Rescue Cami And Joseph

my brother Joseph and his wife cami are drowning in medical bills on April 5th 2019 when they're supposed to be elated to see their new baby at 23 weeks on a sonogram they received the horrifying hope shattering news that their baby has spina bifida the spinal cord on his lower back is not sealed all the way leaking spinal fluid this causes all sorts of problems if left unchecked from paralysis wheelchair for life can even cause Britnie neurological damage and even still birth one of their doctors suggested that a newborn baby could even be in a vegetative state at birth and he discussed even abortion but doesn't cam he didn't want that miraculously they found and qualified for a new surgery at the Children's Hospital Philadelphia where they opened up camis womb perform surgery on the baby sealed the skin back over the spinal cord and it was a complete success although cami and Joseph were initially told that their insurance would cover the entire operation the expenses it just found out that they've been denied they're swimming in debt and their expenses so far for the surgery alone is 88 thousand dollars now she's in the hospital until the baby delivers the baby once delivered we'll spend several weeks in the NICU and then afterwards several more weeks and months in intensive care treatment these expenses can mount well over $200,000 make little candies sit in a bag on the morning of their surgery on May 1st they got stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes sorry can't hear you oh yeah open been not working firefighters came to their rescue and they were able to make their surgery just like the firefighters rescued them from the elevator will you please join the rescue your donation will go directly to help pay for all of their expenses and it'll be a huge boost to their emotional mental well-being Cammie needs to keep that baby in the oven for as long as possible and your support will help make that happen so please donate and share this video with as many people as you can so they too have an opportunity to join the rescue its grateful for anyone and thank you thank you thank you ok I can't say thank you enough you

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