to survive independently outside the womb. Some states claim a fetus is a term used after conception.

  8. I don't think 'stay out of it' is a reasonable option if you're anti-abortion for non-religious reasons. If you believed hundreds of babies were being murdered for the mother's convenience daily you'd be furious. For this reason I sympathize with the pro-lifers who aren't so for religious reasons. But I agree w/David it needs to be an option, as it benefits society & isn't immoral to me up to a certain point in the pregnancy.

  9. @flake452
    then make there be certain laws on protective sex, unecessarily taking the potential life of another human being to me is a but much

  10. I say NO man should have a say – in what women do with THEIR bodies..period! we as men wouldnt want women legilating our penis and testicles

  11. It's a woman (& her doctor's) decision. Society should encourage it to be a rare procedure, preferably done w/in the 1st trimester if at all possible. If not having one threatens the mother's life, or if the fetus is deformed to the point it will obviously not be viable outside the womb, abortions should be available. But I do think under normal circumstances that a woman should be made aware of how developed the fetus is at whatever point they're at (ie heartbeat) or other options (ie adoption)

  12. @rextrek Ah, but they do. Case in point, mothers having their male infants circumcised (quite often just for cosmetic reasons). :-/

  13. No one can be forced to "donate" blood, a kidney, bone marrow, part of their liver, etc., to save or prolong the life of another living, breathing, functional person, and neither should a girl or woman be forced to "donate" the use of her body, to provide "womb service," to an unwanted fetus.

  14. Only the immediate people involved should make the medical decision to abort or not, and when, and that includes the question of viability. All other people, fuck off!

  15. My stance is: Abortion is legal when the life of the mother is endangered or when the woman was forced or deceived into the conceptive act, e.g. rape, incest, baby marketing or when the female is underage.

  16. @46619TAB

    So you must believe, then, that we should just leave the murderers, rapists, wife-beaters, and child abusers alone, right? To each his own! 🙂

  17. Wow! This is the first time I'm actually able to say this, but here it is: I agree with David Pakman's stance 100%. While I disagree with abortions on a personal level, I do believe the option should be available for the woman to decide on either way.

  18. as a guy, I would like a choice in the matter but, I know that I shouldn't have a choice at that level because it isn't my body.

  19. @46619TAB It's obvious you stand by your previous statement; that no one has the right to meddle in someone else's life. And I totally agree. I believe that everyone's life is their own and they have the right to choose what to do with it. I bring up the murderers, rapists etc 'cuz, they exercise their rights at the expense of others; refuting their humanity and robbing them of their dignity. Would you agree that this is absolutely intolerable?

    (Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays by the way)

  20. Abortion should be illegal after the first trimester, exceptions for life-threatening situations only. Otherwise, it is legalizing murder.

  21. Abortion sucks since it is such a tough decision. I'm not a woman so I wouldn't know how hard it would be.

    I'm divided between "You're eliminating the potential for life to emerge" and "unknown situation of the unborn which most likely looks bleak with the circumstances".

  22. @LanceMurtagh "but the bottom line is all life is sacred"

    First of all, that's bullshit. There are seven billion people on the planet. Life stopped being sacred a long time ago.

    Secondly, why should a fetus have more rights than the woman it is in?

  23. @LanceMurtagh It's not giving the woman more rights to say she has the right to control her own body. The fetus has the right over its body as well. Just like I don't have the right to steal someone's kidney if I need a transplant, the fetus doesn't have the right to drain resources from a woman, if that woman doesn't want it to do so.

  24. @CEC4LifeWest – "Abortion kills human beings "
    Please. If I held a gun to your head, and demanded that you tell me the difference between a monkey fetus and a human fetus in the first trimester, you'd be screwed. You can't win the debate without using emotionally-loaded words like "baby" and "human". Hey, why not call the fetus a "Physics professor". Clue-time – a potential human is not a human. It just isn't. An average fish has more intelligence and awareness than a human fetus

  25. @HelloImTheDoctor10 – Cute how you people can only debate by mis-conflating crimes against actual humans with abortion. Let me know when a human fetus does anything more human than a rat fetus, and you might have a leg to stand on. But all you've got is Jeebus magically stuffs a soul into every fertilized ovum. Gee, what happens when one fraternal twin "eats" another, resulting in a chimera with two sets of DNA – are there two souls?

  26. A soul: the mind, will and emotions, have nothing to do with it. Science says humanity is inherent from fertilization. That's not my philosophy, its a fact. And the reason I compare those crimes is because each of those crimes are acts of violence against humanity. It may not be a crime, but abortion is such.

    Does an individual's DNA suddenly change human when they become useful? If that were the case anyone under age 12, in a coma, or with severe disabilities couldn't be classified as human.

  27. @CEC4LifeWest – "The difference is DNA" is not compelling. Every time I blow my nose, take a dump or scratch my ass, I'm losing cells with human DNA. Should Terri Schiavo still be on life support because she's a lump of meat with human DNA? Please. If I'm that far gone, I'm no longer anything I consider human. Please pull the plug and grind me up for fertilizer. I may not know what's "human" – but I'm pretty sure what isn't, and that includes human tissue in the first few months.

  28. @CEC4LifeWest – Yep – more dogma and no answer to my question. First, using somatic cell nuclear transfer, yeah, virtually any of your cells (except red blood cells) is a potential human. But your definition of what's human is pretty fast and loose – as it has to be to justify your faith. Sad for your ancient mythology, most of us realize that human is as human does, and just because you've got a lump of tissue with your DNA in it – you don't yet have a human.

  29. Male and female babies are murdered by abortionists, so of course men count. But you're afraid of an open, intelligent debate, so you resort to the sexism card.

  30. So it turns out that David Pakman is RIGHT-WING after all!! David says he "hates" abortion, but admits that it needs to be available in "some" cases.
    David, why not ANY case? Abortion should be available without restrictions of any kind, to all women. Saying that it should only happen in "some" cases is extremely anti-woman, misogynist, bigoted, right-wing, etc., etc.

  31. David, there's no need to "hate" abortion. Abortion is standard medical practice, is VERY necessary, and VERY beneficial to all women. A feminist friend of mine says that abortion is just as beautiful as birth.

  32. Let women choose when they need it. Caveat: in couples (married or even only a marriage facsimilie) a woman that gets pregnant and wants (note: not needs!) an abortion should a) inform her partner and b) discuss her choice openly with her partner keeping an open mind to objections from her partner (no matter if the partner is male or female). Married couples should find a way to come to a reasonable exchange of opinions before an abortion. For medical reasons: always the woman's choice.

  33. David, I know you say that one's religion should not be a factor in legislating abortion and such, but you absolutely cannot tell that to religious people. They simply don't listen to logic.

  34. Hi David, I think you missed something.  You said you wanted to make sure abortion was available under some circumstances.  As I understand it, abortion in the US is available under ALL circumstances as long as the doctor and patient approve.  In France (where I live) it is available up to a particular time (I think it is 3 months, but not sure) after that it is not legal.  But if severe birth defects are detected or if the mother's life is in danger the 3 month limitation is waived.  This is the case in most European countries as far as I understand.     It seems much more reasonable than the law in the US which allows abortion up to the day of delivery as long as the doctor approves.

  35. The Bible is not a factor, the fact that abortion is killing an innocent child is definitely not ethical is why abortion should not be legal.

  36. Actually, back alley abortions don’t happen often. Before 73 a lot of physicians operated illegal abortions with high quality tools

  37. Killing yourself in a botched abortion is a consequence of your own choice just don't have unprotected sex and if you do they say you have made your bed now lay in it

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