24 Replies to “RECLUSE — Stillbirth in Bethlehem”

  1. That organ humming in the beginning is pure Vlad Tepes. Great to hear that sound again after decades of silence.

  2. Never thought I'd hear a collab between Phil mcsorely and Wlad!! Such a wild combo… loving it so far

  3. A1 Canticle Of Murder
    A2 Semen And Blood
    A3 Hasidic Insect
    A4 Wine Of Rape
    B1 Defleshed Galilean
    B2 Howling Scorched Spectre
    B3 Candlelit Torture
    B4 Crematory Womb
    B5 Boiling Childrens Genitals
    B6 Deformed Faggot Of Bethlehem
    B7 I Destroyed A Tomb And Humiliated The Corpse
    B8 Hidden Bodies

  4. this band not only rules, but they send maggots in CDs and human teeth wrapped up in Bible pages with records….. now, that is fuckin' Black Metal

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