Responding to Comments #12 | Public Speaking, Birth Control & Chin Fat

– What can you do to eliminate your double chin besides surgery? Would eating carrots do
anything to my jawline? What are you, Bugs Bunny bro? (upbeat music) Like, you mean like to make your muscles stronger in your neck? (laughs) There was a funny commercial
Christiano Ronaldo if I’m not mistaken did where, please don’t buy the chin exercise or whatever it’s called. You can’t spot reduce where
you have a problem area. You can lose overall body fat which can help possibly your double chin. Surgery is an option. Fillers are an option. Soo Great 123, why does your heart race and your hands get clammy when you see someone you have a crush on? This happens to me a lot. That’s called arousal. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – That’s a normal, sympathetic nervous system in action. Your body’s getting you prepared. It’s getting excited. It’s being turned on. Those are good things, it means you’re feeling some kind of
passion for that person. You should enjoy that feeling and really live in the moment. What is your opinion on birth control making women gain weight? I’ve never had this problem, but I hear so many complaints about it. Maddie, it does happen occasionally. What happens the majority of the time actually is women initially put on weight from starting birth control, but it’s usually water weight that if you stay on the birth control long enough it equalizes and you actually end up losing the water weight
that you initially gained. My recommendation to my patients is to stay with it, to try it, if it doesn’t work the way that they
want we could always switch medications or try
another form of birth control. Imhs 37, hi Dr. Mike, just want to know is it bad to cross your legs often? Been trying to find this
out but to no avail. Thank you. I see what you’re saying
because you’re compressing your blood vessels, your veins, and your arteries when
you cross your legs. Sometimes your legs get pins and needles, they go numb as a result. So yeah, I generally would
say don’t cross your legs. But, at the same time it’s
not that big of a deal. If you listen to your
body and you start feeling any kind of discomfort,
change your position. It’s really that simple. Katia Bufanda, hey Dr. Mike I have been a licensed massage therapist for going on five years now and I
find that some doctors can still be hesitant to recommend massage or believe the benefits
of massage therapy. What are your thoughts on massage? Actually, true story
me and my man Dan Owens here who is sitting behind the camera are going to get a massage after this, specifically a Thai massage. I personally believe in
the benefits of massage. I also see the scientific
benefits of massage. What feels good to your muscles? Blood flow. How can you stimulate
blood flow naturally? Well, you can break up restrictions. You can rub the muscle which will bring more blood flow to that area, some warmth, some healing factors. Dynamic Butter, dear Dr.
Mike, I think my crush has crush on you. What should I do? You should become a poet because that was a really good line right there. Actually, Dynamic Butter,
what you should do is you should tell your crush that I’m answering your question right now and maybe that’ll give
you some kind of cred and you can then like, vibe. I don’t know what you
kids call it these days. Biggest question, how to
stop being a lazy ass. My answer here is going to surprise you. Most people think will
power comes prior to action. They think that they’re just going to wake up motivated one day and then they’re going to take action. No. It happens the other way and it’s a little bit surprising. You have to perform some sort of action and as a result of whatever action you perform, you’re going
to get some benefit. Feel good chemicals, mastery of a subject, improvement, admiration of others, fun. As a result of that, you’re going to get motivation and will power which then you could
use to do other tasks. Kargace 100, why are
almost all medical terms so long and hard to pronounce? Like deoxyribonucleic acid? That’s just DNA. I think it’s because
a lot of medical terms are derived from Latin. Latin is a complicated language and you can combine terms by putting just a simple O in between them. I also think, and this is
my conspiracy theory here, all right turn on the Shane Dawson music. Do do do do do. It’s because doctors don’t want you to understand what they’re saying because then they’re not as special and I think lawyers do this. I think all specialties do this. Just use the regular terms. If it’s front, say front. If it’s back, say back. Doctors, what are you doing? Cody Mehmet Catal, I
hope I said that right. The real question, how
much Dr. Mike is too much? Only after you’ve watched
all of my hundred plus videos three times over and then watch them one more time for good luck, that might be too much. Rebecca V, question, why is it that some people sneeze louder than others? Is it dangerous to sneeze quietly? I would not curtail your sneezes because when your curtail your sneezes you’re raising the
pressure inside your head, the intracranial pressure, unnecessarily. Just enjoy the feeling of a sneeze, but sneeze correctly. Don’t sneeze into your hand. Don’t just sneeze into the world. Sneeze into your elbow
so that the bacteria can stay in your elbow and you won’t spread it to the rest of the
world by touching things. What’s the deal with stage fright because I go on stages very
often these days and it really bugs me before
and while being on stage? Angelina, you’re not alone. The biggest fear in the
world is not heights. It’s not spiders. It’s the fear of public speaking or some other form of social anxiety. I’ve suffered from this. My friends have suffered from this. The more times you’re
able to expose yourself to that kind of situation,
the better you’re going to perform and the
better your going to do. The second thing about
that is if you’re able to look inside yourself
and wonder why is it that I’m so nervous about going on stage and you can confront those fears, for example if you say to yourself, well if I stutter people are
going to think I’m stupid. Pause right there. Is that thought rational? That if you stutter once, someone’s going to think you’re totally stupid? Possible, not likely and
if they do they’re the ones that are making the incorrect conclusion. Think about what’s making you nervous to go on stage, attack those thoughts, write them down if it will help you, put the more rational
thought in it’s place and then go out and keep doing it. It’s never going to totally go away, but that’s a good thing. That’s you’re mind getting you ready to go on stage and think quickly to answer people’s questions
and perform your very best. Vikkie Piercy, P.S. does anyone else think Dr. Mike seriously looks like Manny the makeup artists
sexy straight brother? Well, thank you for the sexy compliment. Yeah, we’ve been told this before. In fact, that’s how Manny
and I started talking on Twitter because someone tagged us and said that we look really similar. We actually get along well and we chat via Twitter all the time. We’re supposed to get a collab going sometime soon, but
because we’re on opposite coasts of the United
States it’s not that easy but I think it may be in the works. Kortizi00, what is a book you read recently that you enjoyed? I really enjoyed Jonathan Haidt’s “The Coddling of the American Mind”. Actually, I enjoyed it
so much that I’m going to be reading one of his other books “The Righteous Mind” I think it’s called. A lot of his thoughts that he put very eloquently in his book I’ve thought for a long time in my
practice with my patients, the things that I’ve observed in college when I was there, and the things that are happening on social media. So, I think that if you’re interested in that kind of reading material, definitely worth checking it out. (upbeat lo-fi music)

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  52. Hi Dr. Mike! How are you? I hope you are well as you read this! I have 2 questions:
    1) I’ve always wanted to go into medicine because I find the human body fascinating, and (more importantly) I want to help those in need because there are so many people in my life who have helped me. When they grow old, I want to help them in return. However, my GPA is so low that it’s nowhere near competitive for most med schools (about a 3.1 cumulative GPA and major GPA below 3.0). What advice would you give someone like me who really wants to go into medicine but seems to be struggling with school?
    2) At the end of this school year, I will graduate with a B.S. in clinical laboratory science. In my immunology and clinical chemistry courses, we’ve talked about how our university’s med school (in particular) doesn’t really have much of a clinical laboratory curriculum. This is understandable since there’s so much more to learn in Med school, but it has resulted in some misconceptions about diagnostic tests. For example, I was reading an article last year about doctors in the ED using POC pregnancy tests on patients presenting with signs of pregnancy. However, many of these tests show up as false negatives due to the Hook effect. The clinical laboratory prefers doing a blood test for hCG in these cases since it’s more sensitive and less likely to produce a false negative. However, TAT for the blood test is usually around an hour, so I can understand why ED physicians prefer not to use it. So what are your thoughts on adding more clinical laboratory education to the med school curriculum, and how do you think we can educate more healthcare professionals about the advantages and limitations of clinical lab tests?

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