So the infamous Red Raspberry Leaf Tea! We’ve talked about how much of it you should drink. We’ve talked about different ways to get it in a different taste test. But now I have a new way that
I found on Amazon! But before I begin… My name is Midwife Kira and I believe in
#trulynatural birth because I know makes for better birth experiences. Consider subscribing to my channel and joining in today’s conversation about the importance of red raspberry leaf tea. Don’t forget to get your copy of my>found in the description below. So I found these…a client actually came in with these last week and showed them to me. I had never even heard of them. Coincidentally one of my mamas on social media had actually messaged me to ask me if these were worth buying
instead of buying the actual Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. So later in this video, we’re gonna do a taste test on these but for now let me tell you a little bit
about the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and how we can use these! So you may
already know that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea tones your uterus and gets your body
ready for pregnancy! …and that I recommend at the beginning of your pregnancy you’re drinking about a cup or two a day but at the end of your pregnancy, I have
my mama’s drinking up to a quart a day! When you’re drinking red raspberry leaf
tea, a cup of the tea is about 1500 milligrams So that would be one
cup a day. Although these chews are amazing… they do recommend that you
chew… let’s see it says to take one chew, three times per day. …It’s only 247 milligrams per chew. These chews are great… They’re tiny. They kind of look like regular Starbursts… But for 247 milligrams per chew, that means
I need to choose six of these to equal one cup of this! Now that can actually be
pretty helpful when you’re later in your pregnancy and honestly you’ve just had
enough of drinking red raspberry leaf tea! But, let’s talk about the calories
and sugar. So each of these chews is 20 calories
…which is 2 grams of sugar. So to get six chews of this – which is one cup a day- you’re going to be eating one-hundred-and-twenty extra calories! Now, when you’re in your third trimester and
you’re needing to have 4 cups a day of your tea that’s going to be 480 calories…
which is almost an entire meal of just these sweet little chews. What I
do like about them, however, is if you need like a reminder to take your red
raspberry leaf tea or let’s say you kind of have a sweet tooth while you’re
pregnant… instead of eating something like Starbursts for example -which have
no nutritional value and they’re filled with dyes and things like that- you can
chew these little red raspberry leaf tea chews and not only get a little
extra nutrition but also cure that little sweet tooth that you have going
on! If you’re anything like me and you suck at drinking red raspberry leaf tea
put this in your purse and now you have quick red raspberry leaf on-the-go! In comparison to Starbursts… eight of these would have nine grams of sugar less than Starbursts would have and no red dyes or anything like that. In fact I looked at their ingredients and they’re largely organic and
completely natural. So they’re really safe for you to have while you’re
pregnant and two grams of sugar really isn’t a lot of sugar. So before we do our taste test if it comes down to the tea or it comes down to the chews my
recommendation is you go ahead and spend your money on the tea… and I would
actually recommend that you buy the tea in bulk because you’re gonna be drinking
a quart of it a day in your third trimester. So I’m gonna link that in the
description below where you’ll also find these if you’re interested. But for now
let’s move on to a taste test because I know that you’re probably dying to know
what they taste like… like I was when my client brought them in last week. So I’m gonna call it my office manager (Emily) here at The Natural Birth House
and my camera guy, Lane. You guys come over here! Emily is really nervous. Emily asked me earlier… she said “ew… does it taste like leaves?” So, let’s see what we got. They don’t smell. That was my first
question I had… Emily doesn’t like the tea either. Oh they do smell. They are very earthy. Oh, it smells like the tea. Yeah. It smells like the brewed tea. All right
let’s go. It’s so gross (laughing). Yup. It tastes like the tea. With a lot of sugar in it! For two grams of sugar it’s actually pretty sweet. I’m very syrupy…it tastes
like molasses. Molasses! That’s exactly what it tastes like… … like steamed
syrup mmm. This is like…to me it’s like a really, really strong very, very potent
red raspberry leaf tea. I’m surprised it only has what 247 milligrams in it. No. Nope, I still don’t like it (laughing). So if y’all want to check these out we’re gonna link them up down in the
description. I want to know from you guys do they taste like molasses, if you do get some? Post them… I want to know if you guys taste them I want to see your face
when you’re tasting them. They would have to go to your Facebook page or your Instagram. Can you send me like a six-second video of your face because I know some of my
mamas really like the red raspberry leaf tea I can barely swallow it. She’s done! (laughing) I think we’re closing the video. I definitely say that you should just
stick with the tea. If you’re interested in learning about how to make the tea in bulk or learning a little bit more about how red raspberry leaf is really
beneficial to you during your pregnancy and why I recommend it to my mamas here at The BirthHouse, I’m gonna go ahead and post those links to those videos
right here. I have an entire red raspberry leaf tea playlist and I’ll see you guys over there! Thanks for watching this Midwife Monday.
Bye bye! Was it as bad as you thought it was gonna be? Emily: It doesn’t taste grass. It doesn’t taste
like grass!

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