Review of surrogacy in VittoriaVita

What interests me most is whether you change your mind about being parents? No. Not at all. I think it’s great thing What about you? Same. To tell the truth, this is exactly the procedure that many families have been looking for over the years. Honestly, I am more than satisfied, it exceeded all my expectations. You have a beautiful girl, don’t you?.. But, well, let’s talk about your path. How did you come to surrogacy? I think everyone had a very long path. We had a classic situation: we started with treatment, but it did not help. Attempts to treat infertility… I had a disease, so I could not continue treatment. We signed up for a National Adoption in our country. Since the process of national adoption was progressing rather slowly, we abandoned it and signed up for International Adoption. Therefore, we went through all the adoption processes and could not become parents. But we learned about surrogate motherhood, and it seemed to us a good way to fulfill the desire to become parents. And why did you decide in favor of Ukraine? Why VittoriaVita? I think that when someone talks about surrogacy, then the United States first comes to mind. But I, as a beginner in this topic, did not think so. I looked for information on the Internet, went to several forums about surrogacy. And I also met a Spaniard who went through a program at VittoriaVita. Fortunately, he succeeded on the first try, and he has twins (girls). He is very pleased with your agency, and this gave me great confidence. It gave me a lot of confidence. We talked a lot with this person. And then I contacted the agency, and we talked to you. And you also added a lot of confidence to us. Therefore, we chose this path. In addition, an interesting point is that in Ukraine there is a law on surrogate motherhood. That’s comforting us as parents, as well as to the surrogate who knows that she will work legally… and for our daughter too. I see… How did nine months of pregnancy go? When did you hear that the surrogate is finally pregnant? We already know that it was not easy for you, and everything happened not on the first or second attempt. But in the end we all succeeded, right? Therefore, what were the nine months of pregnancy for you: long or short? Both: they were both long and short. We have never had such an experience. But everything went very quickly. And now we are already here, and we cannot believe that our child is with us. These two years of waiting were very short. It seems that everything bad is erased and becomes unimportant when you have a child. It’s all worth it. Do you remember the moment when she was born? Yes, I had the opportunity to attend the birth, as I accompanied the surrogate mother. It was very emotional. We were together until the moment my daughter was born. Hospital workers and the doctor were very nice to all of us. I was present throughout the birth process. I have been with my daughter since the day she appeared and breathed in this world. It is excellent. Yes, this is a very good moment. Yes, I would like to add on my own that I agree with my wife… Sorry, but I’m too excited. I remember everything that my wife went through… The doctor in the hospital is simply amazing, wonderful. We talked to her all the time and everything was clear. Although, at first there was a language barrier, but in the clinic we did not even notice it. The doctor was very clear, and we will always be grateful to her for her support in the maternity ward and everything else. Good. Let’s talk about the country. Everyone thinks that being in a foreign country is quite difficult. This goes on for more than a day or two. This goes on for a long time. What can you say about this? Is it really that difficult or not? What is your opinion? I think… I had the opportunity to live in other situations in other countries. So, language is a barrier. These are the realities. But with technical means, it is quite simple to overcome them. Mobile phones help a lot. There was also support from a translator who accompanied us on all the important procedures. Everyday life can be lead quietly. During important procedures and in working matters, we were supported by the company and the translator. And with the rest of things a person copes calmly, and this is not something that prevents him from living in this country for two months. A bit about the agency. What can you say about the agency? Have all the agreements been implemented? What can you say about us? I really think that everything is done. Even when we were in Argentina, we received answers to all questions. It convinced my wife that everything was fine. Even while living in Argentina, we constantly kept in touch with you. We knew the results of ultrasound, laboratory tests, we knew when the next examination was and we talked to surrogate mother via Skype. Yes, we really stayed protected all the time. You remembered that we had several attempts. It all happened not from the first attempt in our case… You inspired us… I repeat this to you again because it was you who were more in direct contact with us. We also chatted in voice messages on WhatsApp. And it’s really true that you have always been with us. I think the company has fulfilled everything planned, and we have no complaints. Thank you very much. And what can you say to couples who hesitate if they should go through a surrogacy program? There are people who are afraid or in doubt. Can you give them some advice? I think if you want to become a father or mother, then you do not need to limit yourself and be upset. I think we need to go according to our desire. Surrogacy is the chance that science has given us. When there is support from the law, then strategies can be created when pregnancy becomes a reality. It’s all on safe conditions. Then the family gets the opportunity to let in their desire to become parents and establish this unique connection. And if someone really wants this, then in his place I would be scared to postpone this decision.

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