13 Replies to “Regina Daniel illnesse Was As A Result Of Abortion”

  1. My sis thanks for the gist, but nobody knows what her ailment was, my sis I don't believe for a married woman to do that, well na her cup of tea, dem don start again for africa white Jesus 😁😁🤣😂, na wa ooo thanks for sharing gorgeous sis 👍🏾

  2. my sister i can't tell I'm not there. that lady that's taking can she prove it. them should leave the girl alone is her business. hahaha some people are just playing with the name of Jesus Christ

  3. Hmmm, dis one get as e be oh…
    When u eat overload meal what then do u xpect? Na older blood sickness i think is her problem

  4. Married woman abortion 😂😂 na wa same here ooh I dont believe abeg, 😂 which mumu jesus be this, no be my jesus be this ooh I done die😂

  5. Abortion? Why but she is married.
    The girl that's saying she did a abortion, how did she know? Well it might be truth you know some celeb still wants to enjoy flexing before having kids,,anyway that's her cup of coffee.

    Which Jesus nnem abeg no kill me with laughter. .

  6. Don;t blame that Regina's illness as result of Abortion. haha, he looks like the jesus we see on picture,lol

  7. Maybe as a career woman she aborted the baby because of career and probably she ready for the baby now, she didn't want to loss her figure and shape

  8. Uju I I don't like discussing or talking about Regina but if I watch dis video without commenting u fit vex, anyway i don't believe this girl, because Regina is legally married so y would she go for an abortion? but just that she's looking Sicky, as the other video he looks like him but if it's not Jesus is not Jesus tanks for sharing

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