I've been feeling so small watch the clock ticking off the wall but tonight let it go spend my corn for show I'm gonna be myself friends I don't think I've officially opened the vlog but I just got ready and Avery's playing on the floor I have the little girls napping I think it's like 9:15 so I feel like today is already a win because I am ready to go I wanted to show you guys this shirt these shirts I've been loving from express their the Express 111 and they're super soft like super soft material and I just like how they're kind of flowy and I can pair them with like these skinny jeans and I just I got them in like a bunch of different colors so I'll link that below if you guys are curious but like I just I can't get enough of them I love the colors I love the style I love how like they're not too tight but they kind of like sit on the waist right here so loving these shirts lately I do want to mention that I am partnering with three-time nutrition for this video so I want to thank them for that I'm like laughing because I'm pretty sure this bar but you can take her off the potty I'm pretty sure this Barbie we went to Target the night before mommy's water broke and I had the baby girls do you remember that me you and Daddy we went to Target we went shopping and you got a Barbie and we went to what do you remember where we went we got a frosty yeah I don't know I just like always look at that we had no idea obviously that uh-huh we had no idea that my water was going to break but III was having trouble going to the bathroom I think she went like six days without going and we finally got her to go and we had just been promising her all week just like go cuz we could tell she was fighting it it was just miserable I just remember having a lot of Braxton Hicks that week so we just had like promised her everything under the Sun to go and when she finally went we're like alright we're going to target so we walked around target and I could bear I remember I could could barely walk I just I ended up getting in the cart we had one of those like push carts I sat in the front part of the car and we got her Barbie and then afterwards we went to Wendy's for a frosty which like looking back I'm like it was like a perfect last outing for our family of three like we didn't know it but it was our last outing because then my water broke the next morning at 7:30 in the morning I'm mouthing love my sister look at her little feet see so it's supposed to be super hot here in the next couple of days like 100 100 degrees actual and then and the heat index must be like 111 and then we'll have humidity on top of that like I know some of you guys probably have heat similar to that in the country but it's like more of a dry heat here in Ohio we have very humid heat like right now I don't know what the temperature is but it's like superhuman so I figured it's supposed to get pretty warm today like I don't think in the hundreds but in the 90s so I figured we'd get outside for a little bit while we can Addison is still sleeping I moved her to the crib and Emery's just being a little fussy I think she has some gas issues so I am just holding her and Avery playing with your dolls hi guys welcome to my channel today Emrys crying and hearing Mountain Dew say hi mom hi so every doesn't look like she's feeling good turn it so guys I plan my slip and slide and I play with dad he's my best on the rope she's your water that's the whole world oh he's your best in the world and you want me to take a picture for me okay I've got something on my mind I bet you know what I'm thinking about you know I can't stop loving you every time when you're looking at me and feels like my heart is keeping on beat you you know I can't live without you you make me say good way so come on let's talk let's talk about i cured me online let's talk about and let's talk about can you say hi Edison can you say hi I'm not ignoring Avery she is on the potty and so she needs to be wiped and I told her I'd be there in a minute I have to try to take care of this little one see a little fussy with I think because of her reflux so I told Avery to wait she needs to be patient and she's not happy about it sometimes like the voice can wait and that's a fake cry bad memories Avery we're gonna be myself be someone else no one stop it now I'm gonna skip my brains I'm gonna make mistake I just okay Avery is eating her chick-fil-a we're waiting to pick up our groceries and I thought I would just sit here and talk to you guys I've had a lot of questions a lot of new followers recently they want to know how I'm doing three months postpartum I've lost the baby weight which I've done a video on I will link that down below I think it's really important that you guys go check that out I live a pretty healthy balanced lifestyle which is really important to me and there's a few key things that I feel like I've done I think has allowed me to lose weight pretty quickly and continue to lose it and be at the baby weight I want I know it's not all about weight but I'll be honest with you guys I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight as quick as I could so I'm very happy but I've also worked very hard for this so a few key things stayed active throughout my pregnancy when I got the green light to start working out jumped right in started working out slow of course and since then I've been eating pretty healthy now I kind of follow an 80/20 I eat healthy 80 percent of the time the 20 percent let myself you know burger and fries pizza whatever I want but then I also try to balance it in general so it's a balance if you balanced healthy diet if you look at it in a week's span so I eat pretty healthy during the week and then I'm just more likely to eat not as healthy during the weekend and then even in a day this weekend we're gonna be going out to eat with some friends and we're going to a place that I know they have really good burgers really good fries I'm gonna get that so in order to balance it out what I'll do it I'll do something like I'm gonna do today so I grabbed and made this 3/10 nutrition meal replacement shake you guys I was like trying to rush out the door I didn't really have time or I didn't want to make anything for lunch and so I just like grabbing these because I can drink it it fills me up has a good amount of protein 90 calories and so it's plant-based protein sugar free dairy free gluten free if that's your thing so it's super simple super quick to make it just makes it simple for me to kind of stay on my nutritional goals without making it too stressful so for example on Saturday before we have that dinner where I'm gonna be eating like crazy and live in my life I'll drink one of these in the morning okay so it's something else I've been doing you know when you go to a Christmas party and they don't really have food but they have a lot of appetizers and you go there and you're starving because it starts at 6 o'clock you haven't eaten and then you just start eating all the appetizers because you're starving and then next thing you know you're so full but you didn't you're not like full like you eat a meal because you didn't eat a meal and you feel gross you'd feel sick and then you feel gross and sick the next day you guys know what I'm talking about so what I'll do is I will drink something like this I'm a replacement shake something with a good amount of protein before I go so now I'm not eating a full meal so do this it kind of regulates my blood sugar level it gives me a little bit of protein so I'm not starving so when I go I can still have the stuff that I want but it's only the stuff I really want my favorites my guacamole you know my cheese dip things like that so I can go to those parties have what I want but I don't over indulge because I'm not starving if that makes sense to you guys it has been a game-changer for me and it's not about the weight that's not what it's about what it's about is me feeling crappy that night and the next day and when I realized drink one of these babies before I go to those parties and I don't overindulge and I don't feel crappy later because I filled up on crap so that's a little tip that I have been doing but if you guys want to try this out all of the details for it will be down below like I said it's sugar-free plant-based protein free of artificial sweeteners they do have a hundred percent money-back guarantee which is huge to me I'm much more likely to try a product if they offer that because you can try it and also if a company's gonna stand behind that you know it's a good product because they're gonna put that up there so definitely go check it out all of the details will be down below if you guys want to check it out you guys are going crazy when you talking about babies look so cute in the hooded towels we just gave the girls a bath can we talk about this hair what is going o sneeze almost got ya what is going on with your hair huh you have some crazy hair girl we gotta tame that I'm sorry am i making fun of it mommy sorry should I name them okay I won't make fun of your hair anymore okay is that okay I won't make fun of your hair phase two Addison none of you look so different we need like an in-between it looks weird when it's calm down like that but it looks weird with spiked up next one this is emery's crazy hair not as crazy as Addison's but a little crazy in the back it's a little crazy you know you have crazy hair huh you know you're not as self-conscious your sis huh hey come up will you come hang out with me and your sisters Olivia and who verbal whatever you say is you have to go put your babies to bed okay how about you go put them to bed and come hang out with your sisters okay guys so we're hanging out say hi Mike hi hanging out with the little girls Avery's putting her baby dolls to bed but I'm cracking up because I'm sure you guys have heard of that what's it called the face face app and here you go open your phone um there's like the face app and it makes you older is that what or you can probably use different choose different filters well you just show me what he's gonna look like in X amount of years when he's an old man and I told him I'm a little scared I may have to divorce him that's it and I don't know if you guys know but this is Mike now so not that it's all about looks but obviously kidding so I didn't end up really vlogging much in the afternoon or the evening but we were just hanging out as a famine the girls his room and then we had a really yummy dinner it was called Italian chicken and it was just chicken breast Italian dressing and we added some garden noodles to them they're just like regular noodles you can get at the store so it was like a quick easy simple meal that we all loved so we ate dinner or just you know hung out in the girls room and now when I are having some quality time yeah folding laundry um you haven't been on my videos in a while I'm not still around she hasn't got rid of me yet yes but we were just talking like so the girls that went down really well tonight like I'd say alt like all three girls like it's rare for all three girls to go down that easy anything cross your fingers I want to remind you guys to go check out the 310 nutrition link that's in my description if you guys are looking for something quick easy and simple to integrate into your lifestyle you'll definitely want to check it out they have a variety of flavors and honestly personally my favorite is always a vanilla I'm a super vanilla girl when it comes to flavors but they have a salted caramel they have a chocolate mint a vanilla chai and even Mike tried out their vanilla before it was very good I actually take it for lunch sometimes our cafeteria it's a good lunch and it fills me up and it tastes good so yes even Mike liked it but if you guys check out my link and head on or to their website it's super easy to navigate super easy there's a variety of products there's lemonade's there's teas there's supplements so really something for everybody so yeah go check it out and you can get if you use my link the starter kit which is what I ended up getting and I got like I said the vanilla but if you use that link get the starter kit for $39 and if you spend $50 or more you'll get there's a code for free shipping and that is 70% off of the retail price so you guys are getting a deal so go check it out and let me know what you guys think yeah I think that's gonna be it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed joining us for our day if you guys did please give me a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell and make sure when you hit the notification Bell you do the drop down because it gives you a few different options you do the all and I I can't say enough you guys are awesome especially if you guys are staying around until the end thank you guys so much and as always I love you guys and I will see you guys next time bye I've been feeling so small


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