Reborn Monster Babies | Stoned Mode

My name is Bean Shanine and
I am the artist and owner of The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. I love babies, I don't know, even though
I make monster babies, I like to still keep them like innocent looking and so
I put in them really cute baby clothes and they'll have big bows that kind of
captures the innocence of the baby. Sometimes I try to make normal babies but
it never ends up that way. I don't make demons, I don't make
any kind of demon babies ever. Back in the day,
they didn't have reborn kids, so artists would buy dolls from the dolls
store and then take it apart, repaint it and so
it was technically reborn. And now it's a huge industry. So when I see these babies, I'm like that one would make
a really quite little zombie baby or that one would be really quite little
pixie, and so I always modify them. Everybody collects something. A lot of people ask what kind of
people have them in their house, all kinds of people. I sent one doll to
Barbara Streisand's house. When I go to conventions and
I see somebody's reaction, it just like I can replay it in my head. You can see people on the other
side they're just like. Like, I wish I could record it all,
cuz it is by far my favorite thing. They're like, yeah, that's such
a cute baby, and I'm like, thanks, I just gave birth to her in the bathroom. [LAUGH] You're looking so handsome. We're all a bunch of freaking weirdos
in this world all together, so you might as well just pull up your weirdo
pants and away you go, just go shirtless. >> Did you like that video? It doesn't really matter, comment below. Click here to subscribe,
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32 Replies to “Reborn Monster Babies | Stoned Mode”

  1. When I saw her high five the baby I was like “NOPE I’m out! PEACE!!"
    Edit: oh ya dont forget " I just gave birth to her in the bathroom "

  2. im high as fuck and wondering how much a replacement penis is?
    im going to model one out of myself.. and i need to make it a big dong like mine.

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