if you do have any like prognostic chronicles reduce my first time I said I will be making videos of you by a train up like this yeah he didn't know that good I have now carry the what I do tomorrow is route to its energy and again oh through yeah like the journey the process as a beautiful you who your girls are thankful for your show taking care of us somebody's father see my fat cheeks beautiful beautiful okay the brat is don't you anyways so I said Jose maybe I'll put this video with the family not you are pregnant leaf or I don't know now just the pregnancy chronicles bow stance pregnancy critic without victory tonight me please my roof is program fucking smoke and good to work I will address all those who died in my comment section another videos I will do we do for you people you watch as I yes yes I do bachelors or delayed already casualties peace for now guys is how I get comfortable here right now I mean baby drum as you can tell it is all received a shipment yesterday we shipped a lot of things and it is huge one do everywhere to stuff and we take a picture to get back from church so that it can help me unbox it and probably set up the baby's cot bed see my news now let's get all cute and stuff of like know a duck neck let me just keep you real so um yeah there's not much to be done anymore I mean everything is in its place the only thing is I want to change the cotton so there's this one we just changed this one but this was an old one I did not change it earlier because the just in common is because the Wardrobe was blocking is so no longer stable I had to bring in that chair and I had to move the Wardrobe so now it's some shooting and I have to change it that's the only thing in this room that they need to hang the TV and they need to bring in the floor mat I bought that's about it then obviously set up baby Scott baby we have this bed family and maybe Scott Burns need to be reimbursed I did that's the babies dressed up I would do it total of the nursery when it set off my stuff but this is what we are working with right now who gets it to this stage has not been a very you know stress-free road they'll be fighting vendors they've been supervision and at the same time I was moving the store oh I think not to spread myself thin what I did was I actually stopped everything concerning the store like end of every I'm like I will meet much wherever I we do it to my don't so I could focus on the house work and this is already 20th of April today so like imagine is taking so long over here I'm actually almost done I'm looking forward to define our setup thankfully there is a public holiday fest of me and those days I don't go to workers of my own tonight also I have two days to also do that allow me to to stop my maternity leave a public as well so yay it has it to be so much time to missed the nesting instinct ass kicked in see I have this bus that's my little bug that's I only have like two items inside obviously because I was waiting for this one but I have this other basket this one it was so many baby clothes all 0 to 3 months in there that's after Peter was wash but couldn't do that as well because well what will be detergents which is also in this shipment all of these things came from the UK when I realized I wanted you to travel to have my baby anymore I had to improvise PG went for a program and we had to improvise censorship as much as we could thankfully I don't know if this video will come up before you know me talking about testimony of somebody blessing us with a lot of things but you know thankfully so beautiful auntie's of mine came through and we have so much like things I never thought I would need though anyway that doesn't to be another video on its own but yeah as I said I should bring you guys up on you know what worth doing and I don't know if this would be like before and after of the nursery or it to just be a you know unboxing the items on showing you guys some of the important things with the most of the important things I hear but when we talk about things like like furniture for the house things already don't you like the step not like too disturbing about those things the dresser I'm going to do a proper touchable energy but this one is just you know unbox the baby things I'll show you guys so I still use both so yeah I will show you as we unbox and I should do the intro look at this baby Oh Oh what concerns me knowing you creepy hello guys see my fat Smith we don't have to the doctor I think the generator is too much than one is from Jenny's too much time it's better not we just left my 38 weeks appointments to baby and I honestly don't know why I'm making this video I feel like it's good come in handy and useful um well were the doctors the bank somewhere bitches upstairs oh my god the doctor something very funny happened you don't know that I am a physics already by now you guys know that my EDD is my old man's birthday which is in two weeks time so the doctor today you know we stopped we can you find this – mark attractive Abby that's why don't you you don't you have to put to bed before I know and also not to be for our birthday and as a professional devices to market active you know say if I said yes didn't answer will I find it's a trick assume we papa well guys my baby is huge like sleeping is something those these days I literally have to keep turning and turning and turning I'm looking forward to it I'm willing to wait two weeks I have a feeling that God engineered my EDD like from the world go by EDD was his birthday that's no coincidence you know it was a prayer God answered not like I prayed that to let my DDPs first evil I prayed I watched I found out I was pregnant I prayed them I wanted him to be daddy before his 30th birthday and now it just so happens that when I did it landed understated so obviously code engineering is looking for to like yesterday you say my back is spinning you don't go forwards if I go into new book size changed so anyway well just here with you for baby my maternity leave was stabbed I'm going to the store again I'm not going to work again so I do not just nest that nest not nest keep watching baby clothes and ironing them well you know I arrange them apartments with the bag y'all see to shop for some more things and yeah to find out these we have before baby's arrival our three hosts wedding anniversary together Dean anniversary is on Monday which is maybe the team's I told my husband all I want to do to see his talk if you want to take me out for a but I want to do is talk I need to review here to UM plan for the years ahead cuz I feel like it's been a pretty pretty pretty different year from our first year lives because of pregnancy ball still I wanted a stock sooo yeah I'll take you guys if we get up to anything fancy in these last days before we be the right now this probably just be fluctuating over up to in the last two weeks hopefully before baby arrives so surreal and this money man I think I used to downsize how I ought to take me out to dance and I reminded me that I said we'll get to do the peepee mama dance video so I really felt put this video excuse me I'm sorry shadow go out watch on upload you see our prima proper K boats progressing the whole vibe are sitting on its own so don't judge me I was saying that I don't know if I'll put the baby mama be doing this one or maybe puts it a separate video but I see how that goes I'm just here waiting for PG improving do not do not the house sugar you are getting a work show stop by somewhere now a home to get so excited my mom arrives in about a week up to this time and I'll just create new help you arrive next week as well like the house is like 99% dog everything is just to steal my 84 baby to the theory of Gothic this journey has been so so so surreal and to just think that I'm not here that's eight weeks pregnant it's just amazing I mean you guys should have seen my bridal shower video as well my friends came together and did he go by – it was fun so let me know make this intro / super-long for as I said I should float disease with baby sure you guys forget – anything nice / wedding anniversary you know you know or whatever before that yes sir thank you guys for also holding up uh be checking up on me apparently now so before this at the beginning of my pregnancy it was the end apps go down on you too but I mean I don't even regret it my body needs a maybe we need say my family needs it so anyway I'll see you guys when I see you let's talk with this part news for the rest of the video keep on watching I will show you guys okay well do not a chicken pie will tell you I finished it and then I'm liquid I was opposed to show that hey guys I said that I will be together long do dislike these and I mass shootings last days of repugnance the last day I'll give it's my word right now Avenue mangu John man shall see me as much in my earring movements or children pour out my spirit upon all flesh so we're going to two places find out shopping I now run around shopping shopping shopping find out shopping for baby stuff and some things I just in city go for miles which list of we go now my face my nose I do not diss noses to be bigger than it was last week so yeah we have less than two weeks actually I think that's about right are we done hey guys Nazi astronomer Street today and the Sunday I've just been home did you went to church and after that we took a nap caught up on some series nobody's watching Gog without me I'm living my life I also watch The Good Wife right now we just had dinner about to watch our what's it called the video our wedding anniversary pregnancy the video uh Jonah why did I eat you the compressed version of my youtube channel that's all about to watch how'd you keep the Konami checking me out that's all about to watch ah I'll just probably see a movie after and they tried this on for traditional trad traditional wedding anniversary Oh Jeremy tomorrow did they go go that we time to denote sex item well I don't know if you go else cuz I think it would be up to me that 2d tablet this time Abby I'm feeling up to it yeah well I'll dress up and go out to dinner maybe maybe not Leslie I'm feeling tomorrow oh yeah chill you buy me flowers Alex that one anyway so that's there Allison I should check in on you guys give you an update of our up to today don't mind don't mind um looking okay pregnancy pregnant guys kids are pregnant father all right I see you tomorrow that's what this is ready nanniversary k2 penguin bankage Oh more flowy logs I've changed because I have what do you do that is not like I use this all wrong VI BND does the Bible tell you what I don't know about you change a moment they were did you find it was inevitable Jimmy I said I appreciate you how could the others mr. ghetto just left here this icon allows you to adjust to dance and you you


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  17. I'm super in love with this pregnancy videos, please mama can you upload the part two soon? And kisses to our princess

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