Rapid-Fire Compilation of Attacks Shows Insanity of Abortion Advocates

Oh get my camera out of my face ma'am you really don't have to react that way ma'am we could we can have a civil disagreement Hey sir we're gonna call the please do it I'm sorry for your child server you have no right Riley oh that's like a white male privilege assholes you want her ass high school kids you will not fill me at all you don't have my permission my gosh hopefully you will not fill me at all you don't have my permission you know oh hang on hang on hang on hang on call please waitin don't give me that fucking phone it's my father take that throw it off Oh bubble sorry do you want to mess with our equipment we call the police yes we see them with yes I did have it on video as well man please stop doing this to our property we have the right to be out here ma'am this is your not ma'am we have to call the police [Applause] ma'am you have no right to be taking down our signs right now this is a part of our First Amendment right don't touch me don't touch me right to do that Sarah call the police hey sir you can't take that that's our property okay sir sir that's actually illegal you just to face our personal property I mean we're out here trying to show don't do that that's our property sir that's our personal property you can't do that we'll have to call the police sir there's police down here I know you did not – sir we're going to call the police right now you can't continue to do that that is our personal property I'll call that place I don't touch me property don't take that that's not your property sir don't do that fuck you so you can't take the property Dola piece of shit excuse me that's assault please don't do that bro your hands out of my head get your hands off my camera excuse me excuse me don't do that don't do that don't do that stop what's the matter with you you're spray-painting arms so please stop you just push me you're assaulting me stop you just tried to grab my fucking free cuz you're scraping across yeah yeah don't do that it's not your property sir don't do that sir that's not your property it's no morning ma'am don't steal the sign you can't steal the sign your uncoolest stealing aside officers he's stealing the sign and you're about to walk right into a police officer who he's talking to a lot of our group in that he came to one of our scientists started drawing on the side we do want to make a report yeah I don't know if he talked to you about it but we were looking to fire orders I like to press charges officer this guy's just making it hard on himself real simple get about a half hour to give your ID all I did was I just want to I was gonna be but battery low I just like that is there something else that I didn't know I just I do not know it you

36 Replies to “Rapid-Fire Compilation of Attacks Shows Insanity of Abortion Advocates”

  1. The demons scream, curse and try to destroy the light of truth. The battle may be lost, but the war has already been won.

    John 1
    5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

  2. You guys are saints! The signs are VERY convicting. The most convicting of all are the videos on the Jumbotron. I became prolife from conception to natural death 10 years ago after watching a video of a 12 week old preborn baby being aborted. Probably the sickest, saddest and most disturbing and evil thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Truly Satanic… these anti-abortion people… Im so thankful the C E people dont sink to their level…


  5. I'm pro-choice, but I'm also much more pro-first amendment. While I don't agree with their views, I would certainly defend their right to voice their opinion.


  7. Omg !! It is so dangerous to be an activist. Good job kids !! Our Lord of the universe know your hearts ! 😘

  8. The violence in people make think so much about the violence , hatred, disrespect and so much negativity in people. We are going to the extinction for people like like this. How our Lord van come and help us when his creation acts like Demons. Then, we blame our Lord creator for our own mistake? How we have the nerve to judge animals , when we are worst than them? This Nation and all western countries are Satanic and you see the real demons on them. There is not America great again till they don’t change the educational system and teach these kids since early age to respect themselves and respect the life of others. US is going down to the toilet 🚽 and this is the big proof !! Terrible lexicon!!

  9. Go listen to the song incinerate by Elysia. It’s pretty good analogy for you. There’s a lyric ‘who’s the fucking faggot now’, that’s you. You’re the faggot. You and your opinions are just another stick to throw into the fire. I would put it at 50/50 that whoever runs this free up in a trailer park. I find it incredible that y’all think people messing with isn’t going to happen. What did you think will happen? Your opinions don’t mean shit, literally, they don’t mean anything different than anyone, including the people that ripped down your signs. Go cry over it if your upset, y’all hide behind campus police, grow the fuck up

  10. And this session of cops was filmed live by the brave men and women who spread the truth! babies lives matter. 👼 pro-choice equals Pro murder

  11. These violent people all have either killed their own sons and daughters by abortion OR have been involved in someone else’s abortion. They’re the embodiment of EVIL and DEATH.

  12. They hate the truth. And they are destroying those images because they don't want to face what abortion really is

  13. ‘Twas worth watching to the end. So sad to see grown humans acting like spoiled children, but grateful that they face justice.

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