Reproduction FEMALE Lecture a04

now if the egg gets fertilized okay and this happens by a 21-7 days after ovulation what is the egg of the sperm where do they meet in the fallopian tube where's that specific Harry Cole ampulla okay where that's tied without sharp vendors corpus loot is still helping the animation of enemies will grow thicker but it would normally die right the corpus luteum is normally going to die and create that corpus albicans that's not good we need to make sure that corpus luteum is going to continue to sing create estrogen and progesterone if not then the privacy is just going to die some execs so we need to create a way to make sure that the corpus luteum is that they continue to grow producing more progesterone estrogen to allow the enemy aligning not to die down not to have a menstruation when you're pregnant does that make sense we have got a system here well it would be nice if there's another thing that's going to keep the corpus luteum growing and the other this other thing would be great if it's coming from a fertilized a because whenever there's a fertilized egg we want that corpus leading the grove there's no fertilized egg then legend corporate returns with corpus albicans and it just happens that there is something that comes out of the pregnancy try the last form only that worried about a me too it's called beta human chorionic gonadotropin or simply what is beta HCG this is a hormone that gets created by the placenta the growing fetus the growing fertilized day and it's going to target the core excluding and says don't stop growing just continue to keep on putting out that estrogen and progesterone and that's what it does it's perfect comes out of this Bay HCG comes out of the growing fertilized egg and it's going to tell the corpse need to continue to grow her but there's a couple problems ok first off before I tell you the problem all right you want trouble before I tell you this let me also take something some interesting things about beta HCG that I know you know about what you don't really doing this high levels of beta HCG are going to is the reason why pregnant women get that morning City okay the other thing is this if a ACG only comes out of a fertilized egg then we're going to be really good to know that if that only comes out of fertilized day and eventually as though I was in the urine if we detect that she's got to be pregnant so that's what that is a pregnancy test is detected beta HCG okay now there is a form of cancer that maybe zeg comes out of its rare so i won't go into that one but for the most part that's where the treasure pregnancy test if you aren't pregnant stuff now it does that basically does show up in the first week of gestation in the blood but it takes about two weeks for it to reach the urine so you might be pregnant the first week with the urim owns it will be a precipice that's urine and it won't work it takes about two or three weeks for that to happen okay does that make sense all right now here's the problem the corpus luteum is going to produce estrogen and progesterone the problem is is that the amount of estrogen progesterone is only good for about 14 Lisa gestation because this pregnancy gets bigger and bigger and bigger there's not enough estrogen and progesterone that's going to sustain that pregnancy so the estrogen progesterone from corpus luteum is only going to be good until about 14 weeks of gestation the first trimester swim club level so we gotta find another sports of estrogen and progesterone the post as it takes over the full stands up because think about it baby grows to set the growth baby grows four sons engrossed it's in proportionable sense is going to make enough estrogen and progesterone to keep the fragrance egoic even if there's two pregnancies like a twin gestation you have two percent is there only one big one and that's what's going to add now the corpus luteum will continue to be there throughout the whole pregnancy but it's just not going to produce enough estrogen progesterone to keep the pregnancy alive does that make sense okay all right so Faye HCG is in return what a yarn is the basis of frames as a pregnancy test and it's also the cause of morning sickness so here what happens here is that if that beta HCG is going to be very high up until about 14 weeks because bit ACG is going to keep the fragrance ego her up so I keep the corpus luteum going but then one simple set that takes over the beta HCG is still going to be in the blood but it's going to be much lower it doesn't need to do its job to keep the corpus luteum Santa is making enough estrogen progesterone so the woman is vomiting having these morning's thicknesses and she's dying which to you know nine weeks pregnant I'm usually stay are you know it is so bad simple dancing down and want to do other things look at medix of the denominator prominent so bad I hospitalized it right but it is something that's tolerable I'll just let her know if you could you know have small frequent meals instead of eating let's say a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut it up into four sections he won every half an hour a section app down so you're eating more frequently with small amounts does that make sense ok and I will tell her this that you'll pry means of continues for the next four to five weeks until your about 14 or 15 least because that's what happens I won't go into the details of a TCG I want to do that's a layman but I would explain to them that will probably only be until about 14 weeks and then it should get better there is certain things some called higher where it goes beyond that and then we got do other things but for the most part morning sickness isn't something that's so bad at all now make sure it's the reading but we reassured me tunes that will probably go away about 14 the station okay and you have to change the lead the mix that's attendant those are the kinds of questions I guess on exam right okay all right so this is just explaining everything I just did a dorm pregnancy but you're seeing what's happening in in the end of each your wine okay now let's look the other end of the spectrum menopause it met applause what what's going to happen here let me show you this diagram once more but now let's do it ok so again here to have gnrh over here this is FSH and LH and this will be pestered all right now this is what's going to happen here when you get to about 50 years or 50 years old or so the ovary has used up all its eggs there's nothing left and we explained all that right of why that will happen so therefore you're not going to have any growing follicles anymore which means how much is this estrogen is going to come out with water a little a little so this is going to be extremely low so you're going to have negative feedback saying what we got extra q that's very low it doesn't realize that we can't make any more estrogen because the eggs are gone so because you have low levels of estrogen it tells the anterior to eternity and the hypothalamus to secrete gnrh and FSH and LH higher or lower higher so you're going to have high levels of this high levels of this and LH but it's not going so still get a target here but there's the legs there's no particles so you can have low levels of estrogen I levels of FSH and LH due to negative feedback does that make sense and we did something similar to this weeks ago I'm talking about the fountain or the uh the thyroid okay so does that make sense it that's how we can tell if someone is menopausal we do a hormonal test if you have high levels of Evan stations with high levels of LH and low levels of estrogen we know what's going on okay questions about that what estrogen as you can never come that it only comes out never come sit where do you know the hormones coming out an interpreter there's no issue absolutely unknown the only company ovary which parts of the ovary corpus luteum and employment powerful and now also the placenta if they're pregnant there's the only sources the job well no they never he also could get it from the end of the adrenal cortex remember Andrew James that could be converted to estrogens you gotta go back as fighting starts please start studying for the final exam now if not better yet yesterday because it's all going to come together okay does that answer your question estrogen never comes out in for the brain okay all right and then again for postmenopausal these are just some symptoms to give you on here they ought elation amenities will cease entirely and you have these little things in here all right there are no males don't have an equivalent to metaphors some people say well you have the midlife crisis that's not menopausal this is not hormonal you know I'm saying so I don't want people to think that you know midlife crisis for men because let me get out a midlife crisis 2 and has nothing to do with menopause so there is no mail equipment to them

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