keke mommy is kicking man yeah no you know Shay come on don't be shy seven really not assistance related comer she stopped so Jeff feelings coming over me there is one nine most everything I see another side of the sky got the Sun in my eyes and I won't be surprised if it's a dream everything I wonder to be especially for me places and then Dubai a couple of things they tell you to do just chillin I just came to park my random spots cuz I'm waiting for PG this is the first time I'm driving in what let me try this pregnancy no I drove wants to walk when PG wasn't around I'm since then I have ones like this is the first time I am driving in nine months well maybe the example each one so good to be five founders program well yeah it just feels good how do you think that very so now we back on my grind you know in my big belly well by the camera back on my grind obviously snapback on fleek talking of snapback though I feel like in my head I just like I like to say to a phone that oh I stopped by a game is good to be late but mentally I know that there is absolutely no pressure or myself or my body like I I feel like I know a bit about my body that I am comfortable with you know just doing the barest minimum I let my body chose to its teen it's when I know that I give my body that is at the state where he can be pushed that I can now stop pushing for you know maybe my pre-pregnancy weeds or lesbo I mean no way under any pressure for snapback because when people say thats pregnant I got interrupted by call yeah I was saying that when people say that pregnancy is so divine and so magical there is no lying it guys like my body are stretched it's a beautiful thing very beautiful like especially my second trimester I fell in love so much with my body like I would look in the mirror and I'll be smiling it was so beautiful to see the changes you know that came with being pregnant I'm just so thankful to God boy yeah I'm just here waiting for PG to is done and then I think we'll go back to his office and then get a few things on our way home first before the denying evening so yeah I'll keep you guys posted sure hi guys I'm tired objects and answer this one gue taking pictures PG zinc dawn started to get very hungry so I am driving to one body spot a new podium fish spots that I know to buy body I would buy for him so hopefully want a after it's done processes in this country can be so slow and funny thing is it can really pick up his phone way is so that start update you guys as my Bible trying to diving into my building nice PJs on over there so it took so much time I had to coffee juice at the way we think will feedback blah blah blah anyway it took so much time because the first one he gave me was smelling bones suddenly this pregnancy oh it was really bummed I remember one time and I ate from them and it was born timely chili couldn't eat it so I had to come clean now see yeah you don't want to waste my money yum yum yum yum yum yum yum moon myself you owe me to lose my mommy just change it for me and I think is not even about the fish is moldy on the inside anyway okay so say no I promise eagerly trying the evening dinner ad happy fat face constantly keeps it I keep saying this myself I feel like I'm too dressed or yes I'll to dressed about tookie-tookie to be bad oh yes I want this dress I offer maternity photoshoots box nobody's without you check for me leave the house these shoes so much of do to buffed options I have right now so I'm just gonna rock it as we go celebrate – yes yes these are speeds is well please show my feet on system is not supposed to be weighing like boot I you know suit that stuff with us it's me 100 but I am happy to share them wait see I'm when you support a cause with anymore so let me show you to the forest me where I wish on this for it let's see well ready like I'm with my village thanks to her 8:32 Marshall teaches simple books example diving on our great home thank you so let's call it a night my guys hey guys sorry lovey we just finished our last appointment like legit oh my god I mean that's nine weeks today and baby's coming next week but goes grace this man dr. Seuss – we do see on Tuesday is it new oh right I strongly believe that is my 82 felonies birthday for Papa's and this will be so comfortable where she is that she just determined she University with a father that's a we are I told him that we should have up the next baby in February this extraordinary because if we can also copy the web by my birthday I feel like they have read the books gets pretty lots of jealousy take that kind of he'll be jealous whatever anyway I supposed to stop at a bar no to pick up few things what I will keep my head CTS were washed yesterday making kinky today and I'm ready contemplated salsa dance hey buddy Oh cut it cut it honey yeah we'll keep you posted with less shit so much info visually but all these guys they look so close to you running wild turning white and I'm sleep-deprived ah this lads first once you see like us sleep-deprived cause I'll beat you I'm still different deprived us of baby Lulu I'm baby doctor said let me husband is what I put you in this condition how good you had to sleep yesterday all the way from like 1:00 a.m. to like 6:00 a.m. call it was compounded yeah I don't think it's two hours just you know the first one they were from like 11:00 to 1:00 or girls stretch then six o'clock an outside out often until I get okay and this is this last week if you enjoy your noontime because aunt is coming do you read my privacy have you just me that mean that baby was like mom you're invading my privacy the most that you came out of my pocket anyway so I dunno now meet my hair my mom and sister I think my father are coming tomorrow Saturday excited who scored so once they come I will make a video if I can and then in the clock then starts the person look if I'm broken many well see you guys later we hair it is done it's open I put a bit of gold ish at the tip first that I know what's Paquito for now face and yeah so we are ready well I'm not a worried for somebody who come for me hey hey hey break it open I think in this one inside hi guys so today started a like it's so sorry oh this is the last time today of me being pregnant to my first baby Wow Wow anyway I am so excited to have my parents on their way I my sister and I feel like that's 9 percent of everything in the house is also dawn and quad radio okay but peach is already like I told you guys this morning I was having stopped it I dunno what she was away are you sure this wanted to say this can't be it babe we have an agreement that it's okay like art we will talk to this baby girl of like you know what see I will take this long my jaw drops which were your father's birthday anyway so I am nice my oh my god do you have the moves in my back anyway we quick least make a midday stop we are going to just buy fuel stoves again and what house is planned for today did you has a couple of appointments both side start so I'm just going to pick up few stops after this stop and I'll go back home while I wait for my people to come what else I saw for now today need to be achieved in this food already into talking so yeah I know you guys have seen my bridal shower oh yeah I keep safe I gotcha you know baby shower video I mean if you haven't seen it I am judging you again judging you go watch it and I would say something about that oh yeah that's a that this last days I'm not doing much really cuz I really don't pay them any petty a mani-pedi a man already done that's capable of my bridal shower baby shower did al-hadid deceived me out of the house so and if we got deficit I don't you like the menus the way the news even good is this not interested so but I would be nice because nearly is going actual feature on top so that after I put a bit my natural I know cannot be very long but they say they said I here will follow so what if news now start to get soft I'm not gonna charm know I'm not planning to fix my news so everything is pretty much set that's them yeah we should have no action so what is what it is somebody so yeah guys I will see you guys let me just show you guys where my people come and I can aim the block there I'm good I love Cooper anyway see you guys bye I'll see you guys okay tell somebody to get fresh like to lip-read now just it bye guys guys guys please do go shopping on stay tuned I weeks and two days break nuts me my lips are so dry ah having to walk around kids no boobies at some point 20 joules pain I just took you boys to for the baby but I just took the chair and I went to see down walk on I'm okay this kinda Connecticut just parking one please and I feel like I need that energy cuz i ugly work i just walk around the house alone this is this so i don't buying Fiji's gets in some smoothie and justice force oh and then afterwards we'll head home actually very thirsty I'm waiting for that smoothie after that we head home and I wait for my people yeah she may feel my bori yeah you know it's a beautiful beautiful Johnny okay I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world so I'm just reaching for him screaming and smoothies ready smoothies word smooth miss Lee goes captain if a girls in giggles ooh Oh smiley somebody does feel good oh come on sweetie shine shine whoa whoa thank you all I said was PG like all I wanted was to help me put my straw inside its rights so that I would suppress we have already been denied everything just of oppressed people we have to go finally anyway so this is what I have left to work with management's the machine babe Shaku Shaku it has good so I mean that we have to rush um anyway this is what I am working with left anyway so yeah my head you know nah I'm on top of it is gone resultant let me ask what he has to say she will blame me now gonna take the blame for this data put put the blame on me boots trove of an alleged prostitute I read hi guys so I know I said I movie was good to the moshu it was good to come on stuff like that but yes they've been around a baby mama what anyway today's no coverage so I think they're always you copyright for that so well people just pussy like to be generally anyway so now after the speech now got my back ever they're given a picture okay


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