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  1. The medical abortion is only effective for women up to 10 weeks pregnant. There is no way she was 22 weeks along, took a single pill, then miscarried. This is BS.

  2. Next time tell those young girls that you want to adopt from that, You cannot abort something that isn't alive.

  3. These women are really real people because they show remorse.. Sociopathic celebrities don't care and abortion doctors, wow that takes an evil person evil traits.

  4. Everyone always talks about Jesus, drugs being bad for you, the sex talk, and other topics, but rarely do you hear people saying they've talked about abortion with their children.This was and ALWAYS has been a topic of conversation with my children, my nephews, nieces, and ALL their friends. It's not a topic I shy away from. I talk to them about sex, and all the consequences. I explain to them what abortion is and how it's performed, show them pictures, (w modern technology it's so much easier) I feel if the schools think that talking to them about sex and birth control is fine in sixth grade then so is the dirty little secret of ABORTION. Believe it or not, they listen and take it to heart. They have even brought pregnant friends over to talk w me and sometimes they're just TOO damn scared to tell their parents. If we want to put an end to abortion, WE NEED TO START EXPLAINING TO OUR YOUTH.

  5. When people say women shouldn't abort their babies, it's really NOT just the babies people are thinking about, it's the mothers too, unless you're pure evil, you can't kill your baby and not be haunted by it for the rest of your life. Even if you have 10 other kids, you will always wonder about the one who never got to be born, and wonder what they would've been like, and where they'd be now.

  6. These clinics probably make more money off the sale of dead babies vs what they charge these women or the tax payers

  7. It’s sad to hear these women’s stories – we are all told it’s just a blob of tissue / it’s a nothing – it’s not life . But the truth is total opposite – and these doctors and nurses should not pressure them – all they care about is the paycheck and selling dead babies for research –

  8. I will never forget my 2 abortions. I wasn't Independent and strong at the time. I cried at the doctor but nobody cared. My boyfriend wanted the abortion, my father took me there by car. Men think you just end the pregnancy. But you kill the innocent growing fetus, you murder it and it depends on you, needs your protection. It's false to kill them. I will always miss them and love them. I will always feel guilty. I meditated about what to do to lessen the feeling of guilt. "Save two lives". Ok now I know what i have to do.

  9. The one with the long hair makes me want to slap her face. If you can't keep your damn legs closed learn what birth control is! Having abortions that routinely shows me that you need professional help.

  10. I've watched several of these abortion regret videos recently and what strikes me most is that the women never mention the FATHER of their would be child. Roe v. Wade in 1973 gave men a perfect excuse to escape their responsibility as procreators, putting all the guilt on women under the pretense of "freedom of choice". Margaret Sanger, who introduced contraception to America, and who founded Planned Parenthood was actually AGAINST abortion. All the law has done is make sex more irresponsible and removed from nature. Of course these women are forgiven – but why do we carry on making it so easy?

  11. Ok, So Your'e 15-18, So I'm guessing you are a SINGLE mom=
    You have to get a JOB to pay for everything you will need for baby
    Car seat
    Baby bath
    baby wash& shampo

  12. I don’t regret my abortion. I regret never taking care of myself and inner happiness to be in a place to be able to give this to another.

  13. Trump I support you, but stop focusing on the wall so much. Do everything in your power to end abortion 100% please. Imagine the wrath of God seeing all these innocent babies being murdered as if it’s normal every year.

  14. 15 miscarriages??😭😭😭💔💔💔 NO ONE deserves that. Whoa. The fact she's still standing is amazing.
    This 2nd girl at 19 saying she didn't know what abortion was ?🤔 no. Not in this day and age….and that she didn't know that that was a baby inside her kicking her at 5 months old???? Again no. 🤔🤔🤔😳. That lies we convince ourselves of huh?

  15. How do you not know your pregnant until 22 weeks?? Good god. 5 months abortion?!!! Acting unaware is BS!!!!! at 19? Then 2 More abortions? So At 5 months…it's fact she regularly felt her nearly grown baby kick. I just can't. Smfh.

  16. I think deep down most people know it wrong to murder babies, hence why they want to hide it, and make it discreet.

  17. Finally, more Truth coming out. Abortion is wrecking the souls of women…& later on as they age it comes out more & more. The media & planned parenthood are liars…conning women as much as they can for financial gain as they use women and break hearts. With the web..more is being revealed that's been hidden.

  18. 7:36 “I didn’t realize that I was killing a child, a human being… it’s a Fetus, it’s a LIVE CHILD” WHAT THE F Did you think you were carrying?? Please I’d LOVE to know. Did you think you were building a couch in there??
    I hate when women Lie as if people are gonna give them a pass. If you TRULY didn’t know that when you get pregnant as a Human that there’s a HUMAN inside you, and it shares your DNA 🧬 Then you’re retarded and you shouldn’t have sex. Because that’s for non retarded people. 👌🏽

  19. My mom made me have an abortion at 13yrs old, I'm now 28 and still suffer!!! R.I.P to the unborn. Abortions hurts women and children STOP ABORTION

  20. Being younger abortion is a quick fix and relieving at first but as you get older and more mature boy does the guilt eat away at you. I feel heart broken to be honest but I just repress my feelings. Not speaking for everyone just telling you about my experience.

  21. I am heartbroken by stories like this but I am also very thankful for them. Especially the woman that had so many miscarriages after. She is clearly grieving tough…but I do wanna say that it does not take religion to realize that this is wrong & that babies are meant to be & for a reason. As an atheist, I can see how testimonies like these could be ignored by non religious pro choice people. As an atheist PRO LIFE woman, you do not need religion to know that abortion is very wrong. Of course I understand that religious people are valid & that it can help ease pain & give hope, that can be very beneficial to some people. I just wanted to throw that out there i guess. Not being religious does not make you any less guilty, just because you may not believe in a soul or in gods plan for your child. It is wrong in regards to nature & science & morality. I feel so sad for all women who realize they made a terrible decision. Keep speaking out, prevent as many as you can.

  22. They never want you to look at the fetus because they dont want you to see the way the baby is all torn apart

  23. Thank you LORD JESUS for being there for me even when I had done a mistake and sinned… I had sex b4 marriage, became pregnant at 19… I WAS SCARED!! … disappointed in myself, I was in college… how was I going to tell my parents? I was ashamed…. just to make things worse things where not ok with my so called boyfriend…. there I was… alone, scared, ashamed….. I didn't want a baby…. I ASKED JESUS for forgiveness and guidance… my son is 8 now! my BEAUTIFUL child . ! THANK YOU LORD for my son Angel, and for being there when I felt alone… you walked me through it all. ! all glory to him! my savior!!! you turn my mistake/sin in2 someone Amazing 💜

  24. I am so grieved by abortion and have been thinking about steps to stop it. Something the church can do to really help here is to stop treating single motherhood as a stain on society. The act that led to it was a sin, and God's plan is for a two parent family, however sometimes life deals you a bad hand (I myself got pregnant from rape and am now a single mom), or sometimes as humans we sin, and motherhood itself is not a sin. I understand now the fear women go through or being stigmatized and put in a box. I'm not saying to force men to marry single moms, but I hope more Christians can have compassion on those who choose life. While this won't completely solve the problem, I think it could help, and at this point we should do everything we can to help for the sake of the unborn. Also, have compassion on the women who had abortions, they are hurting. Just my thoughts.

  25. Idk why this was in my recommended ! But I was 19 when I got pregnant and abortion was NEVER a thought ! My son was unplanned but never unwanted! Seeing his little face everyday and hearing his tiny little giggle makes every struggle worth it! Watching grow, learn and become his own little person is so amazing! I never wanted children but my mommy instincts kicked in the second I found out I was pregnant!

  26. 3 abortions wow that is so sad 😞 no one is ready for a baby but, everyone is ready for sex all the time huh?? Isn’t that insane… like if you did the first abortion why would you continue to have more abortions.. your crazy girl.. you kill a beautiful baby ;( how can you make up for the one you aborted it?? Babies are not replaceable

  27. God Bless these women but there needs to be a conversation about sexual activity before marriage. That is the true cancer of society. my biggest regret is driving my friend to and from the clinic. Why wasnt i the voice of reason. I wish i could have been stronger and made an attempt to save that child…Abortion hurts enablers too. The guilt will follow me to the end of my days.

  28. These women have committed legal murder in the eyes of man. I have to wonder out of the millions of people that have been killed how many of them could have been that great doctor to save a life, the scientist to discover something new, or the teacher who had a positive influence on a kid's life. We will never know because half of this country vehemently believes in infanticide and a woman's choice! Well who is there to speak for the choice of the children? A board? A committee? A government? A people? No one because good men and women have been silenced and threatened into believing that they are the bad guys. Isn't that funny how the evil in this world is telling the light in this world that it is the darkness?

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