Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

hey I'm Claire and I'm a midwife I've looked after hundreds of women over the last few years and today we're talking about back pain in pregnancy I'm pretty sure every woman I've ever looked after has had back pain at some point so hopefully if you're pregnant you're fine is helpful so Haley how are you yeah I'm all right I'm 35 weeks pregnant this is my second pregnancy I had hip pain in my first pregnancy as well and it didn't really go anywhere it just kind of stayed the same that was fine could deal with that this pregnancy it started a lot earlier this whole area is just pain right now so I've been diagnosed with SPD this time and how about you Betty when did it start mine started around the three-month mark when you rest it becomes worse yeah it's so strange so fat painting pregnancy is really common and it is really normal that's the most important thing the things that you need to look out for and you might need to see a GP for are very similar to kind of the symptoms that Haley's feeling where she's really struggling kind of getting around and about so if you have anything that you're worrying that you're getting any severe pains down your legs you should just pop your GP to have a checkup so SPT your pelvic girdle pain is caused by the hormone relaxin working on your symphysis pubis which is the part of your pelvis that joins each side together when you're pregnant it causes it to become softer and means that your hips can kind of move a little bit more than they would normally so if you are experiencing any symptoms that are really painful or anything that's concerning you or you're feeling that you can't actually get about then you do need to see your GP so Haley's did you find anything that helped I have been to physio and they gave me a lot of exercises that I can try and do and basically just try and adapt my way of moving and she also gave me a kind of support belt and that's helped a little bit and it just make me feel like I'm squashing the baby I mean the peg pregnancy bouts are quite good don't worry you're not gonna squash your baby that's fine but and they obviously they can be quite uncomfortable can't they so some of them are like a massive kind of elasticated bandage and then you can get other ones that kind of like go around and you strap in sort of thing so they're quite good and they're quite cheap to buy as well if you do need to buy one and you don't have physio to provide one for you and have you got one of those pillows that's like a big long L shape I have but it doesn't do anything for me I'm like I've fallen out with my pillows I've got five of them one of them straight I've got two normal ones and in a cushion and I cry every night something different just to see if it like it might work but pain relief you can take pain relief as well so things like paracetamol or okay in pregnancy is it can you still take like the regular yes paracetamol you can take exactly as it is on the packet no ibuprofen or anything like that and you can take codeine based public products but only if your GP is prescribed them so I wouldn't recommend that you buy any cocoa tamal from the from the pharmacy or anything like that but you can take parity is more quite easily obviously it's really cheap I also found that essential oils in the bath helped a lot as well I brought eucalyptus and peppermint Alang Alang quite important to mention there as well that unless you're trained you shouldn't necessarily use essential oils dependency it's obviously people who are qualified aroma therapist can give you the proper advice but for starters should never use Clary sage until you're in labour frankincense and you shouldn't use any lavender until after the baby's born so that's really important to mention don't pop to the shop and just think well have that one that one that one cuz it'll smell nice because they do have quite potent effects and some people were quite skeptical but I've actually seen it firsthand how how well they work so I wouldn't want you to put yourself at risk yeah just for the sake of something simillar so the Clary sage that can start your labour off if you're in labour and you're in the early stages of labour Clary sage can also help increase your contractions and keep things going you know in the latent phases they call it where it's a bit Fafi you know irregular contractions but if you're using that earlier on in your pregnancy obviously there is a risk that it can cause some early symptoms although I would be dubious to think that an actual just a bath with some Kerry sage would start you off at any point but I still would just use caution you don't want to risk anything when you're pregnant do you really so the baths help me to relax my muscle almost like soak my muscles because I'd stay enough quite a while what is amazing isn't it especially kind of all the way through your pregnancy yeah kind of takes the weight off as well that's why swimming is good isn't it that's actually yes fabulous for SPD's swimming yeah absolutely amazing so you don't have to necessarily do like a full you know front breaststroke kind of thing like that as long as you're in the water your bump is supported and if you do like aqua natal you have enough yeah like that yeah helping relax your muscles it keeps you fit and it kind of helps with all the pains and your pelvis and in your back so it's fabulous really I'm actually considering having a water birth this time just because of SPD and just to have that weightless kind of feeling and in my last labor I spent the whole time just walking around and I'm worried that this time I won't be able to do that because walking is so difficult so it is difficult when it comes to the labor part with pelvic pain and back pain and things because it's not one of those things that when you get into labor goes away yeah it can it can stay the same but for some people it can be harder so as long as everything's okay water birth is a really good option you've got to think about your pain relief in labor as well most people you know everyone's different when it comes to pain relief when they're in labor and during pregnancy but whatever suits you best you might find some people find that when they have severe pelvic girdle pain they do need something a little bit stronger on board so there's no you know there's no wrong answer when it comes to pain relief but you've got to use what suits you because at the end of the day it's your comfort isn't it and there's no prizes for being brave when you go home so guys what do you have that you want to ask me I think something that I really struggle with at the moment is travelling so for example today driving a long distance in a car and it was fine while I was in there and I had my seat so it was upright so it was like a bit more comfortable than kind of leaning backwards but when I got out I was literally like an old man what can I do I think travel is a difficult one especially you are suffering from the pelvic girdle pain I mean driving wise you can drive all the way up until you feel you can't anymore so there's not like a dead set amount like 38 weeks no more driving you can just drive until you feel comfortable or uncomfortable as the case may be so just making sure you take lots of breaks if you drive in try and avoid the long distances driving yourself there and at the same time just make sure that you're taking care of yourself a bit self care so important would work GRE tips for work like how you can reduce the pain at work if there's anything I think the most important thing is being upfront with your employer by law they have to do a risk assessment frequently during a pregnancy they should be giving you the adaptations you need so that you can do your job or give you duties that you can do instead if the ones that you're doing at the moment they have to make reasonable adjustments and obviously if that's not happening and you know occasionally there are people that do find that they have trouble you know making sure that you go to a casts and things like that they can help you with your rights and things like that and there's a lot of information online as well I think also having a birthing ball is quite helpful to be found that I found that really really useful oh boy yeah I go between bouncing on it and then also I lean forward onto it as well and I find that that really actually takes the weight off my bump I do feel like I'm doing my back a bit of a disservice though because my back feels like it's doing that but it's really comfy so I'll go between the two so do you have any tips or tricks for relieving pain at home I think it's really important to utilize what you've got in your house already rather than going on and having to spend loads of money on weird and wonderful things although I would say a ball is the definite purchase but you know using heat and cold is really important so obviously don't put too much heat on you to me and if you're using a hot water bottle just leave that for your back on its own and when you're in labor and things heat can be really helpful but we're not kind of talking about that right now so nothing too hot especially on your tummy and just on your back but you can use ice as well because that can be really helpful ice can be better than he in some instances so make sure that you've got like you can get the cool packs that you can refreeze or ice or peas anything like that just on your back there's lots of inexpensive things you can buy to be honest but try and see what you've got at home before you shell out the cash because you're not gonna probably want it again thank you so much guys for come in and talking about your pregnancies and so this is the end of the pregnancy back pain video if you do have any questions that we've not answered please pop them in the comments below it is really important to note that if you are feeling that you're in pain please don't force your body make sure that you're taking care of yourself it's a short period of time that you're pregnant and you really need to look after yourself otherwise if you have got any questions pop them in the comments below and if you do want to you can subscribe to Mumsnet and if you like this video please give it the thumbs up thank you

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