[Laughter] on the right here they haven't exam next like your appointment so she is gone but in a few minutes we'll be feminine retrievable I said you're gonna do two eggs the eggs look pretty good is what they said itself we can't wait that day [Laughter] relax you're way too serious we're supposed to be laughs – I'm going to okay I just puts the middle and then I think so to explain to you guys so 8.5 okay you know watch the catheter go up someone's on seven games right yes seven days or seven several doses of advice 10Β° first we have that conversation better remember this conversation back and forth yes I'm regular exam for two embryos for for Jordan Graham so we want to get and every got somewhere in that chubby stuff right there can you see the shadow gets caused by the catheter just we'll see maybe the way to sneak around it go to the side and come in at an angle nobody's gonna need to maybe go enjoy a signature full don't forget to hold it don't over on this percent and then let it out crackers right you make a big teddy grahams there we go here comes the catheter popping out the side see the white flash there Holly I see it moving into the cavity up about maybe halfway a little further yeah so what we liked about that is that you saw them drift away sort of float away from the tip of the cap sentence good that means that they're the embryos are likely out we have to wait for us and there's no checking out the catheter to make sure that the gram heading around around – oh so we just finished up that was our last and final appointment the 20th is when I'll find out if it worked and if she's pregnant with one or two they inserted two embryos so we hope that one it could be twins I'm actually recorded – but we are hungry and bout to go grab something to eat from our favorite spot Oh a stir bar and hit the road for last three-hour drive should be it last time up and Jordan tripping off how good Gatorade is she she on some stronger if y'all enjoy the video and if you'd like to continue to follow our journey like comment subscribe the giant enormous top here just because the ivf estranged you got a whole pregnancy journeys if it actually works out so thanks y'all for watching we got eat


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