re: Women Go Without Period Products For A Day (STREAM COMPILATION)

I’ve been sitting here all day long and -uh, this is what I did today JLongbone: Wonderful. This is oh… Buzzfeed: We are going to be free bleeding. That means we’re not gonna be using any period products at all Buzzfeed: We’re just gonna let it all out and… JLongbone: It’s the same chick from the last video! Buzzfeed: Whenever you’re caught in the situation without a period product it’s always just like a feeling of panic. JLongbone: Yeah. Buzzfeed: We’re gonna be kind of exploring what that means… To not have period products. Jlongbone: What it means? JLongbone: It means you’re fucking nasty. And you need to rush your ass home, clean your cooch and put on a fucking pad. That’s what that means. JLongbone: We need to discover that and find out what it means. JLongbone: You’re out of your fucking mind. Buzzfeed: I don’t know if I’m more nervous, Buzzfeed: For the questions people are gonna ask or the questions that people are not gonna ask like, what are they gonna think? JLongbone: I’m gonna think you’re gross bitch! JLongbone: Simple. Buzzfeed: So many people have, like a visceral, like Buzzfeed: Disgusted reaction when it comes to periods. It’s just because they knew it came from our vaginas. (whispers) They don’t like that. JLongbone: Uh no, it’s because it’s bodily waste you degenerate whore. Buzzfeed: …and we’re the co-founders of conscious period. JLongbone: *imitating Buzzfeed degenerate whores* Conscious Period! JLongbone: Uncomfortable smiling! Jlongbone: Hello! We know what they’re doing off-camera and I have to tell you we’re completely disgusted. Buzzfeed: I’m mostly just nervous and I’m mostly just feeling that kind of, like, pit of dread in my stomach like, oh god! JLongbone: I’m going to be spreading JLongbone: Every communicable fucking disease to people doing this shit. Buzzfeed: I chose something more full-coverage. Just just for the heck of it Buzzfeed: It’s kind of like choosing. the… JLongbone: Why did you show the crotch? Why would you, Why would you do that? Buzzfeed: Put down my puppy pad. Ready to get some blood going here. JLongbone: Yeah. Ready to get some ol’ blood goin’ over here. Y’know the JLongbone: razzle dazzle. Y’know. Buzzfeed: It’s also raining today, but I assure you that water will not be the only thing that’s flowin’. JLongbone: Shut the fuck – Buzzfeed: so we gotta wait for it to kick back in. – And the trickle has started JLongbone: The trickle has started. Yeah, that’s almost up there with Houston JLongbone: We have a problem the trickle has started Buzzfeed: I just went to the bathroom and my underwear is putting up its most valiant effort. My underwear is absolutely stained Sick Buzzfeed Chick: There’s a lot happening. JLongbone: What the fuck- JLongbone: I did not need to see this Buzzfeed: Nikki, are you excited that I’m free bleeding today,? Normal Buzzfeed Chick: it’s really weird-ing me out. JLongbone: The only normal person who works at Buzzfeed. JLongbone: How do you do this shit, in front of people you work with?! How?! JLongbone: Now everyone is gonna go, “Oh, that’s the bleedy bitch, that’s the, that’s the bloody bitch right there.” Buzzfeed: Yeah, you can see a ring honestly… JLongbone: Fuck. JLongbone : *disgusted* When God does the rapture, you skangy-ass bitches are gonna be left behind. Buzzfeed: So it’s about 3 p.m. Degenerate Buzzfeed Whore: And I have officially hit the pad. JLongbone: It kinda looks like the devil, if you look close enough. You see there’s his horns right there. That’s an arm. That’s a body. That’s his pitchfork JLongbone He’s holding that’s his tail. I wish I could draw over this. But yeah that, that’s, that’s Satan. Satanic Buzzfeed Chick: I would say the worst part is the smell. Different Buzzfeed mental case: I decided to go for a little walk Buzzfeed: Because the stench was sort of appearing. The only problem about that is standing up Buzzfeed: It’s actually activated the bleeding a little bit more. JLongbone: You’re all retards. You’re all idiots. You’re all JLongbone: canceled! Buzzfeed: It is a lot like a Rorschach test Buzzfeed: Yeah, what do you guys see in it? JLongbone: Fuck you! Buzzfeed: There’s three things I’ve put on so far. My Buzzfeed: underwear, the chair, and the dress, and my thighs of course. My thighs are very sticky right now. JLongbone: That’s, that’s fucking disgusting. JLongbone: Look these chicks. They’re just laughing their asses off and their like, “I’m so glad I didn’t have to do this shit I’m over here chillin doing computer shit taking phone calls or whatever. Y’all bitches are ruining your lives.” Buzzfeed: I have to leave work now and then go meet with a realtor and I’m just hoping that there’s nothing weird, Buzzfeed: There’s no visible smells and that everything is okay. JLongbone: She’s gotta meet with people who are going to give her housing! JLongbone: If she were to choose a place to live, they’d [realtors] be like “you know what? No. You know, I JLongbone: I know our landlord wouldn’t want the whole fucking complex to smell like fish JLongbone: So we’re gonna reject your application and you can take your stinking ass somewhere else.” Dumbass Buzzfeed Chick: I don’t feel good Buzzfeed: I feel really embarrassed talking to people. I was in this car and I could smell my period and I know… JLongbone: Yeah JLongbone: You dumbass. All of these things should have popped in your head before you even decided to do this like “Are they going to smell me? Am I going to leave stains? Am I going to feel embarrassed? Am I going to annoy someone named Lauren who makes YouTube videos? Am I gonna do that?” JLongbone: Her douchey boyfriend Chad, in the back. Give it up for Chad! Sick Buzzfeed Alien: This is the aftermath of my free bleeding. JLongbone: What the fuck are you doing? JLongbone: You stanking ass trollop. You funky Fallopian female. Fuck you! Buzzfeed: This thing… Buzzfeed: I’ve been taught to kind of like keep under wraps and to not talk about and to not even Buzzfeed: acknowledge was now just so clear and so present and that’s like the weird stigma around it. Because its something that happens so naturally that you can’t control it. JLongbone: That’s not the fucking stigma bitch! Buzzfeed: People were more compassionate about it than I expected. Like people were like, “oh, I feel you! like it’s okay” JLongbone: Bullshit! JLongbone: You a fucking lie. Buzzfeed: I think I kind of spent the day trying to change my frame of mind from like” oh Buzzfeed: This is blood and that’s gross” to “oh, this is something that is the most natural thing for my body to be doing.” JLongbone: *imtating sick Buzzfeed chick* It’s a natural thing for my body to be doing. JLongbone: It’s still gross. Satanic Buzzfeed Chick: I don’t think I would do it again if I had a choice, but I’m glad I did it Buzzfeed: I think that it gave me a lot to think about JLongbone: What? It gave you what to think about? JLongbone: It gave you what to think about? Bitch! It gave you what to think about? what? what? what? The only thing that it should make you think about is “Oh, maybe I should stop working for fucking BuzzFeed and humiliating myself.” It’s the only thing you should be thinking about.

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  1. Things that are natural:

    Things you want getting all over your belongings:

    At first I thought this was going to be about raising awareness for homeless women who don't have adequate access to period products, but they had to turn it into some dumb empowerment thing instead. Could've done something of genuine social value.

    Also, Saf is a lot more enjoyable outside of Buzzfeed. Her personal content is still pretty shameless but it's not like this shit.

  2. Pissing and crapping are totally natural, doesn't mean to just do those things at your cubical and not clean yourself up. How did these basic, basic facts just not occur to them? No, it's just cause periods remind the guys that you're women.

  3. But the godamn clothes are gonna get stained why would I do that to my clothes?! Also the smell is meh. And yeah, I'm not ashamed or anything because it's natural and you can't do anything about it and most ppl, YES even men, don't really freak out because of periods irl, but it's uncomfortable af bleeding everywhere wth! Puting a tampon, a cup or using a pad doesn't make me feel ashamed of my femininity lol.

  4. omg hopefully Chad broke up with that gross bitch haha no way i would continue dating a chick who free bleeds on periods also if she worked at Buzzfeed

  5. Me and my pals are doung a shit episode. Its super natural to shit and everyone should stop pretending like we dont shit. So no more toilets for 1 week we will be shitting everywhere and any where. Its going to be so woke and natural.

  6. Imagine if a couple of guys decided to fight the stigma around accidental male erections and paraded their cum stained boxers around. They would be ridiculed, and rightfully so. How is this any different?

  7. It's not shameful. I'm from a generation where it was at that point of it becoming the norm but still not something we talked about. Seriously though, that's so unhygienic. I couldn't even finish watching the painting with period blood because I got so nauseous and I work in an ER, so damn

  8. You know what else is natural? Ejaculation…

    …That doesn't mean I'm gonna be "free-jacking" in public or using 2-month-old-worths of cum to paint a nasty picture (both physically and visually).

  9. It’s weird watching this again as a sane human being because I watched this when I was DEEP into the left and this seemed like a totally okay thing to do

  10. "….The most natural thing for my body to be doing." Wat. It might be natural for me to sneeze and have snot, but it doesn't make it any less gross lol. Same with periods. And as a girl, I think periods are nasty. I mean, sure its great to know my body is functioning properly but it doesn't make it anymore pleasant lol. smh

  11. I get it, periods are natural. I agree that periods should be de-stigmatised but there's such a thing called common decency and that includes being hygienic in public and and not staining public soft furnishings in your blood.

  12. DUUUDE JUST CAME ACROSS YOUR VIDs and have been laughing my ass off! This free bleeding shit fucking on point hahaha keep it up

  13. This is what I hate about feminists, they could of done this experiment and interviewed young girls in places like India where they don’t have access to tampons and such because they are either expensive and the cheap ones don’t work. A guy recently invented a pad that was affordable and that was good to help women and young girls be able to attend school and do other things with out the embarrassing blood trail because it’s more stigmatized over there. But Oh no you got this bs where they think bleeding everywhere and spreading your bloody waist with others is a cool things. What morons! Great job buzz feed to win the title of nasty hoe of the year again! 🤢

  14. Why do feminists always like to talk about their uterus, vagina, or the combination of the two?
    I would be pretty uncomfortable around men who kept talking about their dicks all the time.

  15. Just stuff a wad of toilet paper up there. Works fine, much cheaper than over priced period products…its called a jailhouse tampon ladies…

  16. So now these feminist want us to walk around with no protection. Yeks! Talk about trying to take woman back to the stone age. Who the fuck is suppose sit in public places behind them. ANS NOW WE WE HAVE TO SMELL THEM! Why are they using dog pads and not I don't know….human pads!!!!!!! These people are turning into animals straight up!

  17. I’m a woman and I’m having trouble holding back vomit. This is disgusting. Those hygiene products were made for a reason. 🤢

  18. It's funny because these women would not be saying the same things about pregnancy. All accepting and letting it happen, letting their bodies be natural at all That. Just like all a baby Kill it.

  19. I know what it smells like……a dead rotting animal. Its nasty gross and ratchet. It smells the entire house up. Fucktards

  20. People who want to know what it’s like to live without them just move to a country that doesn’t have them or adequate products. It’s amazing that even advances that help make life simple for women are being attacked as oppressing women. Use the damn products.

  21. I love your vids, hun… but I'm not disgusted or shamed by period blood. It CAN be gross, but in how it feels. In the end… who cares? You're kinda… overreacting.

    You've also mocked women who complain about their periods being "so hard". Um… dunno why you'd think that because yours might not be so bad, what is everyone else complaining about cuuuuz' that's…ignorant af? My periods have made me plug a toilet AND bathroom sink at the nurse's office at my old high school, cos I had to puke at the same time I was shitting my brains out. Many more delightful experiences involved. Please maybe chill the hell out on a few things.

  22. Is this the next thing? Burn your bra, don't shave bodily hair, don't wash or shower. Free flow your menstrual period blood.
    So before I sit somewhere I have to check for bloodstains?
    I put on spaceman from Babylon zoo. "I can't get if this carrousel, I can't fall of this world". Or, please safe me from this planet.😁

  23. Oh, it is natural.
    So I go piss my pants and sh!t in my trousers? Yeah, in the beginning it felt weird, but after a while it felt natural. It just happens naturally.

  24. This is so gross and they're offended that we don't want to watch it or hear about it because it comes out of their vagina? This is absolutely unacceptable unsanitary you women are gross

  25. I was never taught that I couldn't talk about my period, these fucking people just make shit up if anything my friends and I are constantly like OPE DON'T SNEEZE, YA MIGHT RELEASE THE FLOOD WATERS
    jfc what little house on the prairie shit is this

  26. I'll say it again: PERIODS ARE THE WORST AND NOT SPECIAL!!! These ladies are gross for trying to empower women with somthing that brings nothing but pain, emotional distress, and bodily fluids that smell! I will not tell people I'm on my period if I dont have too for the sake of curtisy. Pop a couple of pain pills, get some cheap products for your undercarriage issues, and go about your life like nothing has changed LIKE A REAL WOMAN!

  27. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen 🤣 why ? Why would you do this ? You want to make a real difference use all the profits from this disgusting video to start a campaign to buy women who can't afford period products to help them ! And then maybe you'll be able to redeem this. This is probably the dumbest thing ever to hit the I internet. Help people stop ! Or atleast inspire others to show compassion instead of just being cringy.

  28. That shit not cute and I was right to say my mom said white women don’t use tampons/pads! Of course if u don’t use any products you will bleed and sometimes the blood won’t be gone and you stink like blood! If you don’t take a bath I’m not being around you! And how tf can u do this at work?! Nawl fam NAWL

  29. Feminine hygiene products are not about covering up a woman's shame or anything, it's literally about hygiene and health safety. It's in the freaking name of the product. I want to vomit.

  30. It is natural to poop… so should I just poop myself at work? Because.. you know… we all poop and it is natural to do so… ?????

  31. i actually like that they are bringing their period to the mainstream..
    Maybe now buzzfeed will ok my "how to wear actual shit on your face and feel confident" segment
    or my "Youtubers pee in their cars because EMPOWERMENT" segment even

  32. like 95% of things the body expels is not good for you ,shitting is natural as much as periods …but i dont see people free shitting themselves

  33. The age of refinement is Over, The age of the debutante is over, This is how the Final Virus spreads that destroys humanity, Uppity women who try to prove a point that was common knowledge since the first caveman sent the bleeding woman out of the cave til she dealt with that shit.

  34. I feel a bit sick watching 🤢 OF COURSE people find periods gross. Parts of your uterus are falling out of your vagina you f-ing weirdos. It’s messy. No one likes having them.

  35. You know when you sneeze-you just let that stuff go all over everything. Wait we don’t do that. Hmmmmmm. Bodily fluids going everywhere-this is why we can’t have nice things.

  36. Yeah, we take dumps too, and those are perfectly natural bodily functions that are necessary for us to live since retention of waste products can lead to septic shock and death.

    Thing is, you won't find people "free crapping" or glorifying turds anywhere. This is no different.

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