30 Replies to “Reproductive System, Part 4 – Pregnancy & Development: Crash Course A&P #43”

  1. My sketch pad says
    -"8weeks: all internal organs formed; budding limbs, hands, feet form"
    -"12weeks: all major organs functioning; fetus"
    It's most vulnerable to damage from drugs and infections in the first eight.
    AMA Guide To Your Family's Symptoms, copyright ~1990

  2. As i'm watching this all i'm thinking about is how aliens won't have to abduct and vivisect us to learn about us anymore, they can just watch crash course. ps: i'm definitely not an alien who's researching the human race right now to instruct our military on how exactly to defeat you.

  3. Its nearly 1am on the day of my A+P 2 final… It's a 4-year-old video and still reviewed everything I needed to review for this concept… I'm a college student. Crash Course has always been a blessing for finals!!!!

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  5. I'm scared of delivery at the thought of pushing a fully grown baby through the body. I mean the constipation push is soo hard!

  6. Hi there, hopefully someone can clear this up. From my understanding, hCG is an endocrine process (meaning it travels through the blood stream) this is also how pregnancy tests work, as hCG is filtered through the blood it also goes through the kidney for excretion in the urine, thus, pee on the stick, the stick recognizes hCG and indicates pregnancy. Does it talk to the corpus luteum through endocrine or is it more of a paracrine automation? Thanks

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