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good morning guys today I'm gonna do a day in the life and I put some makeup on freshening up and trying to feel a little bit more human like it is time to get myself out of this bed and go do something fun my knee coming on next why do they do guy yeah oh I have some fun things planned and I'm excited like I said to get out of the house and I also want to thank family album for sponsoring and partnering with us today on today's video it is an awesome app I'll tell you all about it in a little bit but for now let's get started with our day pads in the back please doing therapy a little guy target I usually don't ever want to leave the baby or like go out and about but I have a couple things that I have to pick up dad has a couple of things he needs to get so I was like and I also just want to get out of the house really really bad it's time I'm like feel stir because you've been in there for seven days and I just need to get out little guy pooped on my sheets the other day so I have to get a new set of sheets and he just picked up so that's my cue to no it's time to go all right I got everything I needed dad went ahead and checked out and we busted out of Target little guys fit up all over his shirt so we're gonna go home and get freshened up and I had something really fun plans but I'm hoping it goes better than I expected but we'll see we're gonna do a little DIY newborn shoot he's getting so big so fast and I really want to capture all of those moments as fast as possible they really do grow up so fast like if you look at his hands you may not be able to tell but his hands have gotten so big they were not even half this size when he was born and now they're just this big old hand I told Jim I said his hand is bigger than his forearm um little guys getting away too big so I want to show you some of the sleepers that I got this one was so cute look at it with a little hot this one's in zero two three months and this one's in zero two three months as well even though it looks a little a lot bigger than the other ones pretty sure a zero two three months yeah and then it also got this one is so cute guys are you kidding me look at that little octopus I thought that was adorable and this material is so soft like this softest material ever and then I also got a kissy Kissy I love their blankets they have some of the softest baby blankets ever I was like you know I want to try one of their sleepers for example this is a kissy Kissy blankie I think we're gonna use it in today's DIY photo shoot it is so soft like when I say soft one of these softest blankets I have ever felt it just feels like so like it's just I can't even describe it to you it's so incredibly soft I love it I think I'm just gonna put him in like a little white and sleeper and a little bandana and just see how that looks are you ready get just your eyes are open hi buddy hi oh you want a nurse guys look at this wild hair isn't that something else I just used his like baby suave this stuff is so nice thank you he's got that like really dry pili skin right now so I'm trying to wipe a little bit of it away okay I think the first outfit we're gonna do if you'll let me is this one that I picked up from Etsy I want to give it a go before he doesn't fit anymore what do you think is that okay with you mister will do a feed before we do photos deal is that a trade hard time little wet a little wet hold on one minute and we'll eat I'm so sorry baby I'm so sorry we're trying to do one of those perfect newborns where their butts kind of like propped up but he is so long that it's actually really really hard to do that's so my gosh that looks so good that one's one of my favorites guys only Steven get it to focus what I'm gonna be too close maybe a zooming in look how cute that is that's gonna go on and scram and and the extra ones are all going on family album little guy is passed out from his milky feed can you see that milk trip right there guys just passed out see what pictures taking pictures does to a little guy anyways I wanted to share with you guys a family album the app I mentioned you guys earlier if you've never downloaded it whether you're expecting to have a little one you have kids or maybe you have a newborn or maybe you don't have kids at all on you just like photos this has been a lifesaver I've invited my family members if the app is completely free no obligation none of those like annoying ads that like pop up and you're just like really it's not like that at all it's super classy it's a great way to organize your photos and I thought it was really nice too because I do post pictures on social media however there's a lot of photos that I take on a day to day basis then do not get posted to social media and family still wants to see those so I thought this is like perfect the way that it's organized the cool thing is they get a see photos every single day because lately that's the only message text message I'm getting is like can I have a new picture of a baby so it makes it easier because I just invite everyone on here and they can see all of his pictures so like here's the photo album here's Joe and like right when he was here and I'll show you some of these but this was one of my all-time photo favorite photos you guys never saw that one unsocial that it was just really special to me like we did his hair up in little mohawk he hadn't even had a bath yet and he was maybe like five hours old it's just one of my super special photos this was the picture was taken the moment Onix was born sorry if that's a little blurry but just some really special stuff for our family to have and to cherish and this is a one of my absolute favorites and just being able to have it all it organized on there is just really really special and then for July we're already seeing him change so much in his little faces like the other night his eyes were wide open and he looked just like Nick OVA look at this one guys just sprawled out family album app also offers unlimited storage and unlimited photos so you don't have to worry about like running out of storage for your photos you can have as many as you want and one thing I really like is it's an easy way for a family to connect and keep track of what babies up to you if you want to share the photo album with anybody it's incredibly easy and it has an intelligent organization system where they're organizing by how old he is categorizing by the different months which i think is absolutely awesome so when you go into the app there is an option you can go into memories the very very bottom and you can just create a photo book whenever you want I might do it monthly or I might do it at the end of the year and create some of my favorite moments but to have one of my memories wrapped up in a beautiful bound book for $7.50 that's me that that's a win for me so that is something I'm totally gonna do or it's an easy gift and then I also wanted to show you guys they make one second movies and they are so amazing let me show you what they look like just really a special movies that I can watch back and just reminisce on the sweetest memories and I loved every minute of them [Applause] you guys want to check out family album I'm gonna have a link to them in the description box below I love this app it is the number one app that I have been logging into on my phone lately and I even find myself like aimlessly like just staring at his photos even though they're already organized in there somebody's waking up but I just see myself like looking back like oh my gosh his cheeks are already thinning out a little bit or he's getting a lot longer and we're talking about you yeah thank you so if you guys haven't already downloaded it and you want to check it out definitely check it out it's a worth the download and I'm gonna take this little peanut with me I have this thing where I just can't leave baby alone he has to be right beside me at all times I think I do this to all my babies it's either me or daddy I want the baby to be right next to somebody at all times like I got a little smile oh so I don't ever usually leave him in our room unattended if I'm doing something oh oh oh he comes with Mama or he'll gonna be really close like in the room and one of his little chairs but I am taking mr. Douglass look at those little feet I love would think our love up leg va's gosh I need like 10 more photos just of toes guys just a baby toes just of little baby toes oh and one thing I don't know if you guys can see it but he actually has a little but Jen and I you can't see mine but I actually have a butt chin too like it creases right here and if you feel the bones on my chin I have a big divot where there would be a butt chin maybe if I had like my skin was right really taut right here maybe you wouldn't see it a little bit better but can you see that dimple under his chin oh maybe you can see it can you see it guys oh my gosh I can't I can't handle it okay he'll come with me you come with me came down here and dad ordered a large pizza for lunch good for him Radley has been they served me some ice cream all day he told me to pick from his menu for which kind of ice cream I want can i oh thank you for getting my water buddy thank you hey what flavor is the best what flavor is the best Oh cookie dough is the best and then you can surprise me with the last couple scoops okay hey make it however it's delicious the best mmm YUM can I have a topping oh my gosh you know I love sprinkles oh okay and this is my favorite YUM oh my goodness thank you sir how much do I owe you okay here's my dollars three dollars so good oh my gosh I just cream is my favorite you're gonna like those buddy thank you good job hey Jake can I come over to your shop mhm hi what are you selling today you are can I have a new slime you should start selling at the farmers market wouldn't be fun the only bad thing is innate oh you want to sell some lemonade yeah oh we that's a great idea I feel like this is the perfect neighborhood for selling lemonade today um could we do it tomorrow I'll set you up a table and we'll get lemonade and we'll still emanating cookies what sign am i getting oh I like this love yeah hugs cute are those good chippies yes show me your sign for yes yeah it's good job hmm he is one of my favorite colors pink and red are my all-time favorite colors did you know that what's your favorite color purple and pink pink and bloom okay I can't open it can you help me thank you what's the name of your shop the slime expert alright cool let me check it this is a pretty perfect contestant texture you see how iridescent it is you see that sparkly no it's a memory it's shimmery okay yeah well you popped for the day there we go that one's too sticky yeah that one is a little more sticky I'm sitting here chatting with JK and I was talking about like one day you're gonna go to college and you could pick out what you want to do when you get older she told me I never want to go to college because I don't ever want to leave you and that makes me like sad but it also like makes it's so cute to know that she just wants to be with us so much are you sure you don't want to go to college you may really want to one day you're gonna get sick of me hey one day you're one day you're gonna get sick of me and you're gonna want to go to college and you can do whatever you want it why don't you want to go to college you know you could always do online colleges what how they have college on the computer where you can do it on the computer if you wanted to but I think one day your mind is gonna change but if you want to live in my house and stay with me forever and ever and ever you can go you want to move out of the house and you're 16 where are you gonna move to yeah sure yeah hopefully it's right next door to my house means all the houses are full oh well somebody might move out you know one day you'll want your own house cuz guess what you're the girl in my house who loves to have your privacy and you like to play all by yourself and you don't like anybody to mess with your toys so one day you're gonna have this beautiful house and it's gonna have all of your collections and all of your fancy toys and I'll get to come and visit your toys and your kitty cats are you gonna have cats or dogs are you gonna pity I'm gonna sneeze the entire time I'm there but I'm gonna be so happy dad and I have decided to take everyone out for a summer ice cream it is Friday night so we have some fun things planned I think we might even do a movie but go to the park and get some ice cream what do you think it's so hot out if we can fit on me a little yeah I assume it's hot out perfect okay she's a my husband and I were just sitting here wondering where is everyone at we did a little exchange at Pottery Barn I had to exchange something and I went ahead and picked up a different rug for the playroom and he's like okay let's get ice Cuban we'll go to the park and a huge storm is coming through so my husband is like the only man ever that is ordering ice cream intervenes and I want to show you what I bring in my favorite record so this is the diaper bag that I use it sent me this every bag when radley was baby and I have been using it ever since it's actually really really nice so this is what the inside of my bag looks like whoops I've got a little onesie for him a bottle some diapers a posse I have formula in case we're in a pinch some wipes and my little wallet and that's just kind of what I keep in there where's the rest oh my gosh oh my gosh what is that look at that outside oh my gosh guys Cheers just summer nights okay here he comes I tried a little bit of his blue ice cream but here he comes hero of the day I think Jenny is gonna be a good day for a movie night I totally am feeling that movies and popcorn and getting snuggly and cozy in our bed I love rainy days they look like they melted a tad his head what do you say whoa that is too funny now we know I know what he was on the road when I got out of the car ended up dropping Nyx's blanket on the ground and I feel so bad I didn't mean to like step on it and like make it a nice blanket all messed up I'll do a high priority put right there look how much laundry we have guys think this is insane and the worst part is I've actually been doing laundry the last couple days I've been doing laundry every day and so is Jimmy and we can't get caught up that's what it looks like to be a family of seven and have a load of laundry and then I got some nail clippers I want to go ahead and give these a try my girlfriend came over the other day and this was so sweet of her she came over and gave me a pedicure literally I had black nail polish on it it was all chipping and she goes oh my gosh you just had a new baby and you need your toes done so came Eldar with her entire nail kit and sat down she said give me your foot and she had like a huge like bucket of hot water and she came over to the house and did my toes it was the sweetest thing ever I was just like wow moments like that and I'm not saying your friends up to rub your feet and paint your toenails but moments like that and like sacrifices of love like that is such a big deal like it just shows like wow some really awesome people in your life you know I mean I don't know it was it was something that was so special to me like I know we're good friends but like just being that kind and being that genuine like to sit down and rub someone's stinky feet and take care of somebody like that is just so kind I just have that was amazing I went ahead and got the kids some gummy is it Target and then these were the prenatals that I was using before and I really liked them so I just went ahead and got some more why I'm nursing and I found this cute shirt for a Jake at Target and it was so cute I was like I think she's really gonna like this one I got you this one deal I guess it says big smile cuz you know you like to be a vlogger on the camera I'll give it to after done with your ice cream go to the table with it okay we ended up switching this drug and just getting a little pink one and I love the way that it turned out I think this looks really really nice and it's really plush and super comfy you like it looks like you like it buddy looks really nice I like it super simple and dad is yeah we're just sitting here trying to get all of this stuff off when I moved in they had a little bit bigger of a rug and they taped it down and the tape we've been struggling to get the tape off for quite a while and it stinks when people come into the house the first thing they see is the tape and cat puke isn't that horrible so we do need to refinish the floors eventually but he's trying to get that sticky step off we've tried everything like goopy God everything and then so what we did the rug that was in the playroom previously we switched it and put it in the homeschool room and look how much light it brings to the classroom guys I love it and it even makes that blue look so pretty with it oh my gosh I love so good and the rug we had in here before was really stained up it was stained before we even used it because he used to be hate under our kitchen table it's crazy what a couple rug changes can really do to the house like just spice it up and make it look so much nicer all right it is time for a soaking bath I finally got all my makeup rinsed off I have a fresh face I feel so good Jacob Jimmy and me and onyx are gonna watch like a couple of shows together Radley and Huxley are in Radley Zuri I'm just playing which is really cute I game later that'd be really nice but we're just kind of hanging low and yeah this has been a beautiful day I went to get outside and get everyone to the park but you know what that just didn't happen it's not a big deal somebody had a really good sometimes when he gets really monk bug drunk like this he reminds me of like a math professor oh my god she's so funny I think I'm gonna put him in some actual proper pajamas right now he's just in one of these little onesies with his feet up and I think mr. puffer sir no no no no hey think we're gonna put you in some nice PJ's I wanted to clean the bedroom and get the bathroom organized and that just wasn't in the schedule book see that's the thing about having a baby and sometimes you want to get more done than you actually can get done or you're a little bit more ambitious or whatever but today was perfect it was one of those days where I got to relax and rest and it wasn't anything crazy and I like days like DOS I like these thank those baby boy oh we gonna smile he's so sweet I wish he would open his eyes real big for you guys as soon as he is pretty eyes and open your eyes oh you claim to are you please oh he's so sweet the whole host keys he knows what to do yeah pity did you get one for me Vince's favorite one oh my gosh this is so much better watching you guys play with ice cream in your laundry bye guys thank you guys so much for watching I hope you had an amazing day and I look forward to seeing you in my next video bye guys

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