Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS – ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’! | S2E1 | The Four

Let’s see if our next Challenger has what it takes I have never felt more ready for something. That’s ever. I’m so excited to go out there and it feels So good to be able to do it in a way. That’s me Chile I’m Rebecca Black, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Anaheim, California As a kid, I just loved music. I was in every musical theater program. I was taking piano lessons and dancing and it was like, okay. What can I do? She just have this in my life form So when I was 13, my parents found this company that would provide me with the song as the only music video That song was Friday I got to come up to LA with all my friends It was just such a cool experience and I was like, okay, this was fun This hasn’t been creative for me to do over Christmas break After it went on the internet it Literally blew up in the blink of an eye The song should be banned. My ears are bleeding Congrats 23 million dis life I can only imagine how being Rebecca black would be write the hate comments were everywhere clinched the whole time No one can prep you for that kind of a thing There’s something so Brutal when you’re 13 about people telling you that you don’t belong here There was definitely a moment where I got really close to giving up on my music Like, you should never let anyone tell you that what you love to do is wrong It feels weird to say that this is redemption because I’m 20 But I’m here to get a chair and I am ready to show everyone who was doubted me who has left all those comments That I do deserve to be here and I am ready to take on the four. You’re Rebecca Black. That’s me Oh my god, I’m fangirling so hard. Its Rebecca Black. Do you know Rebecca Black? Nah. Will you please tell them your legendary story? So when I was 13, I had a song called Friday And There were so many cool things that came out of it But it also gave me a lot of setbacks because there were tons of people who didn’t love it. Thank you. Feel like you overcame the ultimate cyberbullying and I just like this beautiful goddess out here. I’m so proud of you Thank you, I’m so excited to be here. Sing have fun. Okay take it away. Thanks so much I’m doing this tonight
You’re probably gonna start a fight
I know this can’t be right Hey baby come on
I loved you endlessly
When you weren’t there for me
So give me one good reason
Baby come on I know that I can’t take no more
It ain’t no lie
I want to see you out that door
Baby bye bye bye Don’t really want to be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You might hate me but it ain’t no lie
Baby bye bye bye Don’t want to make it tough
I just want to tell you that I’ve had enough
Might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie
Baby bye bye bye You might hate me but it ain’t no lie
Baby bye bye bye Rebecca Black Thank you Nice to meet you. Thank you. All right, I’m gonna go to Megan. Yes girl. Tell em, Tell em you’re grown now. Oh my goodness. Right Good job, Shes not thirteen anymore. You are not thirteen. I just got so many chills because that was the perfect song. I was just like tell all the haters. Bye. Bye Bye it was so good. Kelly. bless up bless up. Basically, you know some people call haters I call them they we stay away from they all of you saying so, you know, they don’t want us to win So we’re gonna win a lot more So that’s the energy I’m getting you tried to tell me they try to front on her early. Oh, when she was 13 a child So they try to front on her early.So they played themselves? They play themselves Judy When you’re following your dream there’s a journey that you have to go through Everybody’s journey is different. I remember Muhammad Ali said knock me down seven times. I’ll get up eight. Don’t know if I could put you through I’m gonna be honest, but never stop. Don’t never stop. Ugh, I love her. Let’s get it It’s time for our panel to vote they will decide if you earn the opportunity to challenge one of the four for their seat Remember in order to challenge one of the four you’ll need all three rings to turn blue Panel, please vote now The verdict is in let’s see if the panel thinks you deserve to challenge one of the four One blue ring. Its a yes, Rebecca Black. Okay, are gonna go for two? Two more blue rings. One more ring and we have a challenge Come on Rebecca Three blue rings. We have a challenge Rebecca earned the panels third challenge of the night Majesty and Stephanie’s chairs are locked. Do you know who you want to go after? I think I have an idea of who I want to go after Mmm-hmm James. You’ve been sitting here tonight watching a lot of performances. I have. Yep been sitting here watching Are you ready to perform show everyone your talent? I’m so ready. Let’s go. Let’s go Rebecca Black. Let’s go Ohh, I love it Let’s go Rebecca Black Charreah J. Yo Are you just hungry over there in that corner? No, I stay hungry ready to eat I respect that, I respect that Rebecca Choice is yours. Do you wanna battle James or Sharia? I wouldn’t mind singing all will the panel up there? So, I. I think I’m gonna take James.

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