10 Replies to “Ravi Zacharias Q & A Abortion and Free Will”

  1. People need to actually listen carefully to what he is saying. He is against legislation he is against forcing people. He is saying people need to come to their own decisions because of a change of heart. Think about that.

    Think about what can be done to reduce and end abortion in the world. Giving people access to reproductive technology and education actually reduces abortion. Places where they pass laws or restrict access end up with /more/ abortion.

    People need to wake up and not be manipulated by politicians – Republicans and Democrats alike.

    If you really care about preventing abortion you should take action that supports public policy that reliably and demonstrably leads to reducing abortion in the world. That's one reason I support Planned Parenthood and reproductive health funding and education – because it leads to less abortions in the world.

    If you care about having less abortion in the world and you support right wing policies like bans and restrictions you are just adding to the numbers of abortions and you are either an ignorant manipulated subject of political corruption or you are a hypocrite.

    Wake up people politicians are lying to you. If you want less abortion then support public policies that lead to less abortions, not more.

  2. If you're interested in a new song expressing a pro life position, please see this video – my first release with lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbkW1qYHTbU

  3. The problem today in society is that people view sex as a recreational activity, and therfor view abortion as a method of birth control. By allowing abortion the way that people see the act of sex is changed to which they don't consider the responsibilities that come with raising a child. To society today the value of life is so low that most people don't even care that millions of babies are murdured this way.

  4. Abortion! Abortion! Nobody talks about women spreading their legs. For whatever the reason if it's not a RAPE then it probably was LUST. Opposite of rape is love?? Opposite of lust is vow. A promise before God? Abortion is a sacrifice to the King of this world. God help us.

  5. misspollyanna: What an apt name for a rose colored view of abortion. 98% per cent of abortions are elective, in other words the mother makes a conscience decision to kill her unborn child. Most research that I have seen refutes your assertion that 98% of women do not regret their abortion. In fact, the conclusion is just the opposite, saying that 93% do regret having the abortion and the crucial time frame seems to be about five years after when a majority of women suffer some form of depression. There are some things that we can not not know, and mothers can not not know that they have killed their child.

  6. Sigh Ravi. It is a new life. It is it's own identity, different genes. Every woman knows yet with heavy heart, one of the toughest decisions a woman makes is to not bring that life to independence of HER body. 86% of abortions are before 9 weeks and are induced miscarriages. Majority of women seeking terminations are mothers already. It is US, women, who again majority care for the worlds children. Trust us and reevaluate what you say.

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