Congratulations you’re pregnant! Here’s
some agonizing back pain to kill your joy! If you’re already suffering from
lower back pain from those loosening ligaments and joints making space for
your baby, you’re not alone. I started suffering from it the day
before I got my positive pregnancy test and it didn’t let up, until I created
this simple, easy to stick to routine that I did every night about an hour
before bed, for my entire pregnancy. I personally used a yoga ball because it’s
got a thicker material. It’s nice and firm and obviously it’s used for
exercise, but you can get yourself a pregnancy, labor and delivery ball: it’s a
little bit thinner in material and you kind of drop down in it a bit more. Also,
if you’d like a bit more stability on your ball, you can place a yoga mat
underneath because you’ve got precious cargo there. You want to be sure to have
your hands on your hips, nice posture and have your legs as open as is comfortable
for you. As your pregnancy progresses, they’re going to be open more from this
exercise and from the relaxin hormone: which is what loosens your ligaments.
It’s said to peak at 14 weeks, then again at the end, to make you nice and wide for
delivery. Each of these exercises is only ten repetitions. Like I said, I wanted to
keep it short and sweet: something that I wasn’t going to procrastinate doing
every day. The first exercise is going to be side to sides and make sure that you
accentuate each movement, so you’re getting the best stretch. One, two… 9, 10. Then front to backs. You’re gonna feel it a little bit right
here and a little bit in your butt, but really great for your lower back.
Then we’re going to do circles. Other way. Now figure eights. This was really hard
for me to master for about a week, but once you get it, you got it. And then reverse. Then the last one I did a little bit
more slowly and methodical and it was a nice wind down to the exercise. You’re
gonna be a leaning on your ball. Your legs are going to be about this
wide apart. Just like this, nice and relaxed and then arch up. You’re gonna
feel that in your shoulders, your upper back right here and this is gonna get
your lower back and just nice and relaxed. I like to inhale as I come up and then
exhale down. I hope this eases your pain. Just try to
stay as active as possible and your body will thank you, especially during labor.
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Next week’s video will be about the Sneak Peek early gender test that I
took at nine weeks pregnant and I will be sure to include footage of my
daughter and I getting those results, and I will see you then!


  1. * This routine also works to engage baby down into the pelvis (reducing breech birth), in the final weeks of pregnancy. Just add bounces to it!

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