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  1. no one has the inherent right to tell another person how to live,.. These women are born with their own authority and they have the right to birth any way they see fit, with anyone present they see fit. Legalization and Western pharma training midwives is not the answer

  2. Home births are by far safer and healthier than going to a hospital. I have several friends that decided on home birth. When it's second birth and the first child is a couple of years old, they are always closer and more loving to their sibling. That's just my observation. Every new mother I spoke with said her delivery was hard work but very little pain involved. It's a beautiful thing!

  3. I stated the problem and solution very well on my first edition of Gentle Birth Choices (now in 7 languages) 16 years ago. This is neither a new problem or a readily solvable one. Around the world, cesarean birth has become the most common way for babies to come into the world, escalating to over 70% of all births in even hospitals in South Florida and other states. Internationally, the numbers are even higher in Mexico, South America and China. This is wrong, a travesty and must stop. Return

  4. The one worry I have, as a nurse practitioner, is a bad baby –or a bad mom– a crisis. The resuscitation of a bad baby, or a woman having a perinatal medical crisis may go less well at home than in a hospital where resources are available to improve the likelihood of a good outcome. So how about midwifery in the hospital where all the resources exist for back-up?

  5. sorry had to stop watching because of the use of the word "midwiffery". When did the midwife become a mid wiff? other than that a good vid and lots of truth.

  6. @gabbogabbo I have two grown, incredibly healthy daughters. First born in a birthing center and the younger born at home with my husband and a midwife in attendance. I am also a retired RN and have seen the "health benefits" in hospitals. Did you know that nosocomial infections (originating in or from a hospital) kill +20,000 people in this country EVERY YEAR!?!?
    A healthy pregnant woman is neither diseased nor injured, so why should she be sent to a hospital?

  7. I delivered my last 2 children 22 and 20 years ago. I am a man. Makes me a midman i guess. Fantastic experience.

  8. Actually, the mortality rates for home birth and for hospital births are almost the same (slightly higher or lower depending on the study). If you look at the rate of home birth over hospital birth (<5% for home birth) and that the U.S. has the second worst infant mortality rate of the modern world (Cuba, Portugal and Israel all rate above us). Now see that midwifery is predominant in the countries at the top of the list (Iceland, Sweden, Norway). What are we doing wrong in the U.S.?

  9. Im a guy, and for me in this day and age, with all the health benefits that a hospital as incase there is a problem, im not sure why you would want to risk and take any chance that something could go very wrong, just because you want to have a baby at home. I know it should be a personal choise but if everyone starts having kids at home the immortality rate could sky rocket.

  10. Thanks so timely for me as I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with Number 6 and only now after 5 other births am I finally getting my power back with birth. My husband and I planing to have how our baby at home together.

  11. Yes, birth and midwifery is a natural process…however, like all natural processes they dont always go smoothly or well. Some mothers have emergency and serious medical issues that require conventional medicine. In my own experience, my daughter probably wouldnt have survived childbirth if she had not been born in a hospital. I would like to see a woman have access to both worlds-not just one or the other for her own health and the health of her child.

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