Rainbow Baby Gender Reveal!

Oh like I wouldn't even have thought to get those things so it's finally the day that we're gonna reveal the gender to my family for today it's just going we're gonna reveal it to my brother and his wife and my niece and nephew so yeah I'm gonna just try to inflate some bullying's right now in her nursery I was like talking to her this weekend I went to buy a little party favors cuz I'm gonna do a brunch with my friends I was like grace' we're gonna have a little celebration for you and everyone all your the–is and all of our friends are gonna find out that your little girl so yeah it's so weird to actually like say that on camera because I've been having to hide it for so long but so I'm gonna chest inflate some balloons the plan is to hide the camera in the nursery and then when my brother and his wife get here we're gonna have the door closed and then we'll bring them in and that's gonna be like the surprise so stay tuned okay that was freakin scary I only did three of them and I don't know I was like getting anxiety I felt like they were all gonna explode in my face that list is with the balloons look like yeah I think that'll be like he cute surprise maybe I'll do more when Jonathan gets here we have this little sign and I changed edits as we love you breathe that Braxton those are just some of Braxton shoes I don't want to get rid of them got the picture of me Braxton we were supposed to get a picture like that but of me with Brezza maybe it will come today and we can hang we were talking it's gonna be a girl she's never met you and she watches your video yeah I knew and they she's like she's wearing pink I'm like oh I have to tell everyone Jonathan's a nursery okay Wow better take it you heavy Turley and one of them I want to eat my one like this way it shows you

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  1. 😭😭😭 congratulations 💞💞💞 you look so so beautiful!!! I love how dad kept Braxton included in the nursery ❣️
    Best wishes for your beautiful little family 🙏

  2. Congratulations Felly hope this little princess brings you so much love and now your little prince that’s up in heaven is protecting you and his little sister the pink and blue elephants are so tender because it represents Braxton and Briza love that beautiful touch hope you enjoy this little bundle of joy as you enjoyed baby Braxton congratulations May you be blessed with this new addition of the family

  3. I knew it was a little girl!! She will grow up with an angel on her shoulder to always protect her. That angel will be Braxton, her big brother. You are an amazing young lady. Please take good care of yourself. Jonathan did an outstanding job with the nursery . How far along are you now? All my love, Grandma Elaine. ❤ ❤

  4. May Almighty God bless, protect and guide you all through this wonderful time in your life. I wish you a healthy baby girl with a beautiful labour story for us after. May you always from this point onwards experience only joy and happiness in your life. God be with you.
    I lost my baby girl on May 19th and I am hopeful that one day soon I'll have one to hold again. Lots of Love from Trinidad and Tobago

  5. It’s so funny that your baby’s name is Briza because that’s one of my friend’s name. I’ve always thought that you and my Brisa look really similar. Congratulations!! I’ve been following your journey for a while now and I’m so happy for your little family 💕

  6. Third girl after three stillborn boys that i folow on Yt …so interesting:)Brisa mi amor te esperamos ❤❤❤🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆💎

  7. I love how the gender was revealed right at the beginning as well as her name. I love her name plaque it’s so beautiful! How did you decide on Briza?

  8. Omg so beautiful!!!! I’m literally crying for happiness.If Jonathan decorated that nursery, he did an AMAZING job. God bless you guys and wishing you guys nothing but the best

  9. I started crying tears of joy watching this! Baby Briza is so blessed to have such amazing parents and a brother who will forever be looking out for her ❤️ congrats to you and your family!!!! Beautiful name she has 🐘💗🐘💙

  10. Oh god, I am also absolutely terrified of the sound of balloons popping 😰

    I'm also pregnant with a baby girl, she's is due October 11th 🤰🏻 Baby Nova Rose McLeod 🌹 ❤️

  11. God bless you and your family! Your so Inspiring to so many people. I know we are all cheering for you and excited for you guys, keep y'all in prayer! Here crying at the laundromat lol

  12. I’m so happy for you 💗
    You deserve all this happiness🎀
    God bless you and your little Briza👶🏻
    Braxton is gonna be the best big brother ever👼🏻💙

  13. Super beautiful name! Especially love Tiana, always carrying a little piece of her brother, Tiago, with her ❤️❤️ God bless you and your family always!!

  14. I love how involved he is and how he had the Bigger Blue elephant over the little pink. Big brother will always watch over his little sister!
    I also absolutely LOVE how you went about showing us the gender and then your family being the rest. I wanted to know ASAP lol so ahhhhh, this was so perfect.

  15. Omg! Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👶🏻 I cried of happiness when you started the video and seen it was a baby girl! How exciting! Wish you the best and tons of Blessings. 👨‍👩‍👧 can't wait to meet Briza Tiana!

  16. Only if I could heart ❤️ this video instead of just liking it. I am so happy for you and Jonathan. Congratulations!!!!🎉🎈 💗💙 Praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery.

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