1. Congrats! Your baby may be here by the time you see this comment. In this video, you commented that you for sure had three good embryos. Do you know if those were in that the one that came back normal in the PGS screening? Do you happen to also remember the grading?

  2. This video is the good message for those women's who can lose their hope. If you're suffering from infertility, then get a treatment from good clinic. Then you can recover your health in couple of days. Biotexcom Ukraine's clinic can give you a best treatment, after this you can recover you health in couple of weeks. You be happy always forever.

  3. Don't worry. Everything will be alright with you. You don't have to take tension. It's going to be alright. We don't have to take tension. It'll be fine.

  4. Hi there. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your journey. It's amazing. Will be waiting for more updates. It's a pleasure to see you. All the best. God bless you.

  5. Here in India , they transfer day 3 embryos as they tend to die in external environment , as such the no.s for transfer are very high

  6. Was desperately waiting to hear from you. Lots of love and prayers for you and and i am really very excited to hear good news with your positive attitude.

  7. Yay great news! I had my ER on Friday and they got 11 eggs, and 9 fertilized. We won’t know until Wed (transfer day) how many make it and no updates in between which is good but also kind of nerve wracking! Thank you for sharing your journey 😃

  8. Oh I have been waiting for this video all week!! I have had such a whirlwind roller coaster week with my reports! Waiting on day 4 today but our numbers aren’t looking that good!! Congrats on the 8 (that’s how many i ended up with fertilising) so you are off to a really good start girl!! Fingers crossed. Watching the rest of the video when I get home from work, I just couldn’t wait to see your results xoxo

  9. Ahhhhhh!!!! Congrats, congrats you guys! That is sooo exciting! Wahooooo for 8! Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!

  10. I’m glad you have had success so far! Prayers for you guys and I’m hopeful for y’all in the future!

  11. My husband and I think we are going to have to do IVF. We are 28 years old and have been trying now for 6 years. We’ve done one IUI but when we didn’t get pregnant from that, it really hit me hard. So we took some time after to process and are ready to continue our journey. We found out I have hypothyroidism which is being treated with medication and my husband has low sperm count. But we are hopeful God will provide one way or another. The FAQ video would be incredibly helpful for me! Love following your journey and I am continually praying that you guys get your little one very very soon! ❤️

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