Rainbow Six Siege: Plans Changed Abort Mission !!!

hello everyone welcome back to Brandeis dream of Darian boss and today I'm here with mr. freaky and yes yes this time and our plans kind of changed because I think Angie overslept but no worries an Arctic is not making a TV show that's why I had freaking I decided to do some rainbow because we were feeling like ina and otherwise you would have had the planet on different day so just to have some fun let's go for on a no rate challenge yes yes freaky that's gonna be hard one for you that will be nice I'll just see I will not arrange on this game anymore all I'm just saying is I might complain a few times when I hit people in the head and they don't I know I did just a few things that are I disagree with let's put it like that oh wait the birthday girl is good good look yeah I did a little sites Ubisoft look the row 1 so I can still be in the game e-sports its entry again there are indeed like three more challenges yes dejen no it's very shotgun book screw that that guy celebrate Canada Day with the UB subscription to win 5 France and multiplayer with burger frosting to give me a ger ok I'll take a Jager but this is a be a map that that's not beneficial for both thrust in your book so yeah okay boys actually where it's always nice to have those are gonna join directs JJ look at me look I mean bulls I got a drone directs oh grid looks there too I kind of saved up there though oh never mind talk to the whore he stayed at boys foot up it's on the outside they were still outside damn we're getting screwed that's my fault oh no goddamn it I haven't even positioned my drone squeeze that buck open that renard he was fast dude come on drone just gonna have some fun just you and smoke smoke is good and he's kind of cute quick pick me what's up quasi it's been a while my dude how you doing I can again I bet your voice is deep as fuck was freaky Studies yeah beneath me on the stairs as well I only have one property on sir oh it's your marker nice yeah but I'm lagging don't worry you got her got her dovey three small game I bring it on oh my god smooth move just booster pushed out of a peachy thanks boy Brit you're kicking you I haven't even done anything yet and they're already kicking me dude ducks Encanto BG yeah I'm lagging I can do shit me why am i laughing I want to know why I don't know why I can do something like it's probably cuz my true my birth sucking up all the internet I'm not reaching yet so you don't know what true reaches oh no you need to play book get damn five biohazard container location I'm good cause I'm good I don't know if you can obviously like doesn't stay pictures you'll be it'll be a hell nice Ames warden we all have those times that we can shoot your this oh he's too cheesy don't rush it I'm gonna do a little fishie fishie on those walls rust doesn't take bullets I feel gross I think I already killed Frost's we don't need to worry about her linear process yeah dudes what's up with that pure like that's just pure legal that's good okay Borden got our blitz on your way nice good shit the pills are one to say that probably knows where your warning was last seen like Southie MOSI okay I don't know where mozzie was I'm a check cam two real quick now we don't have any yeah I'm not seeing you tomorrow okay watch out for the c4 from below maybe I don't know if he is and he left nice couch it's good shit well it's me it's me bruh da cause yet this season I don't have a rank here but last season I was go three this season we're waiting for Nordic dog back in so freakin Arctic and I can go wreck on some rent again maybe get the Platinum for once but but that might take a little while because not take is there it isn't here this week and I won't be here next week so I mean maybe no it's gonna be knocked it up freakin maybe North dicking let's keep playing the weekend I don't know if possible most we'll make it work yeah well she'll see if there's a chance this little bastard no thanks no yeah I swear to God if they reinforce my walls fuck were thinking about it no mercy this time I'm so done with people reinforcing my walls oh wait maybe I'll reinforce your back but in your reports this one that might be better for the mirror so I'm you know I mean I know where I'm gonna put my last one also guys if I don't react the Sun properly I don't have my headset at the moment after almost two years it finally broke I mean are not completely broke but once I'd lost time and I'm sending it back it's still warranty warranty so I'm just doing my mirror job I never switched on please tell me she's no one I know I mean I haven't seen any yet in the through multipolar of my night herself register to Justin doing cat work Orchestra better side room what from where all that sludge why did I even pick that you can under I don't even know always pixel peeking such a special peeking now I'm not picking them that much oh my god that Pro guys trash he had a clear shot on thermal termites in that same room actually is there anyone behind me to cover me that mother killed in there is no one there oh good dammit I tried not just still not a kill I do a run there at the door it was a monty dare okay I see now I see ya thought I was literally one in that corner so I mean if they don't die of nitrous Orleans next to them that's fishy fishy fishy fishy I don't always forget the big book as soon as I say it someone else yep come on we can get this guys it's not gonna work out like this we were buying a stream today but I think I'm doing it look no big deal go we have a back-up plan oh yes halt my god mother shudders thing and I literally do events like the second we fired it lost some time right there maybe out to some fishy fishy nook things stop masih actually have it in mother I'm lagging this watch out because I might be on these stairs I don't know I'm hearing some noise just liked it it's killing me and complaining about it a lot but it actually is killing me Brett you guys stick skills stop complaining and 6013 thing no you had 62 oh it's back to 195 and that changed now I'm literally switching Oh what was that wrong way objective Brantly land operator evening be careful play you're right load up camera right above you I thought I heard someone and I did hear someone then what did you get me from here okay okay I did not even hit me hmm okay I can deal with it and then I got my nice kill house there still I swear you want are you not Julia I forgot no clothes first room you get it's winter there and it wouldn't make sense yeah quasi die would have probably been a good option on this man I mean maybe not understand that but like oh yeah there's many that's that's right I figure I'm good this real quick trip a little like hey you feel you feel better by the way Jessica I don't like the title though it's hilarious oh my god my challenges are not making progress at all I know the feeling you finally win but congratulations the provided you did nope how do I need to play bug if everyone keeps with instant King him if I'm not even loaded in the game he's already picked Jessica she's talking about cars Oh keV there's a cat in by I'm gonna get down to where it's orbiting order in the basement an armory in the bottom Monica hi Marie my casa su casa although all the debris of the hatch just fell on Bennett's head just cos one day isn't identified so him might be spun a peachy if he loved me so I don't need to worry about keV I should have opened that door dude I was thinking about it like should I completely open it because I knew there was gonna be someone in garage but like I did not hear for sure while this is timing the second type of my ex Kairos pellets Curtis calf it's so annoying that time all right you saw the bench that book is tray on me the only guilty got wasn't on the FK guy why is he playing with the red there was a clean shot from whoever that was he don't need to be kicked because he can't hear the shutter you need to kick him why would we why would we enter a chicken you know quasi I'm pretty good with buck normally but I haven't played him in forever yeah people keep in stock picking him maybe it's time that I go from buck you know of course I get garage does it strange objective a Afghan said good why does it always work for your that kapkan shouldn't I'm not gonna picture it again now I'm gonna bet yeah but your should goodness like long-range hero my second is basically a team or I don't know who of the deaths of the the other ones this was a shit is never said I can come for him try something I actually did it how did she get those in a know clover mind just a little bark or snow not a big deal oh shit this is open but Jimmy what was that but direct how are they getting garage walls never a licker foot didn't hear that jerk-off course yet someone's upstairs to me my captain I'm right behind you of course it doesn't let me crawl through this ah she's a one-shot deal nice I got a system that guy there my did ash still alive I got him dude don't go Chaudhary how can he go into objectives you need another teammate really remaining alright it's like 5 HP features and impacting me he wins it was even beat oh my god she was big yeah she's so led by the way she's like 5 HP she probably ran to your kapkan chops yeah victorious this guild oh wow she left have you seen DUP where were you he'll be no chill it's not here yet tell me why you don't mute mic is located slurring in Dutchman's in five seconds yeah while you're sweating in Dutch what you don't tolerate that area what what oh yes how did you even hear that my mic was out nope it wasn't oh it's switch to my control cuz I've earbuds in yeah Kessler's literally one HP not even kidding you're hitting with one of your things he's even dead if you hit him with one of those thank you Berta thank you but kept the focus oh god he always it's a big sloppy kind of shit me that's a laser pointer right on my head oh yeah I got a kill on a castle who was one HP so the book was being a bitch harvest is back up for kills I think it's just because it's so incredibly lucky it's kind of the same situation with like devil he doesn't give yeah but this guy doesn't give a fuck about his team yeah also duh that's like no how can there be someone on your right he's stupid it's about age this you know let me back up with Jay I was funny to hear you swear to your family oh my god is actually about to ace this if this happens I can't comprehend what's just happening if he aces this is really good oh my god oh my god the vigil he doesn't know he hates oh my because he doesn't care about his teammates he shot me in the process you know I should have why do people like us who are just playing like you know decently just not too good not too bad don't ever get Asus and disk i/o place with a red dot on puck who gets a nice I mean one kill on the castle was understandable because I'll let him have to like one or two HP so I get how I got that kill one even the next one was brown what do you mean let's play eat some oh I know a very beautiful Kobe on this obj so yes I open the front door there's no one so I come back I call them dirty though I have to run to the Sundaram I'm away a little bit longer and I was saying just your kitchen again just through kitchen I've stopped playing ethics to me and just as Irish ended up in newest Windows to fishy fishy sometimes okay this one till from cap can I think that was on the guy that was in the window I hit switch once with my shotgun mislead your identity has been complemented how know why every time I throw a nitrosyl I get it's a Bautista sex dude what I'm getting traffic and you're beggars yeah air bag there's a chicken in front of you somewhere he's a switch yeah there was the chicken when he killed me standing in that doorway thank ya I'll pick up a whole doesn't want to make drawer nights you're still injured in there the killer teammate oh yeah issue how I think you barely missed him did I stop look like that to be honest what is this a Rico control we're playing against absolutely no it's the we're losing this is my timing never is great like bar again yeah actually Kwasi I'm not I'm just doing this for challenges and it's kind of frustrating me so I'm probably gonna play someone else but at the moment everyone knows mistake and I don't want to play Chomper so it's hopefully with mostly one more but I'm gonna actually try out disorder working again secure the room you protect the biohazard container then that Muse go yeah I should he come a visit dirty struts you're doing the very best place the like starts again another torn is just gonna camp on my first place where is it unnecessary having around me the thing is this objective is just too easy to rush and what I'm saying just keep getting kills let your breath on every what what happens I think I injured someone with my frost man what are the resources arid a writer writes there's a switch I know yeah our interests I think two people with my frost Mets on the window itself I'm being tracked yeah yeah of course chuckles behind me really I thought it was on that he literally just shot someone from the other side of the building but oh well yeah that chicken is also fishy fishy no he should he's just me the whole time he always finds my footsteps yes get it kill dude if it counts as one last I minded ABC I know injured someone they work though okay thanks but it's also well I if I didn't like this time I swear I hadn't switch I got he was just done yeah I also have good eyes a crispy head shot on the search term yeah beautiful kill milk a lot from me therapy rare freaky giving an actual good college nah just see I'm not good with chunka chunka is a lot of fun though I own a good spot to put this third down to be honest on this man maybe in the bathroom – sure so you can overlook the entire hallway true but then again yeah or lucky need not true that's a thing with chunka there's not a single operator well now since the patch there is but you get my point there's not a single operator that actually needs to stand still – you see sketch it yeah okay now well now in class and warden also do but before that there was not a single operator who needed to stand still to user gadget which is just an enormous did disadvantage in this map quality yeah the set of our giving him a buff and then they said they were just totally gonna rework him so it would basically become a third linear operator with the Leno gets done everything and now they didn't even do that I hope one day they actually keep your promise and they're actually gonna do it there's only one way to find out and it's to wait forever oh I'm back two meters dan hromas thanks leg appreciated they're rushing at least I hear a book you think well there was southeast broken here mm-hmm I'm molding an angle home to pro-league skin I got her but if someone else killed me Jekyll is there be careful come from the other side I see my captain traps are all done except for one now constantly getting spotted oh my god this Ella wet hello Rick where's your nose jackal I smoke on market what check oh just kill smoke this check all did so many huge echoes that just marked Mike you know I see the markers of course not we're defending team tell me Shaco market yep you almost had a lucky for you you went back to what West West yeah I'm selling for most I think you sure about our you he's breaking Bart good luck still on the other side I think so that's what I'm worried about the entire time dude no please no he's no those are indestructible apparently now stop getting some oats great oh yeah he's looking at BJ almost what's the new hallway I'm gonna get both on that side I'm lagging again that jekko tastes first rounds sure did sure get a report from you already on my screen here Lee I'm not joking shop five meters above my head that might have been in just my leg but that was so weird I didn't see it I hit him like five times can't our team's trash successfully chicken I'm on a rescue for a visitor biscuit those duties I don't know what will work better on this map a fuse or it less I honestly think freaky I'm just gonna play the die around without my scope like without their mom you sure that's not even the that's stupid of an idea if I use it I'm honestly getting confused when I see enemies I think they're friendlies because they don't like that up like yellow and I don't shoot them and the amount of times I just don't shoot enemies because I think they're friendlies I bring this round I thought I'd down I'm down gridlock that's why I wanted to shoot her to secure the kill if she fell down like in a weird way I thought I found her and I wanted to secure the kill and then all of a sudden I realized I just killed her and then down her not almost too late to the children would have been a good clutch yeah cheating today already envisioning their – we hear from region doing little spawn Peaks little run outs cheeky as Umrah notes I said one step into the building I get hit by a legion trap a neck of mine and I'm down to 16 HP hello it was one step in this ridiculous that's such a good setup I'm probably gonna get rich yeah I'll try to keep the hole for you be careful yeah I mean have 16 HP there's not much rushing for me I hear people know BJ how does he see me how just rustman in front of me these gods I don't even have the words that you can when you just I sir she just instantly sniped in my head I on purpose I tend shoot the frost man so I wouldn't give my position away but apparently doesn't matter because they already know my position I don't know if they're just giving really good call out so it would echo drone or something and not marking me they religious cccc right there it's telling there's not so much this guy can be Oh it's hit four times true no I guess I could from behind the thing is you know I like to play echo but I never use his tones because people rush if he pulled it out he would have been shot I've a didn't you would die to the damage oh that one I can turn the corner like a bitch yep why are we getting the bad maps give us good maps see thing is that closet as well I was laying down because I knew they were expecting charger I'm dining akin one day we've seen the room here for you just yeah fuck you already playable shields back in the game yet I wouldn't count on it rest in peace to check the treads stress you can put it behind the table then you still have cover like if you put it somewhere over here where I'm sitting or there where you're standing I mean if you put it here your sight on that that door yeah let's go yeah the thing is first won't help much since our supply ships already doing the chancof with a certain I mean sometimes you just gotta send it isn't counting on my along jitta would knowing the worst Frost might stretch ever so it might work their tuition which ads are already more dignity there's that wall behind you reinforced nope I'm Bacchus already invite me I think he's in this room twitches on Ash okay switches on there mate there's no chance yeah yeah yeah give us a good mouth not that that was that shall – yeah report that dragon New York a guy is just taking okay please on one good map no theme park I'm so done with this move I wish I had the Smurf account to be honest I so wish I had one this is just it does a thing I'm that video I saw from the guy from PC playing console in the comments there was a lot of people complaining about the matchmaking there was just not balance like some some guy sent a comment hmm come on oh I have two prices to collect service blue-screen madam Inga's just trying to check on my challenges really quick oh my god your result is always so lucky okay Aziz maybe since we waited we get new people to claim it and they are not as good explode don't break on me to my headset bro what you saw something else broke – I kinda forgot already what it was song is it is not your PC yes my pranks have worked no no I'm not talking about the people were playing against I'm talking about the map so yeah try hearts or no try hearts at least we have a nice map go they're not gonna take that one on the other team I can deal with goals yeah and deal with goats even if they're good goals goals are rarely very toxic I'm saying rarely because you never know but but as long as they're not diamonds or plat usually they're not that toxic oh wait a song for bitchy or the latest on their release especially on it on this channel they released a music video it's with him still there she emotional what's a good guy you know yeah I do buddy how'd it go oh my god a Jager toxic expose my red it's just don't know suddenly firing the windows we're gonna get clapped from obg now don't see me oh shit they saw me thank y'all so it seems stupid I just on the helicopter just waiting there's someone on that side yeah not doing much so no stairs honestly I think it was no stairs but what the fuck I gave Buckethead shot in the side room of course of course from the window now should have known I got back I got back a couple he's getting a report from me cuz I literally shut up cool Magadan going from his heart to his head you hit him in the heart and I'm not like anyone said he's not lying either said I should have been a killed then I suppose mine but everybody it's useless pundits big even a bit Martin writes look if you clean my chest he jumped down lovely shirt this way NOLA nice Gucci itch that's my boy good college Oh stairs like that I think where you think the pink check to check our paycheck is nice do I know my D how that was a headshot I'm not gonna lie it might be my ping do bad guy from the trap this is bullshit that was apparently a headshot I'm not gonna lie this was pure luck new skill I mean I'm taking it how are you over five what'd you score this is three oh yeah doesn't that doesn't before Singh the update it's weird I've their basements and they're playing Mira I know very good Nate strapped to native Mira I mean it's probably not gonna work to the sick but I'm not sure what you mean how do if oh no never mind on it how do have four kills in total with our team I would wonder runs the two people left and answers the question but then again if you have a kill why do you leave because you could kill like anybody just like collection drivers yeah you got to assists that my multi-view charts normally they're not there are no most industries as what's up for the other states at burka so I yeah I saw that because I hate him like one time in the shoulder and he went down and I had another time when he was going down Yosi really nope I'm not gonna do that like this that's pumping way that's actually Saturday then we have once alibi has the alibi on that window do we know how many people are in jail I think maybe bandit way is that when a troll nate's but I kind of want to spend wisely I mean you should be quite keep that at that door a little bit so they can't flunk hysterically ashes there so there shouldn't be able to playing this nevermind – is still outside I'm going up these stairs bend it to Trish of course and it's going to understand same fucking guy he's camping upstairs he's literally standing at the railing looking down if they fix this song Annika think maybe they should live it'll never map you know it's honestly I didn't mind oh no that was kind of you know my opinion it was not unbalanced or something so in a sense that kind of by doing that we're washing L by who killed you Russian I'm you know I'm gonna did I hear sound everywhere yeah why she no idea there's one angle you don't want to come from it's this one they all Erica just don't react or just don't react they were standing there that's such a cheeky spot the stance I knew they were going to do why does everyone have this cool skin for death oMG by the way I really like that skin look at it like black with gold that's my papa skinny then why are you I'm not saying anything I died too I mean frost got her payback by the way was for standing there just looking at him who knew there was no way maybe it was kind of a funicular dining room ye that's not gonna work oh you're first okay I mean in dining you might might actually pull it off you know but no one has to as something to make rotation holes so I mean maybe you can make rotational with your right there and lay in the honey and then kill everyone that comes from that window what is this like my drone was in the perfect spot and then all of a sudden Lex at nope nope nope were placing it like five meters in the wrong side here Caron I was looking so late there blank area right there with barbed wire headshot on celebrate with a good shit which out they have a partner who knows how to shoot headshots hey barn on hatch what are they doing much for you wow twitch turn on me my fingers one and lobby to follow if there's knifing through that hole – no great right let me up back up off I'm gonna stand him and Mark him – guys check Alana duck both twitches last she's outside ask them to check Oh we're just gonna play above I'm waiting for twitch not gonna stay on my child which is annoying slight that drops oh they're shooting me to do drop for most one and lobby the chat widget retaliates stay still off oh one on window which I said which was right there yeah you just got booked one up top still one on the window yeah not anymore okay she hopped in how did you destroy my frost trap she didn't shoot when she hopped then how was it destroyed what wait she's a ghost how was my frost trap destroyed that's what I want to know I've no idea I know they reduced did they shoot it for match no not that freaky dude she didn't even shoot when she upped it otherwise I would have heard her you know what might have happened maybe she destroyed it with a breach charge cuz they lower the HP of the frost Mets maybe destroyed the frost met just by the damage debris she charges that's weird because that window was almost completely broke already so I don't know why she would put a breach charge on it no I don't know I'm just thinking out loud oh wait we have no termites okay another Minds ugly that you this guy just went termite and then all of a sudden switch to I don't know who it was but I don't like the bottom except that she pieces oh and of course their investment I mean curviest there might someone decided to switch them to Mathieu he banished me in a white van restricted wanna know you're really pretty pants down wait who are you are you a cook and I'm about this can work this can work if you miss you Nate's dead zone hole then you might be able to kill him if I did mama isn't stupid but Frankie they're not benefiting the ban is already down yeah but I mean I'm gonna destroy it yeah yeah you destroy it now first and then maybe yeah I got you I mean he loses too already I hope our le bonheur is here nope she's coming she's coming watch out for nitrosyl former boss maybe from cake or bandit one of those two can have mattresses yep okay yeah I was late oh and of course that made it horrible why is that naina working what of course I destroyed the things because my name didn't go in that's great oh my god everything goes wrong I get hit by a c4 my why did my face go and that literally true it in the drug hole it's only marine extent a little bit closer yes already Houston sure sure you weren't even there oh my god I'm doing shit good everything goes wrong oh my the worst first Mau I start this round has been a moist air around the place there ain't a single thing when writes it all started with the guy not picking their lights I'm blaming this on a boner to be sure when you European servers I see yes sir that you tryna not just now that we're doing horrible and raking I see where I don't invite people as their mushroom women like several times of course you're standing there are laying down there again yeah a real life ain't good kill nice rich promise to this guy I kind of love this guy no idea when he got kind of lucky that the bandits could cook it I mean if he makes the kills you don't hear me complain I'm glad that guy got killed because now he's getting decayed yeah that's one Nazi bomb personalist we have to do it let's together kill me too fuck again we're not doing that great in attack hmm actually your bucket you're poking okay I'm going to write for you nice can I sue Oh these bad Frost magistrate's are actually the best for my stress you know what I'm saying if you place it in places that are so stupid and no one would expect it that's when their kids there enjoy the wrong the wrong guy Gatito what's there oh they're playing together the bossy bossy guy and bossy guy and frost it's just a thing that go play together I'm gonna put adjourn in library above okay where do you want to play well yeah I want to push from from wastes and you left your Western let's go they just ruined there just don't get cocky 9 did frost Matt's above for us this over here are speaking up a frost Matthew might be able to pick the poorest man she's just gone where'd she kill someone I don't know we need to blow open these walls and I think we have top control don't move no one's there but Oh Frost is upstairs which means on 4v2 – okay we get a small open wait we're gonna wall this wall where are you oh I keep the stairs going on in three two one drops drops she drops I hit her like 15 HP breath how she wasn't even there she was engaged to it's freaky just saying she wasn't there no I know I know I thought it was a shit out of that that's pure that's pure peeking advantage hood on her screen she was already there but on your screen she wasn't but even then freaky that spot where she beat I was brief firing I don't get out of the thing ensure the soap at five feet to because that he make that cookie and then we were the last three my potatoes I just be fired and plate right – meaning it wasn't the way we played that got us killed freaky I think we should just before I blew the wall I should have put a claim where on that door and then maybe we would've won maybe maybe then made it if I kept the doorway on a better angle that she wouldn't expect maybe I could have got her but I just didn't know where to stand I mean this next match maybe I should just go full thin this match and just go finger shifting all the way you know right I'm just saying this is just a little this is the map to if I wanted to think of it yeah he will be kooky nice nice you reckon they're good Meister shed over here I mean they don't know the slate shit to flip my sister's truck damn it I mean I'll take the room when I was your enemy Kirsten I'm just gonna go full sin motes you know maybe I said let me get your food and I can starting me set up why spend it stupid you can get you can get it from down here boys you don't need to volts you almost missing reverse this wall I need to do my setup Jagr just literally almost made me kill them good just because you wanted to kill her John all right let's over here where the fuck is that oh right behind stitch thank you downstairs what how fast is Laich honestly what was it still hanging no nice the chip such as that to us that she's already dead never mind I thought I could add plated sledge but apparently he's a sweet speed now but okay how are your life I was just looking around I need to pee I don't care yeah you can get that nice guy too I'm rushing anyway look look my dance demon at this point I really wished you had a Playstation so you could host this with lawful oh yeah should probably pick an operator sitting there I forgot to think of rush dammit locate the biohazard container hell yeah they give me picture and I still left my a coke on used to be kinda good with acog but now nowadays it's just not feeling it how do I get that this guy is hella fishy she didn't even run out I didn't hear her run out that Elodie like I'm at this point that I'm about to leave this fucking game I'm so done with this like people in this game you see so much shopkin fuck we can excel on that guy yeah I thought you had I was counting on that for cutting his bet Beck question mark I know one on PC it's actually back you can aim and go prone at the same time no just ridiculous I don't know what you would ever bring that back I'm just gonna camp a corner and just sit there with my shotgun I don't care I know the feeling of not caring anymore oh I should have done Bennett of the anger with the sugar but then I'm not doing challenges anymore this offense on on this map is just impossible for me have no clue what I should do by the way how did that sledge previous runs came in so early with the repeal it was like five seconds in and it was already is so fishy I need to play less aggressive mmm-hmm is like a one pitch door what door next to obj fuse maybe I can wall banging I'm getting spotted by john-boy I injured him through the wall what no way he's injured I ran outside of objective now they're picking him up he's already been picked up frost could hear it but she didn't do shit about it unobjective window how does that draw my fucking by.ya is in a room next to you should you should be dead too but oh well my kills all three of them what bruh I kill that sledge dude yeah man she started to reload and all of a sudden she was like in ah fuck reloading I'm just gonna spray another two Mac without even having it in my gun oh my shit I was there too I would have had both of them later yeah indeed at least a sledge I got an injury sissy okay actually I think I injured this touch which mean you did the right thing you you played it right there just I don't know got unlucky with not having the final blow on the other person's gas but how did I even I actually just you said Dorada objective I went to the wall from which I know you can find a pre fire it never expecting to hit him because it wasn't like a call-out from 10 seconds ago I just pre fire it and all of a sudden I see injured I'm like wow oh they're doing the strat freaky this trap you just can't I mean it's not that amazed me love interest yeah I mean I have a canister which is gonna do though she is I'm terrible today at least I can try that's all we can do right we can try and I don't think we've played a single match today where we didn't have a female leave Dallas that is a hell of shooting oh my god this just doesn't stop going with this moment good give it a rest let me know I need a boost get it right not to be sure thanks for the boost boy siren oh yeah me either dick Afghan we're gonna do hella fischeri non-smokers of course he's speaking mr. broken Dutch castle I'm peeking like the cheeky spot on stairs in that side room there's catkin trap door – ash is about to die by me – wait he's not there anymore of course just kids one kiln and runs away like a little bitch can't drop into you two one come on dude I am on no credit for that thumbnail demon I wouldn't just took it off – get off I took it from a lion just use it I didn't change a lot just bling such like such a pussy which is kind of what the lol is all abouts Frost Matt I'm ash I think I never mind there is no rust there's no look there's only one place I come from I think yeah like they're very nice def she's just better look at this this guy just killed someone from here I think I might kill you no that's not even that bad of an idea since they're all spawn Pekin so at least they can't get a lucky hatch up that easily they need to hit you from the side since my headset broke hmm I understand my brother I might switch to a headset but I think what we're gonna do after something is that I have my big question head kick all out all day long it doesn't get deleted because YouTube Oh what I saw my character without anything understand yeah I've seen that I guess glitch I read it for the bumpy I'm ready she's not doing that to something yes that door three two one I mean peek Adela but Maddy already you're gonna go upstairs so I confuse the butt of business though that's also good let me go first yeah yeah Holloway our window go window I'll keep this window lit up under were nice make sure to check everything no freaky how did she die Felicia she'll those way I was far enough for away from her and I didn't have the reflex to turn away right there sorry yeah sure good by the way I'm sorry they may disturb if I mean nice if you need someone with that Manish fu seen that yes the first ones for headshots till I was ridiculous dude Oh one on hash left sizable weight I mean it can be because of the lag this is ridiculous me you're right it stopping right now I mean I love this game but sometimes it's just you got a no no it's not my day it's not the time you know what just get stopped if you don't mind what yeah I think I'm just gonna continue with streaming GTA my flirting would and tryna 100% you do you tryin have fun cuz that's the entire part of Kate niggas Indies so I wish you the best of fun thank you thank you I'm not enjoying myself very much right now so let's change that and start up a new streaming GTA story mode I guess you're right erupt so I get you guys there and until five minutes I'll jump a little like buh-bye let me end it playstation thank you

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