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but there's one other story that I want to make sure that we get to tonight at the top along with some expert help I want to start with this map this is where Republicans have full party control of state government 22 red states 22 republican-controlled states across the country or the Republicans have control of the house and the state Senate and the governor's mansion 22 of those by comparison Democrats have control over just 14 state governments it's true that Republicans didn't get pummeled in the 2018 midterms but on the state level it's a different picture Republicans have really kept a very stable foothold in a very large part of the country and in practical terms that level of state domination by the Republican Party is starting to have consequences for your rights for example a brand-new total abortion ban in the state of Alabama this new law that has now been signed by the state's governor bans all abortions statewide a doctor who performs an abortion in Alabama would face up to 99 years in state prison there was a big fight before it passed as to whether there would be any exceptions for women who became pregnant by virtue of rape or incest the answer from Alabama Legislature was no total ban except I should say the the Republican sponsor of the ban during last night's debate and vote on the bill he did still seem to think there was one exception but I'll have to let him try to explain to you what he thinks it was does the bill make exception for patients who are victim of rape and of course I'd kind of know the answer can you tell me why gutting it allows for anything that's available today is still available up until that woman knows she's pregnant up until the woman knows she's pretty maybe this is one of these things that's just easy to misunderstand I mean what it sounds like the Republican sponsor the Alabama abortion ban is saying here is that a woman will still be allowed to get an abortion in Alabama as long as she doesn't know she's pregnant I think that's what he's saying here but that is incomprehensible so I mean just roll that part of the debate again say it again does the bill make exception for patients who are victim of rape and of course I'd kind of know the answer can you tell me why it doesn't it allows for anything that's available today is still available up until that woman knows she's pregnant so there's a window of time some say 7 days some say 10 there's a window of time that every option that's on the table now it's still available so she has to take a pregnancy test yes to do something to know whether she's pregnant or not you can't know that immediately takes some time for all those chromosomes and all that that you mentioned what happen immediately all those chromosomes and all that it takes some time for that voodoo that you do that happens in there I don't sweat the details but what I'm saying is that you guys are overreacting because any woman in Alabama will be free to get an abortion as long as she doesn't know she's pregnant yet so you just go get yourself an abortion everyday just in case and it's legal until the moment that you find out you're pregnant and then what you just did is gonna put your doctor in prison for ninety nine years I mean honestly that's sponsor of the bill that's what they're arguing here you can get abortions as many as you want until you know you're pregnant and then you can't have any more abortions I mean I don't but if you want to see the Republican Party's gobsmacking approach to this and if you want to see it gets sort of scary fast I will tell you that later when that same Republican maker was asked how under his total ban on abortion a woman who had a miscarriage could prove that she'd had a miscarriage and not a criminal felony abortion his reply was quote the burden of proof would be on the prosecution not on the female the prosecution would have to prove that so don't worry Alabama woman who has just had a miscarriage with all of the attendant grief and terror and upset this has caused you in your life don't worry if you've had a miscarriage you'll be fine as long as the prosecutor can prove that you had a miscarriage guess how the prosecutor is going to prove it yeah guess the Voodoo in the chromosomes who knows that total ban on abortion in Alabama passed the Senate last night tonight the state's Republican governor signed it into law this is the strictest abortion ban to pass the state legislature but it's not just happening in Alabama it is happening all over the country in all the states where Republicans have full control this is what Republicans are doing with their control of state government right including Alabama we've got radical restrictive abortion bans passing at least one chamber of the state legislature so far in already half already 11 of the 22 states under Republican control plus one more in Montana where Republicans control the legislature but there there is a Democratic governor that Democratic governor Steve Bullock who vetoed one of these anti-abortion bills in his state just last week he's going to be here in just a moment to talk about his presidential bid the good mocker institute tracks abortion legislation they say they have never seen anything like what we are seeing this year in 2019 quote the extreme nature of this year's bills is unprecedented but that's what Republicans that's what the Republican Party is doing where they have control in the states they're not moving any more to limit abortion they are moving to ban it altogether . it's happening all at once in a new radical republican party wide draconian effort that we have never seen before and that sounds unconstitutional right because you're not supposed to be able to ban abortion that would be against the law that's of course the entire point here though with republicans being very pleased with their position the Supreme Court right now with the Merrick garland nomination from President Obama having been denied as improper by Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate and Mitch McConnell calling that one of his proudest moments in the Senate since the current president put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court for the first time conservatives think they've got a solid right wing majority on the high court that will overturn Roe vs. Wade as long as they get the chance they have to get a law up to the Supreme Court that they believe will provoke the Supreme Court fight that will go to those five conservative justices in the way they want to receive that fight so that they can overturn Roe and declare that abortion can be banned in states that are republican-controlled or that anybody wants to do it in across the across the country all of these republican-controlled states this year are tripping over themselves to try to make it happen but Alabama so far is in a class by itself lots of other states are trying to ban abortion at six weeks which is before women you know ninety percent of women wouldn't even know they're pregnant Alabama isn't even bothering with exceptions for pregnancies that took place because of rape or incest this guy who wrote Alabama's total and complete abortion ban says bringing one of those laws with exceptions to the Supreme Court right now he says that would be a wasted opportunity he said quote why not go all the way in response to this Alabama banned the New York Times editorial board interestingly sort of pulled the ripcord today I read this as them breaking glass in case of emergency with The Times editorial board published today was essentially a primer for Americans to get ready and start preparing to live in a post Roe versus Wade America they literally published a guide for how to organize with your local reproductive rights organization how to become a clinic escort to protect women who are good to go women going in for what are still available abortion procedures how to learn about acquiring abortion pills on your own as you anticipate your access to a possible abortion being cut off where you live quote don't let abortion rights fade from consciousness as these extreme laws become America's new normal joining us now is dolly with wick she's senior editor and legal correspondent at Slate dahlia thank you for being here thank you of the case here is that the Republicans wherever they have control they are unleashed because they believe the real competition here is a beauty contest for the prettiest anti-abortion law that those five male justices will like the most that will lure them into overturning Roe and it's just a matter of who gets there with just the right pitch but it's going to happen this year yeah I guess if that were the theory Alabama probably is not winning because what Alabama did was just bonkers this is not attractive to John Roberts this is not attractive to Brett Kavanaugh this is an all-out ban no exceptions for rape or incest this is a cruel and heartless deliberate vehicle but it doesn't look like anything that the court would bless particularly thinking about going into an election year the court has a long game I think John Roberts has a long game we know how he feels we know I think how the five conservative justices feel about roe v wade and we know largely because of how they voted just three years ago in the Texas abortion case but you can do away with Roe with a chip chip chip slow erosion of Rights you can do it as I think the court had planned to do by just simply taking tiny incremental steps and saying this too is not an undue burden you know we'll close more clinics will do what have has been happening in red states for years right just think nothing is an undue burden you have to pay the hulls with gold and that's okay and that was a strategy that I think was going to work eventually the Supreme Court when Cavanaugh comes on the court when Alabama's kind of jams the court like hectic today and said here's this completely crazy band that doesn't care at all about the welfare of women mm-hmm that forces the court into a position that I don't think this Court wants to be in but you've got oh hi oh and you've got these other states that are pursuing the next best thing to what Alabama did right which is these six-week bans that's essentially a 90 percent abortion ban because women don't know they're pregnant 90 percent of the time at six weeks all of those states I think are operating under that same sort of theory of the case that I was just laying out they're all pushing as good Walker says it's not that we haven't been seeing lots of abortion restrictions lately we haven't been seeing bortion bands this complete presumably that's because they think the Cavanaugh Court wants a complete ban no longer wants to chip away no longer wants to make it impossible to access they want a ruling that a fetus is a voting adult who you can murder by by exercising your right to choose I think that's right and I think that that is what look there's been a real split in the pro-life I don't hesitate to call it that after today entire abortion into the anti-abortion community and that split has been do we do this faster do we do this slow and I think that there has been a general consensus for a long time we'll do it slow and not force the issue and not test the court into giving us an adverse ruling that will set us back now there seems to be some kind of foot race to be the ones to get there first and to do it in a way that completely disregards I think the fact that there are already two cases teed up at the court the court has to think right now there's Ana Louisiana case that has functionally the same admitting requirements that Texas had that the court upheld three years ago the court is dancing around taking that there's an Indiana case before the court that would again jam the court up but not in a way that is embarrassing they would allow the court to continue to essentially say drip drip drip we can make this goal I think these states are wrong you think they've miscalculated how this Court is going to handle these outright bans I think that John Roberts everything you and I have ever said about John Roberts institutionalist incrementalist incredibly aware of public opinion I think the idea that you're going to force John Roberts to do something bonkers in an election year that will motivate women in ways that we haven't seen before I think John Roberts is aware that he can get exactly the same outcomes by just waiting until Louisiana in Indiana and those other states do functionally the same thing in the band I don't know i i i I know you know more things about this than I do I know you understand this better than I do I No I feel like these guys all coordinate I feel like the light of the pro-life movement gets these judges elected I feel like they socialize they've they strategize together at the same events I mean we'll see let's see we'll see I'm not going to bet you not even a beer okay look like he's great to have you here Dalia it's late calm we'll be right back hey there arm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

46 Replies to “Republicans Aim To Flip Roe V. Wade With New Alabama Abortion Law | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Thank You for sharing. God is pro-life. Life begins at conception. God is love. God is a forgiving God. Abortion is not an unforgivable sin. I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat.  I am an Independent Voter and I am a Christian.  All women have the right to choose Birth Control, not murder. Abortion is legalized pre-meditated murder. God never said not to abort babies. He said thou shall not murder. God is the author and giver of life. And God is the “Only One” that has the right or should be able to decide when life ends. I find it very hypocritical when someone who is against animal cruelty yet promotes pro-choice at the same time. And by the way, Democrats and Republicans have abortions. .

  2. The enclosed video shows the hypocrisy of the Republicans/pro lifers/NRA, and how it is related to abortions:

  3. Why does death have to be an option? Why not put the baby up for adoption. There may be a family out there who would love to raise that baby. Check out James Robertson on TBN. This is precisely how this man was conceived and he is alive to tell his story today all because his mother decided early that she would give him to a family that could raise him.

  4. While I don't agree with Alabamas version of anti abortion legislation I do agree that abortion is wrong. For many reasons. Planned Parenthood is interested in money which we pay for. I don't believe in subsidising anything. Pro abortionists would like us to believe that restricting abortion will led to back alley abortions. Not true. countries that have the strictiest laws on abortion have abortion rates similar to the US. And nobody on the abortion side ever tells us how or when a life begins? They act as if high school biology didn't teach us anything. Usually these are the same people who fight against animal cruelty. And tell us to think about the animals. Is a human no better then a dog or cow? But just to finsh this off, Marget Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood said there be no need for abortion if women use proper contraception. She was against abortion.

    I don't care about your god or religion. Abortion is wrong. It doesn't take Sunday school to know that.

  5. Do any leftists want to be aborted in acid like this abortion survivor?? NO! You want to live!!! Sounds like you are against abortion then!!

  6. Every abortion ends a life! No matter how you look at it. The woman is pregnant and an abortion end that pregnancy.

    It being a woman’s choice is only a way of looking at it. You hv to bend your thought to. One to that conclusion which is not the same as the fact that you are ending a life…

  7. So crazy. This is so misleading. These are state decisions. Two other states passed long term abortion laws. 9 months. The fact that the outrage is that states are ending abortions as opposed to outrage against late term abortion‘s is so telling

  8. If men could get pregnant there would be an abortion clinic on every other corner! How dare they tell us what to do with our own bodies!
    It's bad enough when other women do it but when it's men telling me what to do with my body, I can't do justice with how I feel with words.

  9. Why are Democrats in favor of abortion anyway? Isn't small government and personal freedom supposed to be a republican thing?

  10. Women have been having abortions for thousands of years and will
    continue having abortions whether you like it or not. The issue is them
    having SAFE abortions performed by a medical doctor; not a barber or an
    iron worker. Prior to the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling many women died from
    complications like bleeding, infections, and punctured uterus's but
    after the ruling they can now have SAFE abortions with very few
    complications. The evil pro-lifers want to FORCE women to have the
    unsafe abortions knowing many of them will die an excruciating death

  11. Good job to the states finally getting a spine. Guess gals will learn to say " NO"and keep their panties on.

  12. men should be able to sue a woman into the ground the killing the children.. the doctors should be facing open murder charges for executing children..

  13. I bet it would be different if say the male was forced to be an active participant through the duration of the pregnancy and birth.

  14. Yes!!! Finally!!! The baby killing is starting to be prohibited. You people can cry all you want. People who value life and morality are sick and tired of your perverted sense of justice.

  15. I love these new abortion laws. I'm proud of the state reps everyone cares about the women. Which is okay but the men need manageable reproductive rights as well. We have a very low birth rate compared to majority of other countries we shall not be the next Japan

  16. You don’t believe in abortion? Don’t have one! The misinformation re; abortion is unbelievable. Being pro-choice isn’t “anti-life.” I simply believe a woman has a right to decide what happens to her body (I’m not talking about full-term abortion & beg you to get your facts straight if you believe that lie).
    Who is anyone to tell me based on religious beliefs that abortion is murder? My belief in facts & science is just as valid as your belief in religion & magic.

  17. Doctors tho the most noble of professions are being slammed around by legal system This would e just another instance and patients may not find a Dr. that is willing to risk it.

    Truth is that by our constitution our rights are only compromised by infringement on another's rights and in court due to no compromise could be agreed on only in lg volume is a law passed regarding these issues Whos rights trump in the case of mother v. baby.

  18. I don't understand how can a sober-minded person be in favour of abortion. I really don't understand that. It is pure murder and nothing else. People who do it have their reasons but they don't realise the consequences of their choice.

  19. First they ban abortion and then they'll complain that there are too many POC having kids lol. Your christian sharia will bring about the mayocide will it not? You might even attract fundamental conservative muslims from more lefty pro choice countries in europe. Yahweh, Jehovah & Allah Bless The Abrahamic States of America!

  20. The Republicans are so worried about their party however most of these children will be born in low-income areas which means they'll probably be Democrats so they're trying to get rid of their own party

  21. In the holy Bible Psalms 139:13 NLT Reads: You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in the womb in my mother’s womb. children are a blessing, I see it every day people always love to see newborn babies.
    Great news and world changers start in the womb.
    People treat a dog better than they treat a baby

  22. It’s a big country. Live in a state where you share values. No one is FORCING anyone to live in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri Louisiana, Texas…….

  23. Returning the constitutional state sovereignty rights is ALL THAT WILL HAPPEN if that BAD DECISION is overturned. No big deal. There are 50 states. Many will stay in the dark ages & continue the barbaric practice of abortion. Making TRILLIONS $$$ for men in corporations using women for money incubators. Only a few will come forward in ⏰ with MODERN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. Into a more humane society that respects women, children and gives GREAT VOICE & VALUE TO ALL HUMAN LIVES & races in our borders.

  24. It's because the birth rate is too low! They are trying to MAKE us produce more workers, without investing in paid leave & childcare like other countries! Just read articles on LFPR decline or pronatalist policies!

  25. Idea
    1. Build wall around Alabama
    2. Remove Alabama as a state
    3. Relocate all Republicans to Alabama
    4. Remove Trump from office
    5. Make him President of Alabama
    6. Sanction Alabama & place an embargo on Alabama
    7. Wait until they eat each other
    8. Live in peace

  26. The lower courts are going to overturn all of these anti-abortion laws because they're unconstitutional and a violation of women's rights.

  27. why stop there? men should have to pay child support at first heartbeat, or be banned from intercourse until they are married or face prison time. make it fair.

  28. You cannot say that this is an attack on women when it was a woman who signed the groundbreaking anti-abortion law. Believe it or not, there are women who have a brain and understand that a fetus is human life, and that abortion is a form of murder. Those who commit abortions should be charged with first degree murder, and face the death penalty if applicable by state law. A life for a life.

  29. Watch this video on my take concerning the Alabama abortion law:

  30. So there is a loophole in the Alabama Law, just say you didn't know you were pregnant. Bingo!

  31. I Agee with Alabama. Women don’t deserve their rights because they voted for these republican leaders so you get what you ask for. I think the woman not just the doctors should be dealt with too

  32. Just seems to me that the idea of righteousness or morality is compromised when freewill or freedom of choice is forcefully taken without any regard between the conflict of mind and body 🤔

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