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I had deep discussions with my with my partner and we decided that I was going to have an abortion when I was pregnant with my first child at 26 and a half weeks I ended up having to have an emergency c-section and my child was delivered 1 pound 14 ounces Jack went into the NICU for the first two months or so there was no guarantee that they were going to live and because none of their vocal cords were developed jeddak would make a bleeding sound every time they were stuck with needles they had a you know many more complications water in the brain seizures a number of different things and so it was a it was an extremely difficult time I called them my miracle child genic had been remarkably lucky I could not have gone through what I went through for genic again it was too hard it was destroying me we took all precautions the reality was I got pregnant I had deep discussions with my with my partner and we decided that I was going to have an abortion I'm so grateful to my doctor who performed the abortion she performed the abortion with tremendous compassion kindness and skill I never talked about it again I never told my mother about it going through it myself and later reflecting on how little I talked about it and why that is I think that it was partly because there is a lot of stigma around the choice to have an abortion there is a lot of stigma around the trauma that many women go through but I want to make it clear that not every woman goes through trauma not every decision is difficult but the choice still has to be of the pregnant person extreme measures after Alabama criminalized abortion Missouri joins the race to all but ban abortions setting the stage for a Supreme Court battle to come I have been watching with horror abortion bans that are being passed around the states I have deep concern about the Supreme Court with justice Cavanaugh on it I don't know what that means for the future of a constitutionally protected right for pregnant people to make choices about their own bodies if these laws are to pass these van abortion laws it takes these choices away from pregnant people the choice is no longer there and it goes to the government to decide whether or not you can have a child banning abortion doesn't mean it's going to stop what happens is it drives it Underground abortions become unsafe people are getting them done illegally and that is simply not OK it is also tied directly to our economic freedom and our economic security and you can't say that we are free if we can't make these fundamental choices about our own bodies I have a platform I've been blessed to be given this platform as a congress member and I felt I had to use it because it was urgent it is urgent it's necessary that we start to speak out at the end of the day it's our choice it needs to be our choice and we need to stand up and fight for it you

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  1. So basically she had a difficult pregnancy but a beautiful child in the end. So the next child she murdered. I guess she learned her lesson.

  2. Your a baby killer! You should have had tubes tied if you didn't want more kids. That baby didn't have a choice!

  3. I am so sorry Jayapal. Thank you for being able to share your pain and life experience. People donโ€™t understand the potential threat of losing our freedom. No one should interfere with the separation of Church and State. People donโ€™t see the possibilities…either that or they want to live in an Orwellian dystopia. For the people who claim to love God…itโ€™s almost like they forgot that we should love one another .

  4. So you fought to save the life of one child, and then murdered the other? Gosh, so compassionate. I wonder what you're going to tell little Janak when they're old enough to understand that they could have had a little brother or sister if you hadn't decided to kill them.

  5. Former NICU nurse here. Jayapal is brave; she did the right thing if there was the likelihood of her having another micropreemie.

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