RachhLoves Pregnancy Week #22/23 Update ♥ Baby Bump, Labour & Q&A!

hey my labs so I'm here with another pregnancy update video and I know it's been a couple of weeks and a bunch of you guys were asking where week 20 to end and what happened to it and all that stuff and I apologize guys if I didn't explain myself a lot clearer so I tried to explain to myself on Facebook on Twitter I didn't want to have to put up like an explanation video but basically um between getting really sick after our anniversary trip when we went to Vegas and I posted up some lucky episode of the day kind of maternity wear videos are not videos video and vlog II stuff on my rachel loves channel and so I'll put the link on the screen if you guys are interested in that but between getting sick after that trip plus not feeling like I had like a ton of updates for you guys from that one week I felt like I would just combine week 22 and 23 and answer all of your questions then and hopefully have some more updates which I do and I can't wait to share them with you guys so I apologize that last week I didn't have anything up for you guys but this week I have lots of fun updates for you and I have some questions to answer and all that fun stuff okay so best moment this week definitely feeling baby moving around and rolling around almost like sometimes I'll find like if I'm on an angle lying down in bed but kind of like tilted up but like almost on an angle sort of on my back I don't know if that makes any sense but sort of in that position I can actually feel baby like underneath kind of like moving like this like you can feel their fists moving I don't know like it's just it's crazy so that was a really cool moment cuz up until now baby has just been like you know like kicks or like hiccups or something like that so feeling them actually like move and like have you know coordination almost it was just it was really cool that and also getting to tell my friends the sex of the baby was really fun and really exciting and just a really fun moment to finally get to share with them worst moment this week just being really exhausted to be quite honest I have been waking out so much in the middle of the night and just having there to go to the bathroom whole time like four or five times in the middle of the night and it's just freaking exhausting I will wake up wide-awake at like 5:30 in the morning and be on Twitter and like then I'll fall asleep until like 9:30 10:00 like it's just it's not a good like sleep schedule and its really aggravating to me because I love mornings and I feel like I'm my most productive self like first thing in the morning and getting going and I hate just getting up really late and just feeling like I'm behind and all that stuff so um that has been really not very fun cravings in the last couple of weeks recently it was Eggo waffles which I talked to you guys a little bit about on Twitter I have not had angle waffles in a lot of years but I was really craving them so I was like okay Rachel you do not need Eggo waffles you know we can make waffles from scratch our pancakes are something that's a little bit healthier like you don't need to go out and buy like a bag of waffles but of course I was walking through the grocery store and I happen to bypass the freezer section I just see this big wall of Eggo waffles they're like huh and so I bought some then they were awesome that and Greek yogurt I had been having Greek yogurt with blueberries strawberries and bran flakes every morning and it's so good and so yummy and I feel like the baby really likes it too because I can feel them kicking and punching and moving around or maybe it's just the extra energy to get from the sugars and the food whatever it is any changes that I'm experiencing I'm feeling a little bit off balance as of late definitely when I'm heading to the bathroom blindly wandering through the dark to trying it to the bathroom in the middle of the night I have been feeling a little bit of balance also find babies acting a lot more active throughout the day not just in the mornings and at night times so I can feel him or her him or her I'd emphasize that feeling them kicking and punching a little bit more and you know throughout the day or with meals and things like that so that's really cool as well and by the way when I say that were there it's just easier than explaining him or her every single time it's not that I have twins I do not have twins I promise I wouldn't figure that out a week like 11 or whatever had my first ultrasound yes we can it week eleven fourteen week fourteen so back to the week so I am on just finishing off a week 23 so that is the beginning of month six for those of you that are wondering and I guess my favorite fact was just finding out that baby was about eight inches long which is pretty substantial like I can feel baby showing off and like kicking one hip and then punching the other hip it's it's pretty funny and also weighing over a pound now and they're going to double their weight by the end of the month which is crazy like they're really starting to grow a much Rapide Rapide or that's not word and baby is also starting to develop a little bit more fat in their body because right now baby is very transparent so I look at any of my ultrasounds you can really tell it they're very skeletal looking still because the skin is very transparent but baby is starting to pack on the pounds in terms of fatty tissue so by I think month eight baby will be no longer transparent at all okay so now I'm gonna answer some of your questions from the last video that I did am i doing any exercise yes and no I am NOT a huge fan of traditional exercise I don't like just going to a gym and just running on a treadmill I've never been like that I simply I really have not been that active to complete to be completely honest with you I've even walk something like that but actually my sister is very knowledgeable in that whole field of stuff fitness and training and wellness and nutrition and bones and muscles and all that kind of stuff she has degrees in that kind of stuff so she is going to be on to this channel and helping me out with a bunch of different fitness videos if you have any questions regarding to that if you could put like hashtag Lauren in the comment section below and ask your question that way we can go through and decide what video we want to do first it's not my specialty but it's nice to have my sister on every once in awhile to kind of do something like that because I think it's really important to understand the difference between being healthy and going on a diet because there is an extreme difference in my opinion and I don't like hearing that you girls are going on diets or trying to extreme measures to be fit or thin or anything like that so I really want to get across in a couple of videos just the importance of being well and being balanced and I think that's the most important aspect of overall fitness and health make about Ali asks if I found that my acne came back at all during my pregnancy and I think you would mentioned also in one of your other comments that you're pregnant as well so congratulations but I didn't actually notice that my acne came back actually I found the opposite so whether it's the skincare regime that I'm doing which I'm sure plays a huge part in that or the fact that I've been drinking a lot of lemon water which is a just a natural internal cleanser for a lack of better word but whatever it is I definitely have been noticing a significant drop in the number of breakouts that I've been getting I do get them more often when I get really stressed out or when I'm traveling but definitely not as frequently as they used to so that's a huge relief and I'm sure pregnancy plays a part in that for sure Erika asks what do cravings feel like and do cravings kind of vary in intensity I think cravings when you're pregnant are very similar to cravings you get when you're not pregnant I don't know I assume like I've always had cravings for certain foods like they'll be days or I'm just I really feel like an ice-cream sandwich or I really want to go into the tunnels again a McFlurry over the past maybe four years or so I've really learned to train myself to distinguish the difference between a craving of the mind and a craving of the body I think they're very different and I am a firm believer in understanding the difference because otherwise you get into this just whirlwind of craving sugar and salt and all these unhealthy things when your body is really actually craving a lot healthier options and maybe I'll do a video on that whole side of things but that was a really important thing for me so maybe my cravings are a little bit different than anyone else who's who's pregnant but I find I crave a lot healthier things than unhealthy things and if I'm craving things that are unhealthy I will still have them because I sold red chocolate who doesn't enjoy chocolate I understand that is more of a craving to help me just relax and calm down and I know that's completely over mind versus what my body wants to nourish my baby and me with Clair eighty to ninety nine 4s says are you planning on filming any of your labor and delivery at all absolutely not for me I'm a lot more private about that I'm very nervous about about labor and delivery so it's not something I mean I barely want to share it with Chris I don't know about sharing it with all of you guys but obviously I will be doing a whole video afterwards explaining what it felt like and what I went through and the feelings and emotions and trying to explain everything as much as I possibly can and God willing that I have a very normal and very straightforward labor and no complications Julia says could you take us maternity shopping that would be really really fun if I find any stores like legit like going in and walking into stores that have a really nice maternity clothes absolutely I would love to do that I might have to actually talk to the stores beforehand because a lot of stores getting really antsy about me walking into a store with a camera but assuming they're okay with that I would love to do something like that I think that'd be really really fun I have been doing the majority of my shopping online and I have a haul going up on my Rachel s channel next week so go and check that out if you're interested in seeing what kind of maternity clothes I have picked out and I will be doing more outfits of the day as the weather gets nicer which it is and now I want to show you guys the update on my belt so here is the week 23 bump for you guys but I know it's kind of hard to tell the stripes I just realized that now it might be a little bit difficult but hopefully you guys can see that definitely growing which is really exciting and bump is a lot more noticeable now and yeah and that's everything for this video thank you guys so much for watching I have a doctor's appointment this week so I will be doing another update next week I won't be doubling up this time and hopefully I'll have some good news for you guys and I'll talk to you a little bit about what the doctor's visits entail and what's involved and what kind of tests I need to do and all that I was gonna say fun stuff but it's really not that fun and hopefully I will also get some more information on how much weight I've gained over the last little while I'm really excited to see what what it is and what the number is that's gonna be good as well so check back next week for all of that give this video a thumbs up if you love the pregnancy vlogs and baby and I love you so much and we'll talk to you all in our next video you

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  1. #Lauren I would love to see nutrition videos! Things to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks please!

  2. As part of my midwifery training I did a few weeks on the neonatal ward. The general age of babies there was from 26/40 (week 26 of the pregnancy, obviously born v early) but there was one that had been born at 23 weeks (obviously an EXTREMELY poor prognosis) and it was definitely baby shaped and a substantial size! I found it incredible that it was literally a 100% fully formed baby, just smaller.

  3. please do the craving of the mind vs craving of the body! It'll be great to know what to pay attention to when the body crave/need something! LOVE your updates btw! Can't wait till you post the sex of the baby! 🙂

  4. Lauren! if you have the time, i would love love love to see a video on trying to learn and train your cravings 🙂 xx

  5. Ooh just wait till "baby brain" kicks in you will walk into a room and have zero idea why you're even in there….walk out….remember….only to forget again

  6. Hii Rach!! 😀 I also have a channel similar to this one! Vlogs, updates, and baby related stuff! I would love if you and your subscribers could check out my channel! <3

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