Recreating FETUS Photos From A Vacation 6 Years Ago

hey you guys it's Kevin so I'm in Rome today this place is unreal it feels like I'm in a movie and it's actually about my first time here I was here back in 2012 when I was 15 I was a full-blown fetus and I don't even know who that person was I hope I glowed up a little bit and last time I was her I posted a facebook album and I'm laughing even looking at it because it is so bad and I found some pretty disturbing photos on there that I want to recreate today I hope you enjoy this might be difficult a lot of the things have changed here I've noticed since being your last and we're gonna try to recreate them okay I'll see you at my first location so we're on our way to the first stop of the recreation picture tour and it's like on the way to the Colosseum I'm going to try to recreate this photo and I think I took it like a little bit up here on this road because I can see the Colosseum from where I'm standing right now okay direct me photographer so I just want to apologize for my shirt being awkwardly tucked in like that it was not on purpose it kind of looks a little trendy honestly I don't know let me know but yeah it happened after I went to the bathroom we got it okay so now I'm in the costume and I'm looking for where I posed for this selfie so I think I found the spot where I took the selfie six years ago really don't know why I made that face also this is the same day and it looks like I have a different haircut so now and I'm just all of a sudden wearing a jacket I don't know where that came from okay so now we're back at the next spot where fifteen-year-old Kevin took a photo and it's called the arch of Constantine and I'm going to show you the cursed image that I took because it's pretty concerning I think I was mid sneeze maybe it's maybe I should pretend this sneeze yeah eyes are very close again I don't know where that jacket came from it's a mystery I think I found it in the costume this one only walking third wasn't there that's it you've done it let's look at the picture first what's the picture on fire we're not moving for the car if you wanna get happy also PSA if you're underage and watching this don't even go to your wine or alcohol don't even think about it don't even look at it okay I was young at the time and in Italy the laws are different so I was able to hold them but I know in America you're gaming on your it so wait till you're 21 kids maybe just weigh stuff also I know that this is a different location sorry but I can't find we looked everywhere we'd spent like an hour looking for it so anyway I think I was like proud to be holding wine right I was kind of smirking [Laughter] [Applause] thank you so much for watching and thank you it photographer I feel like I know you a lot better now feel like maybe a different side to catch like my hair do you back them is better yeah what do you think it's a whole new way to do whole bow you had a beautiful tank yeah it was a great day and hope you have a great day yeah see you later

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  1. Hey!! Can u follow this makeup tutorial? I found it while looking for makeup ideas xD

  2. I'm 300% here for this! I love that you came up with a creative interesting concept to film rather than just a "watch me be in Europe vlog". This is a video I actually wanted to watch, which says a lot since you're busy in Europe. You're killing the game. You glowed up. And this will forever be one of my very favorite YouTube channels. Keep the content cominggggggggg

  3. Yo man I enjoyed your videos back then and now I still enjoyed them still keep up the great work man awesome job 😎👏

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