Reciprocal IVF Journey Begins!

what's up you guys it's Ella and it's been three weeks way too long I know I'm sorry we're really bad at vlogging and we're gonna get better and now that things are finally progressing in the IVF area I was on birth control for ten days recently just took my last pill and today I have an appointment for an ultrasound we also have to sign some contracts and things like that I got all of our medication recently and it is a lot I'll put a picture here because I took a picture the day that we got it menopur Falls – and a bunch of other stuff I'm worried that I'm gonna feel like crap during the whole stimming process but I know it's gonna be worth it I'm excited because if all goes well egg retrievals supposed to be on like the 15th or 16th of July which is just a couple weeks away Brits transfer is supposed to be in August so you know we're not that far out so I'm just crossing our fingers at everything it goes well Britt had to work today so you don't see her here at the moment but she will be meeting me at the appointment and I figured I'd bring you guys along as well so yeah let's go it's so cold in here then you like you meet you from the waist down so now you have a second why don't you tell everybody how you're feeling about the transfer so I know in the beginning if you you know kind of followed us from our very first video I said you know I don't want to be pregnant I think you know I've had some time to kind of come to terms to the idea and instead of kind of people asking me and pressuring me trying to like force me to answer if I only come to answer myself I think that I feel ready too especially now that we're doing reciprocal IVF I think that it just feels what's like the most natural for us like it's still 50/50 I'm carrying on her baby it's her egg you know I think it almost means more to you knowing that it's mine like you're kind of yeah and so it I don't know it just she's excited now are you guys we just got home from the doctor's appointment everything went really well my ovaries are quiet right now which is what they're supposed to be doing I started injections on Thursday this six and then we have another appointment or there's another appointment on Monday hens like a trick up to make sure that the medications gonna be working I'm gonna be doing 225 milligrams of follow stim and 75 of menopur every night before bed which I thought was a lot but apparently that's not it's like bad average dose per hour coordinator there who explained to us how Britt's gonna be giving me the injections just because she did that with the men appear before and she works with needles and syringes and all that good stuff right sorry sorry um at work so she's just familiar with it we'll let her do it and yeah everything's on schedule so again transfer is in August retrieval should hopefully be on the 15th or 16th if my body responds well to the medication mm-hmm about two weeks and they've given us um the PGS testing really only takes like two weeks to do speaking of okay I have question maybe this will start a conversation in the comments so you have the option of finding out what the gender of the embryo is gonna be before you transfer it so you could literally choose if you want a girl or a boy my philosophy is you don't control fate like that you um the whatever is supposed to happen should happen just I don't know just put the healthiest embryo in there and if it happens to be a girl great if it happens to be a boy great like the gender really shouldn't matter in my opinion but maybe for you like if you had the option to do that what Jude shoes like yeah what are you guys trying to be would you choose to want to know right away mm-hmm or would you just wait and find out what it is and in addition to that I mean while we're doing injections and things like that cuz it'll be hard for us to do daily videos every day doing an injection but I'm sure if you follow us on snapchat or Instagram you'll see stuff there on a daily basis but like in terms of actually doing a vlog it might be a little bit more difficult to do that so meanwhile why don't we do like a Q&A video yeah so send us your questions you can either leave them in the comment section or you can tweet them to us tweet them to us tweeting might be easier just so we can kind of scroll through them and try to answer them all at once yeah or DM us some questions on Instagram and we'll do a Q&A video yeah but anyways send some more of that good baby juju hopefully you know it's been almost a year now that we've been trying so it's been an emotional journey to say the least but hopefully this is lettuce all of that has led us to this point and everything will go really well from here on out and we're grateful to have you guys sticking it out with us I mean if you are definitely give this video a like if you're excited for us give this video a like because we're excited and again if you guys are new thanks for you guys support hopefully you guys have taken something from this experience or at the very least enjoy being on this journey with us whether you're looking to start a family or just like hanging out with this I guess and some in some way but yeah thank you guys again good things to come hopefully we as more updates as we get them bye guys fine you

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  1. I have a question! Following up on what you mentioned about "choosing" the gender….can you go more into that? Me and my wife and literally brand new at this and are in the beginning stages of our research and I never knew you could find out the gender before hand. Not that that would make a difference but I'm just curious in the process. Love your videos!!!

  2. excited for you ladies, I've been following your journey from the beginning 🙂 No I would not choose, better to have a little bit of a surprise!

  3. To answer your question, if I were you ladies I wouldn't do PGD. It's your first kid, I'm sure you will have more then start the "family balance" process by choosing the gender then. I would do it because I'm one and done if I go motherhood alone. I will send you my questions on twitter! Baby dust you ladies way, buckets full.

  4. They have us that choice also but it would also be for chromosomal testing. Which we declined. I agree though; just let it be healthy and let fate decide what you two can handle. So excited for you guys. My wife will start birth control any day now. Good luck!🍀👍🏼

  5. We recently did IVF n I couldn't choose I just transferred the healthier embryos. I transfer two embryos but only one stick and I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant. Our PGs testing only took days for us! Good luck!

  6. I think it would be nice to wait and see the gender. So much of this process can sometimes seem so detached from the natural process. I already feel like I'm shopping for sperm online if I chose gender it would make me feel like I'm shopping for a baby too. Idk it weird, but I know some people have valid reasons for choosing. To each his own.

  7. Congratulations you guys, seems like things are coming along well. We're praying that it works the first time around for you guys. It worked for us so we are sending you some of our luck! 🍀

  8. Thank u for another video I'd choose the healthyest embrio dosent matter what the gender is also sending lots of baby dust your way keeping fingers crossed for you both big hugs and love from leeds uk xxx

  9. I wouldn't choose for the first one, first time, I'd go for the healthiest embryo. Second time around (if that happens) I'd choose the gender, only if, it's a healthy embryo (not the weakest).

  10. I'd want them to chose the healthiest but I know I'd be so impatient that after they chose, I'd ask what the gender was. But I wouldn't pick based on the gender.

  11. Unless id had like 5 of one gender and wanted the opposite i dont think id select the gender. But saying that my partner and i would really like one of each, because we wont be having more than 2.
    Sending so much baby dust!

  12. So excited for you both! Sending those good baby vibes your way. How many embryos are you planning on transferring?

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