40 Replies to “Rebecca Doig is 31, Pregnant and has Alzheimer's”

  1. I really dislike the way Centerlink means tests. I'm almost 28 and have a chronic illness that I will never get better from, have been unable to work for four years and have very little income from an investment that barely covers all my medical bills to the point I'm borrowing money left and right that I'll never be able to pay back but don't qualify for disability either because my partner earns too much. I really feel for what Rebecca and her husband had to go through just to get some help.

  2. Terribly sad & irresponsible to not use birth control when your wife had been diagnosed with Alzheimers. Selfish Pri*k.

  3. Nothing on YouTube has ever made me cry, until this! I am 32 now and this just breaks my heart!! Her parents and husband are amazing people. ūüíě

  4. Why even make her pregnant, knowing that she was sick? Was it really selfish of her husband? He knew she has severe form of disease and still he made her pregnant? He was aware the she wouldn't ever get better…she wouldn't remember herself and him and especially her joy if realizing she is pregnant. It made me sick…I'm very sorry for the loss of her, but it really made my angry, sad and sick at the same time.

  5. I don't blame her…I'd get angry too…your wife is so beautiful too and to be pregnant while this disease is going on inside of her brain, has to be so difficult to deal with for her and for you…yeah, I'd get angry too. I will keep you both in my prayers…Blessings, hugs and loveūüíĖūüôŹIt's not fair that people can't get financial help when this happens…they need the help!

  6. How heartbreaking for a beautiful, young couple…..came across this on Mother's Day…prayers and love to family.

  7. So heartbreaking!! Please look into the Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry-it is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle and he has seen help so many diseases/disorders. MS, Dementia, Diabetes, etc. Hope this is able to reach and help at least one person. What we eat truly makes the difference of life or death.

  8. Immunizations are causing early onset Alzheimer’s. We’re going to see it more and more. #VAXXED

  9. The Alzheimer Epidemic is FAR WORSE than it was 20 years ago …. 100 years ago it DIDN 'T EXIST. … We are poisoning the planet AND Ourselves. … and we'll probably end up EXTINCT.

  10. Shame¬† on¬† a¬† Government¬† and¬† Pharmaceutical¬† companies .¬† Alzheimer s¬† –¬† infectious¬† disease¬† of¬† the¬† Body .¬† Its¬† pathogenic¬† bacteria¬† in¬† the¬† gut¬† doing¬† to the¬† Brain .¬†¬† It is could¬† be¬† FUNGI¬†¬† or¬† PARASIDES¬†.¬† ¬†And¬† it is¬† not¬† a¬† BIG¬† DEAL¬† to¬† cure .¬† ALL¬† you¬† need¬† to¬† make¬† your¬† Body¬† ALKALAINE .¬†¬† Up to¬† 3-4¬† glasses¬† of¬† Bakihg¬† SODA¬†¬† on¬† empty¬† stomack¬† a¬† day¬†¬†(1 teaspoon¬† on¬† glass of¬† water) ¬†and¬†¬† 1¬† liter¬† of¬† clean ¬†water a¬† day .¬†¬† Hydrogen¬† Peroxide¬† drops¬† up¬† to¬† 15¬† drops¬† in¬† glass of¬† water ,¬† Garlic¬† water .¬†¬† Eat¬† vegetables¬† ,¬† avokados .¬† NO¬† sugar ,¬† coffee .¬†¬† Activate¬† your¬† lymphatic¬† system¬† ,¬† breath¬† deeply¬† by¬† nose .¬† ¬†A lot¬† of¬† WATER .¬† Get¬† this¬† treatment¬† up¬† to¬† 6¬† months¬† and¬† continue¬† then¬† you¬† will¬† see¬† the¬† result¬†¬† improvement .¬† Look¬† information¬† on¬† Internet .

  11. I feel so bad for her and her family. To have early onset Alzheimers at 31 is so young.

    My mother died of dementia at 60.

    I don't wish this on any family.

  12. I am young and have Parkinson's disease and alone ..no insurance away from my country and I have God only

  13. I have just found out that at 66 I have the gene that no doubt was part of my mom my uncle and an aunt …apoe4/4 …. just waiting and yes seeing the signs … it‚Äôs worrying indeed . I know she has died …how devastating this is .

  14. How tragic. What a wonderful husband and parents. I read in the comments that she passed away. There are no words……

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