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  1. Plzz stop unswaddling him they can’t speak otherwise suffocating him and stop swing too much . I as a viewer can’t see video like this . He z hungry and she is making video and give pacifier to him useless

  2. Human contact – essential. Mom, baby. Old fashioned, but has a few millennia of success behind it. Waaay too much technology.

  3. Girl, the cluster feeding days are a challenge. From experience of 3 babies and nursing 2 of them, here are some tips. First of all you are an amazing mom! But these tips may help. Babies that little dont need to be kept up to sleep better. Usually that backfires and it's harder to get them to bed when they're overtired. Also about nursing, when they're fussy and cluster feeding just keep nursing. Even if it feels like there is no more milk, keep nursing if it comforts him, keep offering. Usually it's because he needs a higher milk supply which your body will adapt to. Also try taking in extra water, enough food, and eat oatmeal! Also I say keep baby boy in the wrap as much as possible. You cant spoil a baby, its comforting for them to be by you and when you walk around to clean and do things that helped my babies fall asleep. It also helped encourage nursing! I nursed my youngest two for over 13 months. Try to leave bottles, even pumped milk, for last resort. And sometimes during those fussy growth spurt days you just have to accept that taking care of your kids is all you'll get done and that is OK. The house and dishes can wait. Like my mom said, they're not going anywhere 😂

  4. Awwww, Baylee is adorable, telling her dad, she’ll always be his little baby!!! Tara, my daughter had a tongue tie, she nursed in clusters, after they lasiered it, she was able to nurse 15 minutes on left side and 15 min. On right side!!!our pediatrician did it for my baby girl,,,,, thirty four years ago….
    you and hubby are the best parents ever❤️ What a Blessing to watch you all, I love your videos,,

  5. Baylee and Adam so cute!! Maybe it would help if you darken your room for Grayson when your trying to get him to sleep.

  6. I legit felt so bad when he's in there by himself 😭 babies are not meant to be left alone… we're literally the only mammals that do this to our babies!

  7. So many comments, surely with the best intentions, but please let’s not forget that Tara is a great mom with 2 really healthy, well behaved kids already. Let’s please be considerate and let her follow her motherly instincts. She has enough to deal with everyday without strangers on the internet judging her.

    ❤️You’re amazing Tara. Thank you for sharing with us and hope that Greyson feels better soon ❤️

  8. Hi Tara- being tongue tied is connected to the mthfr gene. Have you heard of that? Be careful of vaccinations. Having that gene makes it hard to detox toxins from those shots. Research it like crazy. From one mom to another!

  9. your really a underrated YouTuber you shout have way more subscribers at least like 3M already I love your edits too keep grinding out vids

  10. He’s a newborn.. it’s normal for him to sleep a lot in a quiet room. Tara’s a great mom & don’t forget this isn’t her first rodeo with a baby 🙂

  11. I think the swaddle is making him more uncomfortable try to leave it off and see if he is more content without it

  12. No idea why everyone is freaking out he is in his room sleeping lol but you can try everything some babies just aren’t good sleepers 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Tara,

    I’ve really been enjoying your vlogs lately. I have to say, before I became pregnant, I was subscribed to your channel, but never really watched your videos until now. It is so comforting to see you take on the role of a mommy so that I can learn from your experiences with your kiddos. I didn’t even know what a tongue tie was until I watched your video. And as mommy-to-be in 2 short months, now you got me worried about tongue ties and breastfeeding 😂😧 But it’s alright — I just completely agree with your comment you said during the video when you were in the car about you being a mom and worrying is what we as moms do. We simply just want the best for our babies! I can’t provide advice to you as I have no experience being a mother, but all I can say is that you are doing an amazing job and admire you not only as a woman, but also as a mother and I am so happy that I can learn so much from you!

    Also, I am so loving that your hubby is taking on vlogging now. It gives such a different perspective in your vlogs and I’m sure it gives you a break at times. I can tell that you two completely balance each other out. Keep up the fantastic work, mama!

    Kiara 💕

  14. Hi Tara loved the vlog today. Wanted to let you in on a lil tip folder your paper so you only trace once and cut several. Lol make things so much easier!

  15. I sometimes get confused when your all over the place. you say one thing and then minutes later say another. Example: you said there isn’t enough milk in the freezer and your worried he won’t be okay since your not there. Then minutes later you say you have enough milk in the freezer and he will be okay and your appointment won’t take long. It’s hard to follow the back and forth thoughts you have.

  16. My sons had the same issues with their skin plus with them being half Filipino they had extra sensitivity. I used and tried almost everything, and switched to Dove baby care and we not had any issues since then. I hope you find something that works for your little

  17. Wow the amount of know it alls. First off I wouldn’t want to be trying to sleep listening to people vacuum, other children screaming etc. I have a baby around his age and believe it or not my son went though the same thing at the same age (I think grant is like 1/2 weeks older) it’s all NORMAL, my baby actually LIKES to be swaddled, he went through days of fussiness and awful sleeping day and night. It’s phases. Tara you’re doing fine. This is your THIRD baby!

  18. Been reading the comments and I agree, he needs to be around everyone. That’s what I’ve been doing with my 1 month old is have him nap in the living room

  19. I think someone else mentioned this but have you tried a baby sling to get him to sleep? I could not put my son down. He loved to be held and be close to me. I know that’s not possible when you have other kiddos to tend to and so the sling helped so much. I could put him in the wrap and be hands free to care for my daughter and he would just zonk out in the sling. My husband even wore it with him in it.
    It might also be worth trying to do half formula, half breast milk in a bottle just to help him get through his leap.
    Just a suggestion love. Good luck! ❤️🌈☀️

  20. My son ate a ton from day one! It was amazing how much he could put away lol… even now at 12m old he eats like a grown child 😂

  21. ياليتكم تشتركوو بقناتي الله يسعدكم ويرزق كل محرووم الذريه والزوج الصالح 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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