Rapides Regional Health Talk – Online scheduling

– [Narrator] Heath Talk, brought to you by Rapides Regional Medical Center. (upbeat music) Your next doctor’s appointment
could be just one tap away. Rapides Regional Physician
Primary Care Offices, located in Pineville,
Alexandria and Lecompte, along with Central Louisiana’s
Women’s Clinic in Alexandria, now allow you to make
appointments after 5pm or in the middle of the night. – Due to the convenience
of the online scheduling, patients are able to access
it any time of day or night. Studies show that those patients that are able to schedule
their own appointments are more likely to show
for those appointments. These appointments are available for new or established patients, and they’re able to go online at any time, and whatever’s convenient
for them, and schedule. – [Narrator] Patients can
schedule routine check-ups, follow up appointments, or visits for other health issues
at their convenience, using a smart phone, tablet or computer. – There’s a couple ways to access our online scheduling tool. Patients can choose to utilize rapidesregionalphysiciangroup.com or rapidesregional.com. At that time they go
on, choose the physician of their choice, and choose book now. Once they enter a few
pieces of information, such as their name,
their type of insurance or the reason that they’re coming in, they’re able to see the
physician’s schedule, and choose the appointment
that works best for them. – [Narrator] Once office
confirm the appointment, patients receive a confirmation email and any specific instructions
from their physician. Physician’s using the
online scheduling tool include Judith Nance, James Wallace, Darrien Slaughte, Sunil
Bharwani, Catherine Jerez, Charles Joiner, Alejandro
Perez and David Spence. – We have received a
great positive feedback from our patients, because they are able to utilize this any time, day or night, it’s really for their convenience. It’s really time for
us to get the word out, to utilize the online scheduling tool. – [Narrator] For more info,
or to make an appointment, visit rapidesregional.com.

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