Relaxing back massage on a balloon for pregnant women | Mustela

Exercises to relax at the end of your pregnancy To make the massage easier, use an oil specially formulated for pregnant woman rather than a classic crème. We can also massage the mother in a sitting position and, being seated on a large balloon, allows the back to be as straight as possible and the mother is relieved. The principle remains the same. So, we really push towards the heart and release. So we will start with movements which are really along the spine Never on the spine but along it. We can also, using the pads of the fingers make small circles like this on both sides of the spine. This will allow us to loosen all tension in the muscles of the back In the same way using the thumbs, to relax the muscles we can really push on the muscles, and we can use the three techniques alternately. This massage can be done during the labour. Helping the mother to relax her contracted muscles. We can concentrate on one side and then on the other. For any aches on the side, we start on the side and work towards the spine. We start at the side and stretch out the muscles well.

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