35 Replies to “Reproductive Systems and the Menstrual Cycle (IB Biology)”

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  2. I've got my HL exam tomorrow, and seriously, if this goes well it is all thanks to you man. you've literally been my teacher for two years cause my school sucks at IB, absolutely gonna send fanmail

  3. OMG, I've struggled 3 years memorizing this, and you just KO within 12min, wtf legend! must meet you if i go to Japan

  4. so if a trauma could cause the uterus lining to fall and result in miscarriage, does that mean it could also rapidly stop bleeding during period if there is a similar pain/damage? because a miscarriage is quick when it occurs so if the same thing happens during period, periods could also last a short period?

  5. no offence but i just had to sit through a class watching this video and u just bore the heck out of me, im going to be honest. I mean props for you for making this video but i gotta dislike it coz its so friggin boring.

  6. AMAZING. I studied it a million times before, but you turned the pieces into a picture. THANK YOUUUUU for your felp

  7. I am one of the most mature and liberal people you will ever meet but Christ if I have to draw a penis on the exam that will be the end of me.

  8. Also, alongside FELP, if for some reason you struggle to remember the order of which glands they come from, when you scream FELP you're hoping that the POPO (police) come to save you) (Pituitary, Ovary, Pituitary, Ovary)

  9. For the analogy, I suppose you could think about it more as you hire teachers for your school, but you have no students, so you let them off for the month so you don't need to pay them for doing nothing. Then the next month, you get the teachers back when you're hoping to have students etc etc.

  10. you sir, are awesome. So funny yet so informative, really helps get the info sealed in my head. thank you so much ahahhah

  11. I just came across this studying for my reproduction test tomorrow and I actually found it quite funny! Thanks for the helpful explanations as well!

  12. this explanation is so much better than what my teacher told us in school. i am much more confident because of you now. THANKS!!!!!

  13. I literally would not be passing biology if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. When I pass my HL exam I will surely send you some fan mail!

  14. You are awesome thank you so much! and by the way your analogy's are great and helpful, not stupid. 🙂

  15. thank you so much, this actually helped me understand so many things and the FELP was really creative! 

  16. Thanks so much! I have a diagram test tomorrow and I get the concepts but you really sealed the deal for me.

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