32 Replies to “Rhea: The Mother of Gods & the Titan Goddess of Childbirth – (Greek Mythology Explained)”

  1. Love this channel. Btw i have purchased your book and its amazing in one night i read the entire story if lamia which was amazing.

  2. I love how Greek mythology teaches you etymology…. rhea means flow. Now you know what Diarrhoea means 🙀

  3. I love your YouTube channel very much!please make another videos about god of war 2018, and if you know something about how Kratos came to the Scandinavian CountriesNorth mythology? please share with as some of your own theories or some kind you may have know🙏🏻 for example how Kratos will meet Odin or if Odin know who was Zeus.

  4. He turned into a horse and slowly trotted away! 😂😂😂 The actions of a man who KNOWS he's sleeping on the couch tonight.

  5. Love the content keep it coming. Can you do Heros from the Fate Apocrypha series. More specific a video On Karna, Son of the Sun God Surya , if you can’t do them all

  6. How can they even call themselves God. They are not at all capable. After listening to these stories they had just slipped down from my heart.

  7. RH + EArth ~Heart
    RH – Mars Rome.🤔 Breastfed by wolves Sirius Black Dog star 🤔 Any thoughts……?

  8. 00:40 you mite have triggered some of your female viewers, but I wouldn't worry, they'll get over it in a week :p lol

  9. I'd like to think for her kindness and for not joining the other Titans against her children, the Olympians basically put her in some equivalent to a fancy hotel as a makeshift nursing home. Which is why she's not so prominent. At least it ain't Tartarus.

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