Reacting To Fetus Pictures

it goes up so today we are gonna do something a little bit cringe-worthy for me and probably you guys and it's a little bit scary I can tell you that one right quick um so let's see we're going to go back one year two year three year four years ago to my first video on YouTube which is a Nintendo 30s unboxing um alright so yes I guess all right here let me try out the speakers so you can hear a beautiful beautiful sound um all right you're go since four years ago yes how and this is just a game that I bought first Pilotwings resort but I'm not gonna do anything with that today alright okay so my voice is definitely a change change a little bit a little bit let's get out of here let's get out here um alright alright let's do this on where I will actually show you as well as I'm watching it and but here we go I'm like hesitating alright this is gonna be a short video but this is going to be a raffle well sorta for look at my hair what is it Dooley see oh my goodness gracious look how was an old Brian stars but it's like a weird brownish color rather than a blues people are like puberty did Kyle well lol fetus Kyle hey let's get out of there go to my facebook let's go to photos on albums okay well there's my ex Oh golly gee all right okay here is a photo of me drinking a dr. pepper because for some reason I thought that that was gonna be a sick photo and I don't know what else okay oh oh forgot these were a thing um uh here is me just chilling on my couch and thought this was a sick filter um okay radical radical here's another one right before Christmas I believe yeah this is December 23rd 2010 so um after that here's me at a restaurant I decided to think that it was a great idea to take a picture there and there's like when I sir started like first growing out my hair that was 2010 and I didn't know what I was doing I didn't know how to maintain that like contraption up there and it's just Oh oh here's here's me with glasses that's good alright so we did a little bit of pictures now let's go back and watch some more cringeworthy YouTube videos Kylie no oh okay I actually can't oh okay my computer's oh god okay um I can't do that this is when I went to Myrtle Beach um in 2012 um okay I'll go ahead and screenshot this what what when did this oh goodness gracious okay all right that's that and keep in mind that I was in a really long car ride for like a while but that does not excuse why I look like this alright I don't know oh goodness gracious I'm embarrassed okay so that is some very cringe-worthy um put egde and pictures and sounds and that is just it's me in a nutshell I guess you can say but I'm actually really glad that like I started doing like the internet and like YouTube social media and stuff like what I did because you can see like so much change like I obviously changed so much from when I started until now and I don't know it's frickin actually really cool but also really embarrassing at the same time so yeah that's that's that I hope you guys enjoyed this video um and yeah I hope you enjoyed some fetus Kyle coming in alright I love you guys so much I will see you next time and you won't have to worry about having to cringe or see fetus Kyle I don't think at least I don't know that next week's video is gonna be but I love you guys so much I will see you next time peace out there's two cameras by the way this funds my DSLR this one's my new vlogging camera and I decided well why not use both of us okay I don't know what I'm doing let's get out of here goodbye everybody

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