Ray Comfort On Ending Abortion Now

you American citizen yes yeah I became one about 20 years ago Charles Spurgeon told me to become an American citizen appear I'm not kidding I I I was thinking about it open up one of the sermons and it began with a few living in another country and you're not a citizen how dare you talk about their sins and I thought whew and so in became a citizen like totally do really yeah job it was wonderful after the basic story so people you have you have a very good reputation ray and in terms of pointing people back to the law of God and talking about sin and bringing the gospel given the hope of the gospel in the midst of actually telling the truth about sin and so you well-known for your evangelism at Huntington Beach people know you for the line of questions you bring people through to expose our need for Jesus or sin and so let me ask you that it leads us into the discussion about abortion why do you emphasize sin so much for the reason a doctor emphasizes the disease if you want someone to take a cure and you get someone comes into his office he sees they're going to die he's not going to give them a cure until they're convinced of the disease and the more you can show them the serious nature of the sin the more they're going to take the Cure seriously if they're flippant about the disease I'll be fine is no no no no you're going to die and these are the symptoms you've got ten clear symptoms then they're going to grab that cure and appreciated appropriated so it's most necessary to do what Jesus did with a similar amount open up the law to do what Paul said in Romans to you who say you shall not steal do you steal you say shall not commit adultery do you commit adultery he's addressing the conscience he owns in the law of God to bring the knowledge of sin and show sin to be exceedingly sinful did you see the more of God yeah I've been learning to say it actually I depends what part of the country you're in yeah laughs good laughs I love your accent um well that is actually fake is it very invasive yes other people or terrain Austin Texas so good strategy I have two way to build up ministry united states is we have an English accent or New Zealand Australia and you automatically have intellectual points well the profits without honor in his own country so you got to come from somewhere else and you see I'm nobody you're not what it is it's silly so now just like everybody else that's right so in light of that talking to people about sin and repentance and faith and Jesus given hope of the gospel so I think what I appreciate about you raised that you're not abusive so a lot of people will say well you're you're on the street preaching the gospel you're talking about the law of God sin and all those things and they associate that with street preachers they may have seen in the past with that are abusive that are mean-spirited that are unkind that they almost act like like so there's a there's a story of a congregation that loses their their pastor because they fire him and so they contacted denomination and they say hey send us a fire-breathing Hellfire and brimstone minister and so they finds one in a denomination they send him to them and that congregation fires in two weeks later and Satan is another one he sends another one same thing happened to him send us another one they sent another one he ends up being there for 25 years 25 years later the guy in the Dadaab denomination had sent the guys perplex basic why why had to keep him for they all hell fire and brimstone so he calls the guy obviously why I sent a guy preaches Hellfire and brimstone then another guy and then another you firing on people like to keep the last guy did did the other ones not preach Hellfire they go no heat they did but this last one acted like he didn't want us to go there oh that's okay and that's what I appreciate about you is that while you're preaching about the law of God and repentance and Savior you obviously don't want people to be separated from God and that leads me into the 180 movie the 180 movie I thought was one of the best films ever to expose the true nature of abortion and just the complexity that's there so in in the 180 movie it had such a dramatic impact on so many millions and the people have seen that what was your what was what was your thinking and going to do that film because you're known for law of God repentance you know you have a specific way that you take people through the line to get them to see I need Jesus what was your thinking in the 180 movie that got you to develop that way of getting into that subject it was actually a mistake I'd written a book called Hitler God in the Bible and I went to a local college to interview people about Hitler and they didn't know who he was pulling me away that's the footage we got at the beginning of 180 but I went up to a guy and I and I said you know who that law was and he says yeah he's a really bad guy he was angry and guy had dreadlocks and and it was I got a great interview he looked good and he was good very eloquent but out of the top of my head I just said to him so what do you think of abortion and he said it's a woman's right to choose I said you know better than a Nazi and he just go like that and we started sword fighting with words for about five minutes yeah and then I said to them so you think it's a baby in the womb he says yes it's okay to kill a baby win and he just went and he just stormed off very very angry and I got my camera and I focused on him and I zoomed up for effect I thought what an interview I went to turn my camera off and I had to go on I'd turn it off as I hit the interview I'm like an idiot it was just it was the lighting was bad I couldn't see a reflection on the Sun but I just felt so stupid didn't tell a soul and about a week later I thought you know that question worked yes so can it kill a baby in the room when and that appeals to the conscience is the conscience that does its duty and the conscience cannot stay silent with something as powerful is that it's okay to kill a baby that comes – no no you don't right and so many people couldn't answer so when it out me we got probably another six or seven people and many guys and I'm ever easy said to me the president end ministry said you've got to get woman it's no good just having guys who went out looking for a nice-looking woman and the interview and we found one Alicia and she was just marvelous she was a godsend and plus not only that just weird things began to happen I mean pro-nazi people showed up my crowd I've never had that happen before pro-nazi Steve with a 14-inch blue mohawk who loved Hitler yeah I mean you don't meet people like every day and I got him on camera plus another Nazi guy who just loved Hitler and so we had all this footage when we put it together we just went wow what do we have here at the pro-life movie someone my love said take the gospel out that's one of the pro-life movie and I remember thinking more chance of feeding flossing the back deck teeth of lions at the feeding time at Ali Zoo rather than leave gospel out we're keeping it in yeah and so he kept it Emily we're City glad we did it had five point four million views on YouTube shown in over 200 countries on television and over a million DVDs out there and people share it and we're just so humbled and thankful that we're able to do it because I felt frustrated for years with the issue of abortion you know all the political stuff with nothing seemed to happen right you know it's just drives you crazy yeah so I want to ask you about that how should we be how should we as Christians be talking about abortion because you do it in a very particular way that is often different than many in the pro-life movement do and that's that's a frustrating thing it's disheartening at times to see people minimize the necessary damage that has to be caused for me to turn away from this awful sin right and you do it in a way that exposes the true nature of it you talk about the Holocaust occurring association that's a real association the parallel is clear and necessary and so you you talk about it in a way that scripture would talk about it as image of God you talk about it as sin you talk about it as murder you call people to repentance those sorts of things how should we in the church be talking about abortion to have the impact necessary to see this awful thing end well the gospel is the only answer to the abortion issue we're going to go to the roots you know the eggs ladx of the route abortion has epitomizes the wicked nature of mankind to kill your own offspring I mean just think if we went around killing puppies the world would go crazy or killing kittens they'd go crazy even though the puppies still in the womb and we are we're going to kill this one we don't want around the house they'd go crazy and yet they kill their own offspring because of selfish reasons so you've got to go to the root cause of that selfish reason when people die without Christ they're not separated from God they go to hell yeah you know it's not a crisis eternity it's hell and a day doesn't go by when I'm not horrified my breath is taken away with the reality of Hell and so that when I meet someone who's pro-abortion I don't want to talk about abortion I want to talk about their sin yeah because I know the second they repent and trust Christ God's will becomes their will when I became a Christian immediately I was pro-life no one talked me into it I was anti adultery anti fornication anti-pornography anti everything it was an abomination to God because he gave me a new heart and new desires and caused me to walk in the statutes yes that's the answer that's how to close up abortion clinics close up the heart to sin through the gospel so great I want to ask you a pretty important question that relates to everything you're saying and it has to do with the pro-life movement how it has how the fight has been had been going for a long period of time we hear people that are leaders in what is called the pro-life movement will say things like we need to take a backdoor approach we can't make this fight explicitly about Jesus it needs to it needs to it needs to not be about God's Word God's law it needs to not be about Jesus we just have to convince people that it's a human being in the womb that sets are really our role here where we will see victory and we'll see the heart of the nation she changed they just need to know at the human being in the womb and so that's how it's often fought as a matter of fact I spoke to one of the leaders of the biggest pro-life organization in the nation Hughes device president and he said exactly that backdoor approach don't talk about scripture don't make it about the gospel well what do we what do we stated out there was an area of road where cars continued golf a cliff and people who get killed so the council got together and they built an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff would put a hospital at the bottom to cover any morgue that's not dealing we've probably got two straight in the Rope yeah and we're going to straight in the road with an depends what the the issue is with them what's their agenda do they want to see people saved from Hell or just want to stop abortion well you stopped a woman for having abortion she's still going to hell there's still a life at stake in the life of your family so um I want to go to the root of the cause and the root of causes the human heart so you've got enough you've got homosexuality adultery you've got fornication got pornography got abortion all these issues are destroying society yeah and do we want to fix the society or what do people see want to see people safe from damnation born into the kingdom of God well I'm for the seconds yeah what do you say to the person ray that says you know you did the 180 movie I think it's great as a Christian I agree with what you said but Ray I don't think it's necessary for us to get involved in these issues let the world be the world with the church be the church why are you trying to speak into those issues I mean just focus on the needs of the church don't address these difficult issues because you know ray when you say to a woman this is sin abortionist sin you've immediately immediately separated yourself from being able to be a friend to her to have a relationship with her you just need to love her right you know you're doing the wrong thing by talking about it relating it to the Holocaust you're not making any friends and you certainly know certainly not loving women who are struggling with abortion what do you say to that it's God that is God smiled that I'm after and not men's and God knows my motivation by talking to a woman about abortion is love that's the motivation love of Christ constrains me if I didn't have the love of God in the idea up in Australia I'm from New Zealand but up in Austria it's better surfed there I'd be an old surf dude long here looking like seaweed and just surfing self-indulgence but because they love I want to warn people about hell and her abortion is wrong with taking the life of your child and we're called to be salt in the light and it's wrong to just be lightness wrong just to be salt salt stops the rot and we've got to speak out on these issues that are rotting society but we've got to go hand in hand with the light of the gospel always yes and you do know rate that actually there are straight there are Australians who will see this and they will take that little clip where you said that Australia has better sir and they will make vines out of it and memes and they will say see we're better as big as Shox oh yeah that's really Emma's right what what do we do ray from your perspective what do we do in the church the local bodies across the United States about the issue of abortion do we do we do we do we lay our lives on this as you Ray or do we sit back passive and be pro-life between our ears I know it seems like a dramatic spectrum I'm giving you there but what what do you say is necessary for the churches to do across the country regarding abortion what do we do what are some things well the problem with the contemporary church is it self-indulgence the layout of Sein church that says that it's rich that it's force it says that it's need of nothing but it's in need of a revival that lost sight of the objectives read the book of Acts all the church ever did was evangelist on something Charles Spurgeon Corp and the perks and tasks of evangelism which it is you've got to motivate your local church to be active and evangelism and that includes people that are wanting to have abortions and there is a key to getting the local church zealous about the lost understand of what it is I've been looking for for 40 years I think giving repentance is necessary in the church in the United States is repentance necessary me for the church for the church in United States not of someone's only saved if someone is soundly saved they are right with God but our churches are filled with false convert okay people who not only need repentance but they need the knowledge of sin yes I talked to the average Christian professing Christian and say things like think you're a good person oh yes there's no knowledge of senior says your heart desperately wicked no are you good yes I'm good so Jesus was like what's he and that's when they back off what do you mean Jesus was like is it as none good but God are you good and Jesus good and God good and nobody else or is your heart deceitfully wicked so let's go through the commandments and see so we've got a lot of people in that category tears among the wheat foolish virgins among the Y's bad fishermen the good goats among the Sheep they're going to be sorted out on Judgment Day unless God helps us to sort them out and get the fear of God back into them so that they'll depart from sin scripture says through the fear of the Lord men depart from evil and we know don't fear God they won't depart from evil of you workers of iniquity and our problem is we've got a lot of people and puppets who aren't sons of thunder they are motivational speakers they should have been plumbers electricians but not professing men of God proclaiming sin righteousness and judgment they don't get near that and the reason that I'm going to near that is they think talk of hell thus credits god it's losers character to see his that's because they're forsaken the law of God which shows hell is justified and that's why Felix trembled because Paul took the time to reason with them at sin temperance in temperance and judgment to come sin which is transgression of the law judgment which is by the law and his God was his Valley and he trembled and that's what needs to happen to the church when it trembles before God and the fear of God comes back to the church then it will begin getting involved in social issues and them caught the proclamation of the gospel I said you didn't know the answer oh well yeah that's a good will you connect them talking about that one point major you talk about the pulpit do you think that that's a major major issue in the church in the United States oh and when will the Pope put itself I remember when I first came over here in 1989 the parcel that brought me over here to bring hell's best-kept secret to the church as he said he said Lord get the pastor's out of the way because they were the gatekeepers and then Cameron showed up and TBN embraced what I teach which was just crazy and it's like a jalapeno wrapped in candy they let me come in and proclaim sin righteousness and judgment because Cameron was great smile was there beside me and so we got past the pastors to Malta choose within the church that God answers prayer I believe yeah John Erwin easygoing yes is abortion murder absolutely yes without the hint of a doubt and it should be called murder because when you talk of taking up a human life that's when the conscience will do its duty there shouldn't be any sympathy given to someone who was seeking to kill their own child they don't have a problem they're not too stressed and go no no you're going to kill your child were you crazy you know it's it's extremely wicked this would be important I'm glad I'm getting a chance to sit with you right now to talk to you about this people will see stuff that you've done online and they're you know I'd say people see it and go praise God like look that's the truth and that's the message of the gospel but then there's a segment of people who see what you do or Dorsey I mean I see it on stuff that I put up as well and they see on the one hand am I see you talking to somebody having a very long extended quiet peaceable kind conversation and then in another context someone comes guns blazing at you and they see you breathing fire back right with grace and love but you're still telling the truth breathing fire and they say to you Ray you got it all wrong you you're mean-spirited it's not that it's just that hostility bugs me as a Christian I don't think you're being very much like Jesus because it just seems so hostile I mean the met the gospel should just be about us loving each other and we just have barbecues and fight our neighbors over and have like extended conversations over yeah 10 10 cups of coffee right and why do you engage yourself in the hostility because that doesn't seem very much like Jesus that's a biggest problem an open-air preaching when a professed Christian comes in the crowd and says you're not being loving there you go okay so I say to them okay what's your name and I get their name I said where will these people go if they die in their sins without the Savior would go to hell excuse me where will they go I said I've got a hell okay come up here let me sit at your feet and let me hear how you tell them they're going to hell and see how nicely can say it right it's in they go and they back out and leave and I say you have no courage or you're going to have to love to even warn these people because you're more worried about yourself and you are them and that's the issue they're more worried about themselves and the rejection I believe a relationship evangelism you know building relationship with someone and when I meet a stranger I'll build a relationship with them for one maybe two minutes yeah before I share the gospel with them because he could die that night and be damned and some deeply concerned and it's an easy thing to do if love is your motivation we've got workers at our ministry putting up a new studio and there was a guy since here the other day and I sat down with him because you don't condescendingly stand over someone and share the gospel now as I was sitting down with him I began to regret it greatly because I I said do you think there's an afterlife he said well my religion hasn't convinced me so I said you Catholic he said no I'm a Muslim and he had a knife that was very sharp in his pinion oranges he chatted to me it was then you know I believe in and in and I think what I sit down with his guy and how can I get out quickly but I stayed with him with a knife flashing in my face and he was so open to the gospel and I just gave him a Bible before but I didn't build a two-year relationship with him I just sat down and said Hammond do you think there's an afterlife and he said but he did and so that brings the issue up no mention of sin righteousness judgment Jesus the blood of Christ the cross any of these things that make them a nice be uncomfortable and it's the only thing happens when someone dies let him speak like Jesus that Jesus asked question after question after question of people same with Paul you steal you commit adultery just ask the questions it's called the Socratic method the Socrates asked the students method I ask the students questions and that brought out and that's what we should do one is do that yeah yeah none of you with you and I love you Ray I like I love how you did you take people through those specific questions and people know about way of the master and that's and keep I mean I've taught at churches where I see the signs all over the churches you know Thursday we're doing away the master around me you know I've seen that across the country really and so it's a blessing see that the questions and people here you're famous for that the microphone and you know have you ever boy see I got it have you ever have you ever been lost like an ant it's just fantastic so the free oldest is that Ray Comfort because that's all you see yeah I son with a microphone but nobody's it's well as ask the the question somebody might be saying as we're just being introduced to you and hearing about you know asking these tough questions like this how people come to Christ through talking about the law and letting their sin be exposed and and asking those questions has has a digit effective I don't know because I haven't seen the book of life that's right you know god only knows we're planting seed he causes people to grow I don't need people's and people and sinners prayers I pray with people and say you're going to get ride with God they say yeah can I pray with you and I don't lead them I leave them just pulled it out at the garden and I pray with them and god only knows if their family said I'm not going to judge a tree until I see its fruit that's right and for they could go off and see what the camera is going I just did that for that guy with a weird accent so I just keep my mouth shut and let God do the counting right but all my consolation isn't in the results my consolations we're doing it biblically we're much easier and that's all that matters and that's that's fantastic but those questions that you ask are great ways to get at the truth of what's really going on in someone's heart their identity right you ask those questions the line of questions and it shows them it shows who they really are right exposes maybe their own self-deception yeah right well I have some questions I like to ask you okay okay so we're going to get to the bottom of a few things with great comfort so we're going to do I need some sort of a device in 2012 that we did I would be a vegetarian if it wasn't for the smell of roast chicken and Luke 1523 what's Luke that's not what they said the one that comes up to twenty-two I can't remember but there that's true the smell of chicken just it makes me salivate so I'm looking forward to eternal salvation okay some ask you a few questions right do you like vegetables yeah love vegetable meat vegetable I eat vegetables even though they do cry out when they're when they're cut and cooked apparently according to scientific have you ever had a meal where meat wasn't involved sometimes yes yeah like a salad yeah yeah I have PB&J sandwich yes that's the sort of thing even at school at the cafe yes have you ever heard the phrase you are what you eat yes so ray by your own admission of veg you're a vegetable and if you're a vegetable then you must like vegetables therefore in your heart of hearts you're a vegetarian at heart is that lighted I love it right Thank You Carol laughing a gift and you get a picture of that did you get a close-up keep it out keeping it okay get real close up because it's usually an atheist releases okay funny is that when I brought a banana to eat I had nothing to do with you I set it down and I was like oh you brought a banana beret I was like aw did you realize I kick your brothers for me to eat I'll show you the trailer of the banana man film do you have it yes yeah yeah well c'mon let's do that and the new book just came out – which book no man oh man oh oh that we did something other than rely something right let's do that um since we're here to talk about that yes we're about the release of that and how people can get a hold of it yeah um banana man has incredible potential to reach the lost you know I didn't realize it but as only about probably four years ago when Scotty the guy I preached the gospel was said to me you know don't be depressed about this whole thing even though it's humiliating it's open up huge doors for the golf course I thought you're right and and so I put on a mantle of banana man with great enthusiasm from that time it was as though I had a superhero suit it was a suit of humiliation that I put on the supernaturally open up doors so I could talk with Lawrence Krauss yes and and Penn Jillette and David Silverman my new book banana man has a commendation across the top by David Silverman the president of American Atheists right and so to get that has just been wonderful to share the gospel so many literally millions because of it there's just such such an honor thank you brother thank you so much yeah especially

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  1. Luke 15:23 "And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry:" Yea, I can see that having a little to do with making a person not want to be a vegetarian. Lol
    Great video on why we must not accept abortion as a natural or normal thing! It is MURDER and it has to STOP! Praise God for people like this who are leading the charge!

  2. Ray doesn't believe in predestination? Jeff and Ray should talk about that. Law Grace evangelism is spot on though!!

  3. I love Ray. Most of the time we need tough love because we have wicked hearts and we don't realize it. Ray opened my eyes, I need Jesus in my life.

  4. Guys ….I loved the interview but you guys need to check into what there doing with these babies after they take them from the mothers ? I know this is crazy but do your homework on it but there are lots of evil people on this planet and there sacrificing these babies and eating there flesh and drinking there blood this is why they want human bodies but there taking babies ! Did you ever see that movie eyes wide shut ? It's so sick what there doing please check into it and get it out there this is why they want babies! Start with scull and bones sacrificing then you will see george bush is part of it !

  5. Someone needs to tell these two bible thumping retards their INVISIBLE "god" is just the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and religions are nothing but money making scams. Both of them make their livings by stealing the donation dollars that are given to them.

  6. Encouraging video. When fellow believers in Christ Jesus meet the Holy Spirit is clearly known, as it is because of the Holy Spirit within us which connects us together in Christ Jesus before God's sight!

    "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13 ,35)

  7. Why is hitler worse than all the other murderous dictators?? Ohh.. because he killed Jews! …. Got it

  8. Ray is the bomb….God bless him and thank you so much Lord, for raising Ray up for such a time as this. We need more Christians like Ray. Salt and Light for sure. I try my best in my area to get out on the streets and reach people for Jesus. I could have never been able to do this without the valuable training I have received from mostly Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministry, And Jeff Durbin and his Ministries. They say only 2% of professed Christians share their faith. They are not being taught how to in the Churches. I learned through these valuable You Tube videos. Please keep making them. God bless you brothers. Please get behind these brothers and support them financially if you are able.

  9. Does Durbin believe in a rapture? Does he believe the church replaced Israel? Does he think the millennial Kingdom is "spiritual"? Just wondering.

  10. Altho u may not know if u lead somebody 2 the Lord at least u may have planted a seed 2 the possibility they will come 2 know Chrust as their Lord & Savior. Praise God u r there doing the Lords work!

  11. There's a part of me, whenever I see Ray Comfort, that thinks "Man, I just don't think his style works." or "It's too confrontational" or whatever. But I just have to remind myself "compare what he's doing with what I'm not doing." So God bless him for what he's doing.

  12. Why don’t we end and punish adultery? Adultery destroyed my family and children. Religious nuts talk about abortion a lot but adultery is never talked about.


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