Reacting to Keren and Khoa's Wedding Video (KKandbabyJ)

hey guys Karen and quad just posted their wedding video so I wanted to do a reaction video I've been waiting for this since their trailer I got so emotional with the trailer you guys know I'm super pregnant so I'm really excited there's already 10,000 views and it's only been 10 minutes and I haven't watched it at all yet so let's get started I don't know why I'm nervous okay there's a car on the trailer right now pronounce them husband in life you may kiss your beautiful smiling bra already tearing OH [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I didn't know Carl was there [Applause] Karen hands I smile you know that's contagious like I just can't help but smile when she smiled it's crazy [Applause] Wow beautiful hotel oh my gosh look at her dress I love it [Applause] I feel like I'm nervous [Applause] Oh oh my gosh a little Sutton I just oh I just want to squeeze his little cheeks mm oh I didn't know Jackson was pulling Landon [Applause] they take you and only you when you gave me my first time it was a different type of I promise to remember I'm not perfect and to remind you just how perfect you are for me now discovering the amount of blood all always have to use every day I choose you to be a parent with and choose you to run away from monsters with our glaze every single day until they realize there's nothing to fear because we're here together to protect them I've cherished every moment together about I'll always continue to share I can't promise to fix all our problems but I do promise it won't have always I love you you look at I love that picture [Applause] no home they're such a cute couple again squat is super Tom [Applause] Oh nice move so there's like so much fun Wow Nonnie [Applause] beautiful that's it oh my gosh I can't believe it um I loved it oh my gosh um I don't know if Karen alcohol would ever see this but if you do I wish you guys nothing but happiness and just being how happy you guys make each other just I'm pregnant okay um congratulations that's all I can say what a special day you know you can see how happy they are and it makes me think of my wedding too of course it's almost gonna be three years probably after our son is born yeah he should come before all right anniversary um and it's it's amazing and to find someone to spend your life with that you love it's just amazing and I'm so happy for them and nonny looked beautiful I call her nonny I know it's not her name but it's hard because my parents weren't there um because we live so far away it was hard and I haven't edited our video yet I really want to so my mom can see it that was beautiful I loved it and I'm so happy for them so happy for them David and I met them a couple times and they're so sweet we never got to meet their little boys I really want Lily to meet them we were this close the meeting Jackson when I was pregnant with Lily but yeah Wow I can't believe it's over I want to watch it again I'm gonna watch it again and again with David as well so that's it I thank you guys for watching this video let me know if you've seen their video if not it will be linked down below or their channel will be linked down below hi guys

14 Replies to “Reacting to Keren and Khoa's Wedding Video (KKandbabyJ)”

  1. OMG you're so cute! Loved your reaction too❤️ I was also surprised when it ended because I loved it so much🥰 I also uploaded my reaction to my channel.

  2. Ive been a die hard kkandbabyj fan since jackson was a newborn! I love this🥰 i hope they see it!!! Ive watched it 3 times already😅

    I had the same reactioms as you did!

  3. I have watched so many reaction videos to Keren and Khoa's wedding and yours is my favorite. I had made one as well if you want to go watch it. I swear I babbled like a baby, lol……I am definitely so happy for these two.

  4. I’m finding so many awesome channels watching these videos! New sub here. 💗
    Seeing you cry made me cry too. 😭
    Keren and Khoa are so cute!
    I will link this video in the description of my reaction video.💗

  5. Loved this ❤️ Their wedding video made me cry too 😍 every time I see a wedding video it makes me reminisce on my wedding day ❤️❤️ my wedding video is on my channel if you ever want to see it!

  6. I also did a reaction and I'm going to post in a little bit but I loved the wedding video it was so cute!! ❤

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