20 Replies to “Recovery From Vaginal Delivery (Obstetrics – Postpartum)”

  1. Your voice and manner are very comforting. Thanks for these informative videos! I’m a first time mom and I’m being induced in a few days!

  2. Dr Green seems so nice & is extremely informative. I have a great doctor now but if I were in Cali, I'd pick Dr Green!
    I'm 37 weeks & starting to have soft signs of labor as described by Dr Green. Being able to reassure myself through these videos is great.

  3. I'm about to have my 5th baby and this guy is so much more relaxing and informative than anyone I've met during my pregnancies and labour.

  4. what about hemmoroids? I had my baby 5 days ago. I had them throughout my pregnancy now, there a bit more swollen and painful they flare up more when I have a BM. I'm using preparation H and witch hazel pads and zits bath. I just want them to shrink ASAP. anything els I can do??

  5. is it normal…. before delivery I'm feeling an itching and burning in my vigina…. an intense itching

  6. This guy is a Godsend.
    Thank God for this guy, srsly
    My dr is a douche that rushes through every appt and doesn't feel it necessary to actually stop and listen. Every answer is, "well sounds like you're pregnant" leaving me still freaked out and guilt tripping me for asking questions, when its always at least a 2 hr minimum wait.
    Thanks for doing these videos they make a huge difference for me!

  7. hi i had my babye 10 days ago i think i have first degree tear but my midwife say i dont need stitch i whant to know dose it go back to normal by himself?

  8. I had a 1st deg tear and got stitched , i would like to know if  the stitch get removed by my doctor at a point or does it remain there permanently.Also i had a vaginal delivery and realized I'm experiencing edema, is that normal.

  9. I have a question I had my babi in nov. 15.13 and I had my period normal it lasted about 2 weeks or week and a half, I thought I was going to get it the 15 of dec and didn't. I did have sex but he didn't come. And it's now jan 6 and no period still. I took to first response pregnancy test and both were negative. Were they negative because I took them 2months or almost 2months late? Or the test will still work that late. I want to know if it going to tell me if I am or not being taken that late. Like if I was pregnant it would have been told me by now right? Please reply. N how long does it take for my period to come back. It's been almost 2 months and I don't beastfeed. I was at first not right now tho cause I heard that make it not come.

  10. By 6 weeks it should be healed. At this point it is safe to have intercourse, you will not harm the repair. It will likely be tender and sensitive for longer than this. Be sure to use plenty of lubrication and go slow at first. Positions where the woman has more control over speed and depth are best until everything is back to normal.

  11. Healing? I am 15 years out and I am still healing 🙁 Or, I still have issues from alllllll the stitches 🙁

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