Reborn babies: the women who care for lifelike dolls

Most people’s lives are pretty stressful
most of the time. You know, your jobs and whatever. But at the end of the day,
especially after I’ve had like a really stressful work day, there’s something about holding a newborn baby and rocking them and if you can take even just a couple of moments to enjoy
a baby then it’s wonderful. This baby is Coco. She came all the way from the UK. His name is Jakari. He’s my only ethnic baby. I plan to adopt more … This baby … she is my favourite baby. I know I say that about all my babies but
this baby really is my favourite baby. I have this big guy right here. This is how I would dress my real
baby all the time. Like, if I had a son this is how I would dress him. When I feel lonely, I look at him a lot. If I, you know, just need comfort or something,
I just go over to my crib and I pick him up and I just give him a hug and I’m
just like, OK, OK get through the day, let’s go. It doesn’t replace a child and
never will but it does help me especially like on my sad days where I’m
just like, dang like why am I not a mum today? You know? And so then, you know,
it’s like I said, I just pick him up and I’m like, it’s OK you’re gonna get
through this, you’re OK. So this is what I like to call my happy
place which is my nursery. So, come on in. I have set up like what a traditional
nursery would be for me, if I were to have a living baby come home and so I have my changing table area here. This is like a little bassinet area here. We have the little DockATot which I use for posing,
for taking pictures … They tend to remind me of my daughters
when they were newborns. And there’s a lot of familiar
characteristics of this particular baby. I think that it’s just a natural instinct,
it’s that motherly instinct that most people have even men
have it where when you’re holding a baby, there’s just something instinctual that just kind of comes out in you and you want to nurture them, you want to hold
them in a certain way and you start to sway and you move when you’re holding
a baby it’s just so natural instinct and I just think it’s really beautiful. Hey guys, what’s up?
So look at who it is. It’s Annie! So, she was born overnight guys. I literally worked my booty off for this one. We have Jackie here, my lovely assistant. I’m not just your assistant. Oh, yeah, you’re my wife. Well, my wife started first. She said she could make them and I really was like, there’s no way you can make these. I didn’t know she had her artistic skills. So I watched her for about a month and
then I was like, well I think I can make them. She has a nice sleeping expression. Look at how big her feet are, she has nice big feet. So I have customers all over the world. I’ve shipped a lot to the UK,
I’ve shipped to Canada, Australia, Germany … I shipped to a new one recently – New Zealand. All I do is I try to achieve the
most realism I can. They lay there, they don’t do much, you can cuddle them and hold them and so I think that’s why I enjoy it. It does and it doesn’t make
me want to have babies. At all. Because you know what I like about the reborns? I can buy it a new outfit and it stays new for forever and then it doesn’t turn into a teenager that wants an iPhone 11, you know, or something like that. That’s how you make a baby. I always dress my babies before I take them out. I like them to look nice. I like them to look stylish. It’s a she?
– Boy. It’s a boy?
– His name is Joseph. Hi Joseph. He’s so handsome! Thank you. Mira sus labios, que lindos.
(Look at his lips, so beautiful) They are expensive, verdad? Yeah, they are expensive. He’s so handsome.
– Thank you. My baby was like that when she was born. Beautiful like him. Growing up I always wanted to be a mum. I knew in my heart I was meant to be a mum. I babied my brothers and sister, I babied my cousin … They would say, ‘Oh Lucenda
is going to be a mum any day now, and she’s gonna have like five kids
or more,’ and I always thought so too. Do you have anything like, newborn? Yeah, we do, for a boy?
– Yeah. We have this kind of stuff right here. They’re really convenient because
they’re like, you know, really comfortable. Yeah … Oh that one’s cute! And this one. You have the cutest sleepers. Yeah, those are comfortable. I just remembered just one day just feeling super sick, my lower abdomen was
hurting so bad and I asked my husband to take me to the hospital. They found out that I had stage four endometriosis. I remember waking up in the hospital room
by myself and the doctor coming in and telling me like, I’m really sorry but I
don’t think you’re ever gonna have kids and maybe like two minutes later my
husband came into the room and as soon as I saw him, I was like, I’m never gonna
be a mum, I’m never gonna have kids that look like you … because that’s what
I’ve always wanted, I wanted my kids to look just like my husband and now it’s
never gonna happen but you know it’s OK, it’s life and, you know, we can
always adopt later on in the future, if we choose to,
if not then, hey it’s our life. People that are unaware of the hobby
assume that there’s something mentally wrong by collecting a huggable work of
art that there’s some tragedy in our lives, that we’re now finding dolls to
replace that with which is maybe 1% of the community might have
experienced that but for the majority of us it really is about the artwork,
it’s about seeing realism. My goal was always to set out to find the most ultra-realistic lifelike looking baby doll that could ultimately fool somebody. We all need to realise that the child inside of us still lives and it keeps us younger longer if we embrace that child. I could say collecting toy cars is
creepy for a 50-year-old man but they do it. I don’t judge people, they’re having fun. She’s a little swaddled burrito. Safe, ready to be put to bed. Then she can look up at her little mobile. Could he pass to be yours? I don’t know. No, I don’t think so. He got brown hair.
– I’ve got brown hair. Is it really helping me
or am I going crazy? I took a step back and I said, OK
Lucenda do you really need these reborns? Or do you really want them? And I came to the conclusion that I
needed them and I wanted them. I needed them because they helped me because to go to a store and to walk by a baby section is painful. I had no reason to be there but now I do. Now I can go into a baby
section and be like, oh that’ll look cute on my doll or, oh that’ll look cute on, you
know, Joseph that’s when I realised not everybody’s going to understand this hobby
and that’s OK but as long as I do, that’s all that matters.

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  1. As a reborn artist and collector I don't know how I feel about this documentary lol feels like they are slightly trying to throw shade. For anyone with negative comments tell that to the person in the nursing home with alztimers who gets joy out of holding a baby. Or those whos anxiety is subsided by holding them or the person who lost their child and just wants to hold them again.They are just a fun hobby to some and therapy for others . just like any other hobby

  2. I like the way this documentary was done. It showed the community in a positive and respectful way. I enjoyed it.

  3. It a a shame that some people feel the way that they do in the below comments. I’m 33 years old, I have 3 kids; the youngest is 7 mos. I am a reborn collector, fashion doll collector, action figure collector, and sneaker collector. This is all harmless fun. I could actually be a dead beat addicted to cocaine or something. But I choose not to. I take care of my family and spend my money on what I want. I don’t have any mental illnesses.

  4. I'm a very proud Reborn Artist and Doll Collector. This hobby has changed my life for the better and brings me so much joy. Everyone enjoys different things and different hobbies. This documentary does not do our hobby, art, and community any justice. Remember to Choose kindness and compassion especially in times where you dont understand something.

  5. Ok Let me point out that this is a hobby! These dolls are art work! They look like real life like dolls! They are not at all cheap dolls! The Guardian made these women kinda look like fruit cakes and that's not at all fair These dolls can be about just the hobby its self and they can help with so many different things depression for one after the loss of HAVING A MISCARRIAGE or if a women have lost a baby to S.I.D's Or just simply depression to help bring something else to ones life JOY! and I really think For some its about making the dolls The art of trying to get the dolls to as life like as possible and for the collectors finding a doll that looks as life like as possible and Just want to point out That these dolls are not cheap Some cost 1000's of dollars depending the type of doll you have gotten These dolls can teach teenagers about how it is to be a parent again depending how its made!I guess like anything else They can have people with mental illness too But They can also help with that mental illness Like for me I just love how they look and Its a goal of mine to get a couple babies ith my liNo I don't even have one yet And Yes I want to learn How to make them myself to sell them as a hobby For something to do with my life after my kids grown up moved out and heart break after heart break Getting beat on and mentally abused so many times by men I done with men Screw that Love crap Its time for me to love me and stop trying to find it! This Video needs to be made a bit differently and put in a hobby kind of way but It was made kinda like that tv show Strange love Kinda like that kid that is in love with blow up floaties for the swimming pool and He made these women look crazy and thats not fair at all

  6. I have a collection of reborn dolls….I have 2 from Stephanie and they are amazing…..I have a mental illness and yes my doctor knows that I have them because she has seen them….her response was do what makes you happy….when people see my reborns they are amazed how life like they are….some ask for a hold which I let them….some even want photos of them…..I couldn't have children because my uterus wasn't created to house a baby…I had a miscarriage in 1996 and found out in 2008 the reason….having reborns gave me the opportunity to do what I would have done if I was able to have had children….reborn helps people with dementia and also those of us who have a mental illness….please do not put us down just because we have our reborns…..we are not hurting anyone……🌹

  7. I absolutely love painting these little babies! Not only do I enjoy painting them I also love to collect them. I love the joy that my dolls bring to other people’s lives both therapeutically and just as beautiful works of art to be collected. When I watched this video that was the vibe I got. That these women each enjoy their dolls and their hobby in different ways. Thank you.

  8. Lucinda, you are one of the most beautiful women I know. I too am in your boat of not being able to have a child. I am currently waiting on a Reborn and can't wait to have him in my arms. You do you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Same goes for Kelly Girl and my girls, Stephanie and Jackie. Holding these works of art is a true blessing. Love and hugs to you girls.

  9. I have a cuddle baby/reborn,and would love another! I’m a fan of all three of these ladies. They are awesome! I have 4 kids,and 2 grandkids. I always loved dolls,and have collected dolls over the years. They are works of art,and I appreciate the hobby! And the artist! It’s not an odd hobby really when you think of some hobbies out there. We shouldn’t judge people by their hobbies. ❤️

  10. Many collect these dolls because they love the art, the fact that an artist can take a piece of vinyl and make it look like a real baby is pretty amazing. It's no different than an artist that can paint a portrait that looks like an actual photograph. Or who can sculpt a piece of clay to look like a real person. IT'S ART, AND IT'S COLLECTABLE. I started out painting porcelain dolls because I loved the antiques, but they were way beyond what I could afford, so I took classes and made antique reproductions dolls; and when I found reborns, they are a much more challenging art form, because the ultimate goal is to paint the vinyl so well that it looks real. And others who aren't interested in painting, enjoy collecting and appreciating the art. Just like you have artists who paint pictures, and those who don't paint, enjoy collecting the paintings. I don't understand why our society can't do anything without putting labels on people. So busy in other people's business, they've become OBSESSED with making assumptions, criticizing, judging and playing armchair psychologists. People need to get a life of their own and leave people alone.

  11. I'm not part of the reborn community, and i've seen comments from both sides. i've noticed that some people in the community have issues with this documentary, but i think they did pretty good with this video. I know there might be a few issues here and there… but they didn't put this in a bad light in my opinion.

  12. We all collect these lifelike dolls for different reasons and the special part of this doll hobby is that it allows our nurturing side to be fulfilled. I am an empty nester and even though I have 2 children, I have always loved babies. We don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy these dolls and the best part is that they stay little forever.

  13. There is something so incredibly therapeutic about holding a content newborn baby – even if the baby is actually artistic realism rather than “real”. The inner peace is so unmatched and so soothing. This is a value-added hobby, mainly for collectors. It’s no different than any other hobbyist collectors – the car collectors, train collectors, figurine collectors, antique collectors, basket collectors, or coin collectors, etc. It makes them smile & adds joy to their day; and, it hurts no one. 😊

  14. So disappointed you have completley savaged our hobby, I have five children 12 grandchildren and a fur baby, I've done my share of dirty nappies and night feeds. I enjoy the hobby I both paint and collect. I enjoy it just as much as others enjoy collecting printed pieces of paper ie trading cards, baseball cards etc, there are football players getting paid thousands to kick a ball around a field , Rod Stewart has a train set for godness sake shall we debase his mental state while we are here, what about those little soldiers people collect, teapots, need i go on. Its just a hobby and we enjoy it and will carry on enjoying regardles of anything anyone says .

  15. Mums and babies , the instinct is so strong to care and nurture them , I live in the UK and would love to learn how to make these babies to help mums who have had miscarriages or are unable to have thier own , I truly believe these reborn's help these ladies .

  16. I collect reborns myself and it is not crazy or weird it’s honestly the most amazing and beautiful hobby I’ve ever come across, there is a whole community of us on Facebook and Instagram where we all share our babies with each other and it’s so positive and uplifting especially if you’re having a bad day coming to the community is a great escape, we support each other and get each other through real life problems so please before you decide to judge us remember that we are human too and that we are not harming anyone

  17. I hate the way reborn doll collectors were portrayed in this video. what on earth. these women are not doing any harm. they are collecting dolls, having fun. no one is thinking a doll is a real child and slipping into an alternative reality. they know its a doll. its a hobby.they can be used for comfort in many ways. I think some of these comments are disgusting, what are these people doing to do? nothing, they (we) are collecting dolls, dressing them up, giving them cuddles and posting them to social media. I am a collect and artist of reborn dolls myself. I am 17 years old. our immunity ranges from 10-100 years old. its for anyone of any ages. DOLLS DONT HAVE AN AGE LIMIT. its a hoot,much like collecting cars or stamps. we are just doing our own thing not affecting other people. why judge people for things they love? we shouldn't be in a world where people are criticised for simply liking and collecting something that has the old fashioned stereotype of being only for little girls. we not just let people live and do their own thing and you do yours. yes, some people go overboard with the hobby and have whole nursery but again, thats their choice, if they want that for there doll there isn't anything wrong, if they have a spare room and want a doll nursery, SO WHAT. its a fun and relaxing hobby for most. when videos like this are put up, it makes up look crazy. we aren't. just simpy a gourd of people, collecting dollies and having fun. leave others alone and live your own life, stop dulling other peoples sparkles. yikes people

  18. right, we hear it every day, this tiny planet cannot handle more people on its overpopulated surface. And by God's arrangement, even 35% of the earth's landmass is a desert, uninhabitable.

  19. I'm a reborn artist and love reborns in general, I think this article was done well, there's many reasons why someone loves them, some for the art, the realism, and some for collecting. There's others who use them for a form of therapy like anxiety or dementia. Yes, they are used in nursing homes too I reborn for all of those reasons and i create babies for the love of the art, and especially to help a person emotionally thru these dolls

  20. This is such a small representation of the reborn community. And there is so much more to the hobby than what is show. Everyone has a reborn for different reasons! And honestly I am disappointed at the comments on here. I have been creating reborns since I was 12, I am almost 21. We are nor hurting anyone (maybe our own bank accounts 😂🙊) our hobby is no different to someone collecting snow globes or motorbikes. Some play sports some cuddle dolls.

  21. I have 2 beautiful children and a reborn they all 3 bring me so much joy and happiness and my children love my reborn. I lost my first son and though nothing could ever replace him it does help to fill a void that I thought would always be empty. It's also a huge help for stress and anxiety and everyone in the doll community are beyond amazing and I enjoy being part of a great community of people. I wish all the people that judge his hobby would spend just one day with an open mind in the community and see just how NORMAL AND SWEET they really are.

  22. Personally, as a man with a collection of precious beautiful babies, I'm not ashamed one bit. And when I say babies I mean guitars…. I'd probably trade a dang real baby for a vintage telecaster.

    Seriously though, I want to adopt children more than I want to have my own. So many kids out there who deserve a loving family

  23. I honestly didn't see anything 'horrific' about this video. If it was edited, and important parts were left out, since I didn't see the whole picture, I don't know what else to say. It's the commenters that made this an unpleasant experience. People that are not in the hobby don't always understand it. I am not ashamed of it, and if people like it – fine; if they don't – fine. It's a free country and we have free speech and free will given to us by our Creator. People just need to learn how to disagree more politely. There is so much hate in this world. People need to 'vent' and they look for places to do this. It's not just targeting the reborn hobby, it's prevalent EVERYWHERE. Pray. Just pray. And when you're done, pray some more. We need peace; we need truth; we need joy; we need love; we need each other; and most importantly, we need to be kind. What's so difficult about that? Sincerely, Sharon (a reborn artist since 2011 and a youtube creator in the reborn community for almost 5 years).

  24. I really wish this video would have focused more on the art aspect of the collecting of these dolls. They are an art form first and foremost. This hobby is no different than any other hobby. Collecting baseball cards, fixing up old cars, collecting designer handbags, collecting expensive artworks, collecting fine china…these are all typical hobbies that are expensive yet don’t come with the judgement that the reborn doll hobby carries. There is nothing wrong with collecting dolls, period. Just as there is nothing wrong with collecting cards, handbags, or any other thing one chooses to collect. Anything in life can be taken too far. That’s a fact. However if it’s not hurting anyone else there is no need to pass judgement.

  25. Not all owners need help or are in need of therapy , or pity! You can stuff pity right up your arses thats for sure! Its obvious this video was cut to within an inch of its life portraying the reborn hobby as some sort of nut job sanctuary, it damn well isnt. These dolls are art, theyre collectors pieces . What really infuriates me is the responses the ignorance and inability to see through the way this piece was angled . Why such a visceral response by some? Just because a doll looks like a real baby (because ART folks ART) and someone has a nursery all decked out beautifully, why is that lady a nutter but some bloke with a huge train collection , complete with scenery, working track, signals,and a plethora of other miniature items to evoke realism , well that bloke is just a hobbyist ..not a damn head case just a hobbyist !!! Double standard …. To summarise, this video was appallingly angled to create hate toward these doll collectors, and as usual the mindless tow the line and abuse !!!!! The written piece was far far better.

  26. I myself am a doll artist, and I have my own YouTube channel! I love my reborn dolls, my realistic babies and toddlers! I have many types and kinds of dolls in my collection! This piece was a beautiful look into different reasons people love this hobby!

  27. As a reborn artist, I'm a bit disappointed that, only one side of reborns were in this film.
    This is real 3d artwork an not just done for reasons shown here..
    They are collectors pieces an people collect for many reasons, not just the reasons shown here but that never seems to be recognised, such a shame an can I add… Men also collect these pieces.
    I make them cos I enjoy this 3d artwork,i collect them cos I like to look at them, just as I enjoy other pieces of artwork, from pottery to pictures that, I also enjoy.
    It's great to see the comfort they bring but its not all about what the film shows here..

  28. I love reborn dolls and dolls in general (especially the old berjusa and jesmar baby). I've been collecting since I was 3, and yes I'm still a young collector.

  29. We live in a world where everyone needs to be the same so that the mayority can be happy. Why is it ok gor someone to “waste” money collecting baseball cards or vintage cars but its not ok to collect dolls? Why are you all so focused on critisizing other peoples choices? Can’t we just let everyone live their lives as they choose? You know what, some people choose to adopt and other choose to never have kids. That doesn’t make them wrong or bad people. I for one am NOT gonna spend all my life working all day to go home and pay bills and let my life resume to that. Reborns are something I enjoy and making them is one of the most beautiful arts I have seen. So I’ll keep on painting them and collecting them. Call us crazy if you want. That doesn’t define who we are. That only talks about how thin your mind is.

  30. I love the dolls I also love the art and I used to make them before I had 3 strokes . So I collect them and I use my babies for therapy now I loved everyone's stories… I'm trying to save up for a silicone because my two baby's are cloth bodies they are girls reborn dolls I would like to try and collect a full body aa silicone baby but they cost so much.

  31. "Lifelike dolls" – WTF!?!?!?! This "newspaper's" performance whilst the Chinese are currently executing the greatest and most expensive feat of logistical planning and organization in human history to save people's lives is a **COMPLETE AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT**.

  32. I see nothing wrong with this; I have taken my babies to nursing and rehabilitation centers and seen the relaxing and calming effects that they have on the elderly.

  33. It's a beautiful hobby. Clean, above board and family leaning. I see nothing wrong with it. It is a very normal reaction to feel "melty" about a baby. Relax and enjoy it. It certainly isn't hurting anyone. people today tend to spend too much time up in everyone elses' business. They place labels on who we are and what we do. Leave a nice thing alone.

  34. I found a relly affordable website for reborns "truly reborn " wonderful prices i want to purchase my first one my husband thinks it's weird i have a 17 yro old son turning 18 in 2 month's but me nd my husband went thur in ectopic in 2016 miscarriage in 2018, 2019 than in jan and pregnant again and now going thur another miscarriage currently so i want one 😭😭😭😭😭

  35. I have 4 reborns in my collection and this video makes me feel like they make us acting crazy but we are not crazy we are human and i love my dolls so much

  36. Rescue helpless wounded animals or any homeless animals brings more comfort, satisfaction, relaxation, joy, happiness and accomplishment!!!

  37. Bravo ladies! Do you! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Me and my babies (dolls) kick it and have a blast! I haven’t been this happy since I was a kid. That works for me! 😁 ♥️

  38. It’s not an instinct to have babies. It’s a social pressure and cultural expectation to have and hold babies. Help a sentient animal instead.

  39. I'm a collector and feel that overall, this video and the corresponding article were very well done. I'm very proud of how the ladies here represented the hobby, and I think it was one of the more positive and respectful ways I've seen the hobby portrayed in the media.

  40. I'm really confused why people in the comments are going insane, did you watch the video or just read the title and assume it was ripping the hobby apart? The only think I don't like about this video is the fact Jackie & Stephanie Ortiz were in this video.

  41. You want the dark side to the hobby please reach me! @The Gaurdian real truth behind this I am on IG I don’t email

  42. That's exactly what I said, now I have a reason for looking at the baby clothes. I use to always walk past the baby stuff on the outside isle and think oh how cute! But never went past the outside isle. Now I can go in and look & even buy!! And not feel sad.

  43. This really helped me. I just got my first reborn doll today. I love it so much. I knw people will not understand this , so I won’t take her outside because people may think I’m crazy. But it’s great to knw I’m not alone and I’m not they only adult who loves dolls.

  44. Too bad they had to use one of the scuzziest doll painters in the business to represent the reborn community.

  45. I can honestly say it was a that Reborn helped me to recover from the trauma of losing 3 family members in one season of my life, and one death was my own baby. I am an adult but I held onto that doll and wept like a little child till there were no more tears to cry. That doll was a gift from a friend and it was exactly what I needed.

  46. I feel the same with the dolls they are so cute but don't cry or need to eat i have on and she is so cut and i love her like a real baby and for all those people out there who have those dolls no one has the right to judge you.

  47. It’s a 9minute video there’s only so much they can show. I think they did well. I’m not getting a negative light from this video at all. If I wasn’t already interested in reborns, this video would pique my interest,

  48. I am very proud of the comment section today. Thank you for understanding! Peace and love and tranquility to all! >3

  49. this is not correct that this dolls cost up to $20,000….You can find stunning dollartist and can buy dolls for 500-3600

  50. I'm a reborn artist and I love what I do to create something so beautiful that brings joy to others. What is so wrong with that.

  51. A lot people adults collect things toy cars, cards…… I love to collect reborn dolls because they look so realistic! It is relaxing! I wish I could have one of each! 😂❤️

  52. I don't collect dolls or anything so am a ""normal"" person. I do think it's a bit weird but honestly, everyone has their thing and this does literally noone any harm whatsoever. Relative to guys who roleplay as wizards and stuff, all those people who spend 1000s on dressing up as fictional characters, the kids spending 100s on Fortnite skins or me who plays strategy games, this really isn't that 'weird' at all and so even though I can't really see the appeal, there's absolutely no reason for anyone to take issue with it or offend the people who decide to go down this route.

  53. Que lindo teu BB,
    E vc tem muito amor para dar,
    Eu também tenho BB reborn e amo de verdade… minha BB tem nome de Clarinha…amo

  54. As a reborn artist I hate that people think this is weird. It’s not any different than any other hobby in which someone collects something. These dolls are works of art.


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